The Guacamole Cone for Ultimate Convenience


One mom from Super Healthy Kids has single-handedly (ok, with a little help from Fun Stuff Silly Snacks) changed the minds of many with the GUACAMOLE CONE. If you find the idea of having to dip your chips into a shared bowl of guacamole repulsive, then this is the recipe for you. A brilliant combination of guacamole bowl and chip in one.

When it comes to combining convenience into the food world, the cone reigns supreme.  Lately ingenuity, with a side helping of boredom, has blossomed the cone into much more. Its humble beginnings as a container for desserts have evolved into more inventive ideas such as the Tacone and Crouton Cone. Allowing many to continue typing behind their desks while still enjoying a delicious meal, because what do you need two hands for if not to complete a duo of tasks simultaneously?

H/T + PicThx SHK

By Brittany Miller

Brittany has lived in Philly and the surrounding area her entire life. She's a badass medical photographer, avid foodie and Zumba enthusiast. Her dream is to one day own her own bakery, becoming the Willy Wonka of pastries. Without the mental instability, of course.

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