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The Food At This Year’s OC Fair Will NOT Disappoint

The much anticipated OC Fair menu has arrived and it does not disappoint. The beloved fair will run from July 15 to August 14. We were only able to get our hands on a few photos since most of these are going to be run for the VERY FIRST TIME this year, so hashtag #FOODBEAST when you get your hands on them! Some of the new additions to the famous fried food scene include:

Chicken and Waffles ON A STICK – This delicious waffle is fried with CHICKEN IN IT. Chicken Charlie’s remarkable creation will be available throughout the entirety of the fair.

Dole Whip – This alone is worth the trip to the fair. The pineapple soft serve used to be exclusive to the 808 state, then made its way to Disneyland and is now popping up all over the US at places like Menchies, Orange Leaf, and Peachwave FroYo shops to name a few.

French Toast Bacon Bombs – This glorious combo is comprised of a deep fried, bacon wrapped, cream cheese stuffed ball of french toast finished with a delightful dusting of cinnamon sugar. I’m totally drooling.


Bacon Nutella PICKLE – So, a funnel cake and a pickle had a threesome with Nutella and this happened. This Nutella stuffed pickle is doused in funnel cake batter then tossed into the fryer for a healthy coating of fluffiness.

S’moreo Texas Donut – Texas has a reputation for making very, very large donuts, and the OC Fair is taking the extra large treat to a whole new level by adding marshmallow cream, Oreo, and graham cracker crumble.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 3.11.50 PM

Diabilito Sundae – This sweet and spicy combo is a “Tamarindo” flavored ice cream with a hot chili chamoy sauce, which is typically made from pickled fruit and added chillies for a salty, sweet AND sour flavor profile.

Kool Aid Hot Wings – Chicken Charlie’s puts another W in the win column with this Orange Kool Aid-Spiced wings.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 3.08.40 PM

Other menu options include Pork Belly Bacon Dogs, Deep Fried Pizza Logs, Bacon Wrapped Baked Potatoes, Shrimp Fried Rice on a Stick, and Lasagna Sandwiches.

They’ll also be serving up Bison Burgers, Organic Meat options, and Nitrate Free Hot Dogs so you can feel a little better about your carnivorous indulgences. A full list of foods that will be available can be found on the OC Fair Website.



Photo Credit: OC Fair

By Lauren Urrea

Lauren leads a healthy and active lifestyle. Healthy consists of only two food groups: desserts and Mexican food. Active is defined as the distance it takes to walk from the parking lot to the entrance gate at Disneyland.

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