The Comeback Snacks: 7 Discontinued Foods Brought Back by Popular Demand


Perhaps the most depressing thing that could happen to your favorite food is a dreaded discontinuation. We all cried into a puddle of our own tears when Crispy M&M’s and the McRib were ripped away from us. But do you know what makes the death of a beloved treat so much sweeter? When it’s rereleased due to popular demand! Here are some snacks that we have recently been reunited with once again.


Yummy Mummy and Frute Brute Cereal


Last year, these classic monster cereals joined their friends Franken Berry, Boo Berry, and Count Chocula on shelves for the first time in decades. Frute Brute had an eight-year run, but it was discontinued in 1982. Yummy Mummy said goodbye after five years in 1992. Both of these marshmallow-filled cereals were welcomed back last year with open arms.

Source: General Mills


Double Down


This wild mash-up is bun-less — two pieces of fried chicken hold together Monterey and Pepper Jack cheeses as well as a few slices of bacon. The Double Down was launched as a limited time offer in 2010, popping up a couple times more for monthly appearances since its first arrival. Never fear KFC enthusiasts, the breadless sandwich returned in April of this year, and it’s here to stay.

Source: KFC


Crispy M&Ms


After being discontinued in 2005, the brand announced that the cookie-filled M&M’s will be coming back in January 2015 after a flood of requests from fans. Who’s excited?

Source: Instagram user meganlberg




When the Hostess brand announced that it was going to liquidate and sell its products until it ran out, Americans totally freaked out. People raided supermarket shelves, and Twinkie enthusiasts were selling the product on eBay for staggering prices — one seller listed a box of Twinkies for $200,000. Luckily, the brand was saved by new owners, and we’re still enjoying the cream-filled cakes.

Source: Getty




One of McDonald’s greatest wonders, the McRib is a boneless pork sandwich molded into the shape of a rack of ribs. It was introduced in 1981 but then discontinued in 1985. It was then brought back in 1985, only to be removed from the menu once more in 2005. It has since been brought back for a limited time this year — it’s back this month until Nov. 16.

Source: McDonald’s


Chicken Fries


This customer-favorite was dearly missed when the product was discontinued in 2012. When Burger King announced that it was bringing chicken fries back in August 2014, all of America rejoiced.

Source: Facebook user Burger King



Remember this lemon-lime bright soda? The nostalgic drink created in 1996 was discontinued 11 years ago, but just this year Coca-Cola Company decided to bring the fizzy green beverage back. As of September, it’s available on Amazon.

Source: Coca-Cola Company
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