The Best Angry Tweets on the New Watered-Down Maker’s Mark

maker's mark

The announcement of Maker’s Mark watering down from 45% Alcohol by Volume (ABV) to 42% — 90 proof to 84 proof — sent bourbon purists into a flurry of anger over the 3% drop. While the company’s decision was made in order to meet increased consumer demand without having to raise prices, that didn’t stop people from taking to the internet in a fit of twitter outrage. Below, we pick our favorite cheeky commentators crying over spilled whisky.




Jack would never do that!

maker's mark-jack

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60% of the time, it works every time.


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Bring back the SHEEN.


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The Trooper:


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Coors Light, Maker’s Mark, now two of the same, apparently.

makers-mark- 6

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In other news . . .


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In the end, remember folks, it’s still booze.


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