The Bagel Bites of Gourmet: Tiny Lasagna Cupcakes Ready in Just 35 Minutes

The cupcake sheet just reached it’s zenith with lasagna cupcakes. I’m talking baked cheese and sausage stuffed  in three layers of pasta to make bite-sized lasagna that cooks in just 20 minutes (35 minutes total with prep). This is great for party snacks and appetizers, but most of all it’s perfect for those nights where you can’t decide between lasagna and another main dish. Solved. Make these petite lasagna cupcakes and bring on the main course. These are bagel bites made gourmet, and expect guests to devour these delicious treats, then subsequently realize the horror when they eat more than their belt loops are prepared for.

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By Dominique Boubion

As a child, Dominique Boubion would sometimes sleep until noon and pout
that she missed breakfast. She shamelessly asked permission to eat
breakfast followed by lunch back to back. In those days her favorite food
was a cheeseburger, a craving she regularly suppresses while exploring the
foodie world of a raw and vegan diet. But while still eating

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