The 7 Stages of Eating a Burrito that We’ve All Been Through

Finishing a giant overstuffed burrito can be a big feat for many of us. There’s something terribly satisfying about demolishing the entire thing that just says, Boooyahh! However, scarfing down something with a solid mass between 1-2 lbs that is proportionally larger than your stomach won’t go down without consequences. If you can relate to stages 1-7 of this eating a burrito illustration don’t worry, you’re just apart of the 99%.

Only the comedians at CollegeHumor could relay the message this well:


By Lucia Phan

Lucia Phan has a Bachelors Degree from the University of California, Berkeley in Food & City Culture and Environmental Economics. She is the founder of Banana Slug Edibles, where she bakes specialty cakes and cupcakes for patients in Orange County & Los Angeles. In her free time she likes to collect recipes and will forever be searching for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe known to man.

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