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Chrissy Teigen Bakes An Emotional Support Casserole And Gets It Past The TSA

Recent kerfuffles involving peacocks and hamsters have people asking, ‘what can you bring on airplanes for emotional support’? It seems that Chrissy Teigen has found at least one answer: an emotional support casserole can qualify.

Teigen’s inquiry started as an innocent one, as she just wanted to know if she could bring a casserole on a flight. However, that dish later turned into an “emotional support casserole” once American Airlines showed up to help her out.

American Airlines said it was okay if the TSA was down with it, at which point the TSA’s Twitter account stepped into to give Teigen the green light.

Teigen then quickly got to work, baking her casserole before bringing it to the airport, and yes, getting it through security. She didn’t use a ceramic dish, though, probably because a Tupperware would be safer for the dish to travel in.

The casserole got through security, onto the plane, and to Teigen’s final destination, where she posted one final tweet with her prized meal in hand.

To be honest, I’m surprised the casserole made it that far. It all would’ve been in my belly by the time I made it to baggage claim.

By Constantine Spyrou

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