Team Umizoomi Ad Starring Gordon Ramsay is Funny, Uncomfortable

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Gordon Ramsay, the man who got famous for screaming grown folks into submissive tears, is at it again . . . with a trio of neon-colored characters from the pre-school math cartoon, Team Umizoomi.

From the very beginning, he’s shouting at his pastry chef about some unservable dessert, as per usual, when the “team” pulls up in a veritable clown car.

“NO!” you want to scream. “GET OUT OF THERE BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!”

But the little pink . . . thing with pigtails quickly resolves the situation, much to the embarrassment of the actual, professional pastry chef. Of course, when offered a job, the little rascals (and their robot pal) are out of there in a hot second.

Ball’s in your court, Ramsay. Are you gonna stand for that?

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By Aziza Sullivan

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