Teacher Blames Breakfast For Being Late 111 Times, Principal Doesn’t Buy It


Maybe students should have brought this teacher some more apples, because the guy blamed his morning meal for being late over 100 times in two years.

Arnold Anderson teaches at Roosevelt Elementary School in New Jersey and said his breakfast is the culprit of his chronic lateness, since it makes him lose track of time.

Roosevelt Elementary actually tried firing Anderson according to the AP, so he’s lucky a New Jersey arbitrator said a suspension is punishment enough.

In this school year alone, Anderson had been late 46 times, and was late 65 times last year.

Arn Anderson will be suspended without pay until January 1, so he has enough time to work on more efficient breakfast-eating techniques.

h/t thrillist

By Isai Rocha

Isai is the self-proclaimed Kanye West of burrito eating. He has a hard time trusting vegans, ranch dressing and especially vegan ranch dressing.

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