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Taco Bell Tests Newest Freeze Made With ROCKSTAR ENERGY

TB Rockstar

Looks like more fast food companies are dipping their toes into the energy drink game. Last week, we reported that McDonald’s was selling cans of Monster Energy drinks at select locations. Now, it looks like Taco Bell is doing something similar: Rockstar Energy Freezes.

The Mexican food-inspired chain has begun testing the slush blend at select locations in Tennessee, Brand Eating reports. Taco Bell is incorporating the Rockstar Punched flavor of the energy drink into its Freeze. With the existing line of fruity Freeze flavors, it definitely makes sense to go with that one.

No word yet if Taco Bell plans to expand testing of the beverage outside of the state.

For the college crowd that thrives on late-night orders of tacos and crunchwraps, this might also be the perfect addition to the menu.

Definitely hoping it takes off nationally.

Photo: Brand Eating

By Peter Pham

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