NY Restaurant Offers Staircase Seating for Optimal People Watching

Where you end up sitting in a restaurant can affect the whole experience, whether that be good or bad. A venue’s seating plan is an important part of dining out, and New York City’s Tao Downtown is giving this factor a unique twist.

The recently-opened spot is offering table and booth seating on and around its wide 40-foot staircase leading to the main dining area, all designed by the architecture and design firm Rockwell Group. Why? The company’s founder, David Rockwell, says the layout acknowledges that “perching is something New Yorkers love to do, whether on the stoop of a brownstone or sitting on a wall.” Basically, it’s an ultra chic way to indulge in some fantastic people watching.

Tao Downtown is located at 92 Ninth Avenue at 16th Street. If you’re lucky enough to snag a reservation on the stairs, prepare yourself for an exclusive perching experience.

H/T  Grub Street + PicThx Melissa Hom/New York Magazine

By Cameron Simcik

Cameron is a Philadelphia native who is borderline obsessed with chocolate, coffee and sushi. She writes for TheFW and The Daily Meal, and making a mean chocolate chip cookie is her specialty. She also tries pizza everywhere she travels in hopes someday she'll become one of those cool pizza snobs.

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