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AMC Is Launching An Official WALKING DEAD Cookbook And Survival Guide

Love or hate the past few seasons of The Walking Dead, you have to appreciate the world they built over their seven-year run. While fans eagerly await for the premiere of the eithth season, AMC is giving them a little something to chew on to tide over their walker-loving appetites.

AMC has partnered up with Insight Editions to launch The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide.

Inside the cookbook are more than 60 recipes covering breakfast, dinner, drinks, and desserts. Some of the entries are taken straight from the television series such as Carol’s Peletier’s Cookies and Daryl’s Deer Stew.


Because a cookbook is useless if you don’t know how to survive in this new world, the book also features tips on hunting and foraging in the event we ever witness a zombie apocalypse.

The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide is scheduled to arrive at bookstores in October. The publisher stresses that no humans were harmed in the marking of this culinary resource.


This Is The Most Epic Ad For Ramen We’ve Ever Seen [WATCH]

Holy crap.

We’ve seen crazy food ads before, but a recent one for instant ramen might just be the most epic. It’s got zombies, fireballs, parkour, gender-bending and sumo wrestlers.

Ramen manufacturer Nissin Foods created an ad for the 58th anniversary of Chikin Ramen, reports RocketNews. The add features a schoolgirl chasing a samurai drone that had stolen her bowl of ramen. Through the chase we get to see all the popular trends in the country. Along the way, there are quite a few twists.

Check out the feature-length ramen commercial.


Here’s How to Throw a Zombie Food Party


Zombies are everywhere these days. From movies, TV and novels, they just won’t die. But hey, I’m not complaining. In honor of AMC’s post-apocalyptic zombie show  “Walking Dead” premiering its mid-season episode tonight, here are some tips on how the living can eat the dead. No brains involved (kinda):


Watch: Cadbury’s Zombie Egg Apocalypse Contains Green Gore Spew


This Cadbury stop motion ad got us simultaneously craving chocolate and wishing we were as ballsy as these kickass, zombie fighting chocolate eggs. The Hive, an agency based in Toronto, reenacted scenes from classic Zombie flicks and cast foiled chocolate eggs as the leading roles. The ingenious marketing move is timely, with Halloween just a few days away, and features Cadbury’s new “Screme” eggs. In the ad, egg survivors are seen battling and scrambling (literally) the Screme zombies, then making a bamf escape via helicopter. Warning: Clip contains graphic content (aka green zombie egg spew).

Just another day in the life of an Egg-pocalypse. Heh heh.

More Cadbury “Screme” ads with not so happy endings:


Chocolate Zombie and Brain Bon Bons

Regardless of what time of year it is, can you ever really get enough zombies in your life? Not actual zombies of course, that would be terrifying. What’s also terrifying are these zombie bon bons–terrifyingly delicious that is. All misdirection aside, these bon bon’s come shaped in the likeness of blood-spattered flesh munchers, only made out of chocolate.

These delicious treats let you turn the tables on the zombie-human food chain by letting you take a bite out of their heads for a change. Instead of brains, human zombie munchers are treated to a bright-red cherry filling. ($14 @ ThinkGeek)


The Zombie Crawler Donut

California-based Psych0 Donuts bakery has just revealed their latest themed donut The Zombie Crawler Donut. The little slice of afterlife comes in the form of a green honey cake donut, glazed, and covered with Oreo dust thrown about (gotta have dirt!). Then, the entire monstrosity is covered with chocolate mud and red vanilla blood.

If you’re in California, hopefully you’re near one of their locations. Oh yeah, these are what Zombie Cojones look like:




Zombie Head Cookie Jar

Am I the only one who ever wondered what it would be like to eat out of a zombie’s head? Other than other zombies, I might be alone with that thought. Regardless, with this Zombie Head Cookie Jar, we now have somewhere to store our edibles that’s not a science fair project from your 3rd grade cousin. No offense to your 3rd grade cousin, I’m sure that cookie jar looks good too. Or was it a vase? ($29.99 @ ThinkGeek)


Zombie Juice Canteen

Ready to keep your hipster juices flowing? Zombies are definitely “in”, and what better way to proclaim your fandom than with this Zombie Juice Canteen? The green, aluminum coated bottle is ready for all your liquid-carrying needs up to 17oz. Standing at 8.75″ tall and 2.5″ diameter, its size is ready to be clipped to your Ninja Turtles backpack (or whatever messenger back, I’m not up on hipster culture as of late).