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Skittles Has A New Flavor That Tastes Gross On Purpose

Halloween seems to come earlier every year with product roll outs, and this year Skittles is one of its earliest contributors. They recently launched their new Zombie Skittles, a new pack that comes with five normal fruit flavors: Petrifying Citrus Punch, Mummified Melon, Chilling Black Cherry, Boogeyman Blackberry, and Blood Red Berry — and one Rotten Zombie flavor that’s described by the brand as “repulsive.”

The kicker? The Rotten Zombie-flavored candies are indistinguishable from the regular ones. So think of it as a landmine of horrid hidden amongst the delicious flavors. 

“Dare to try?” the package asks, in what I imagine to be the voice from a 90’s Goosebumps advert.

I dared.

According to a Food and Wine report, a Skittles representative claimed the flavor changes according to one’s palate. It’s hard to nail down, but for me, the zombie flavor tastes like rotten egg drenched in garlic juice.

It’s truly awful, just as repulsive as the brand claims.

The anxiety I got reaching into the bag was reminiscent of the feeling I got when eating those Jelly Belly BeanBoozled candies where each normal flavor had a gross counterpart. A sense of dread that was either disappointingly confirmed or thankfully extinguished. Peach or Barf? Juicy Pear or Booger? Blood Red Berry or Rotten Zombie? 

Why does something that’s supposed to be fun and sweet bring out our inner masochist? Maybe it makes the good flavors that much better. Maybe companies just want people to react. After all, this pack of Skittles comes with its own hashtag, #DareTheRainbow, for everyone to use on their inevitable reaction videos. 

Either way, I’d like to wash the taste of a zombie away from my corrupted palate.


Applebee’s Launches $1 Zombie Cocktails For October

Photo by Peter Pham

As soon as the clock struck midnight, Monday, and October rolled in, everyone was ready for the spookiest 31 days of the year.

That ‘everyone’ includes Applebee’s, who is joining in on the Halloween fun with a $1 Zombie cocktail special.

If you’re not familiar with a Zombie drink, it is a mix of fruit juices, typically passion fruit and a mix of light and dark rums. Applebee’s Zombie combines its own special mix of rum, passion fruit, pineapple, cherry, lime and of course, brain-shaped gummies.

Photo by Peter Pham

The $1 deal will run through the entire month of October, and falls in line with similar alcohol-based deals from the past, such as their Dollaritas, and $1 Long Island Iced Teas.

Just one day in, and it looks like joyful alcohol enthusiasts have already mapped out their entire month of October:






If you’re trying to get some booze on a budget, Applebee’s has you covered for the rest of October.


Dead Tuna Gets Sliced In Half, Then Comes Back To Life [WATCH]

Once you’ve cut into your food, you probably expect it to be dead, but some animals keep the fighting spirit alive, even after death.

A yellowtail tuna was sliced in half, surely getting ready to become someone’s meal, but it wasn’t immediately going on a plate, as it spent almost 2 minutes flailing around like a fish zombie.

The video was posted to Twitter, Wednesday by user Yutaka Suzuki, and it’s pretty freaky, to see the split open tuna swing around on the tray.

This reminds us of an eel in South Korea that was ready to be cooked at a restaurant, but began floundering as soon as it came into contact with the hot grill.

In both cases, neither was alive, obviously, but muscle reflexes were still active.

As long as it’s dead and under control by the time it reaches my table, I’m good with it.


This Zombie Inspired Beer is Made With Actual Brains

Zombie Beer

Every Sunday night loyal fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead can usually be found drowning their sorrows in booze whilst sobbing over the loss of yet another beloved character. Of course, it was just a matter of time before someone decided to pay homage to the popular show but Dock Street Brewing Co. may have just taken this zombie trend to the next level.

The brainchild of by Head Brewer Justin Low and Brewery Representative Sasha Certo-Ware, the aptly named “Dock Street Walker” beer is an American Pale Stout that is brewed with…wait for it…real brains.

Before you freak out and grab your zombie survival kit don’t worry, it’s not human brains it’s just smoked goat brains. Did we mention the brew is also made with organic cranberries to get that perfectly bloody hue? Dock Street Walker is 7.2% alcohol by volume so after knocking back a few don’t be surprised if you end up dragging yourself around like a walker on the prowl.

In honor of The Walking Dead’s season finale Dock Street Walker will make its debut on tap at Dock Street Brewing Co. on March 30. If you happen to be in the West Philly area have a brainy brewski for us, we’ll just have to celebrate at home with these zombie jello shots. Unnngggghhhhh.

H/T + PicThx Thrillist


Today I Learned: You Can Transform Crisco Into An Emergency Candle


When it comes to zombie apocalypses, the guy behind Crisco knew what was up. While many of us instinctively go for the baseball bat or duct tape when we think “Essentials for a Zombie Takeover,” few realize that in the event of an apocalypse, electricity will become a rarity, if not a thing of the past.

Cue in Crisco — a tub of shortening that also happens to be a gigantic candle in disguise. Simply take a tub of Crisco, drill a hole down the middle using a chopstick, insert a piece of string, and light that baby up. The DIY candle will burn for 8 hours a day, for 45 days. 

Bottomline: In case of zombie apocalypse, grab Crisco.

PicThx Forward Home


The Driving Dead– Successful Zombie Drive-Thru Prank [VIDEO]

Halloween pranks are a must around this time of year. Whether it’s a classic toilet paper bombing on your buddy’s lawn or a more elaborate zombie scare, it’s always fun to scare or piss people off around Halloween.

Comedian Ed Bassmaster laid on some pretty good makeup work as he zombified himself and hit several drive-thru restaurants with a camera.

An array of hilarious reactions ensued whenever Ed turned his head toward the drive-thru window and yelled. Among the notable spontaneous reactions, an employee nervously locked the drive-thru window in a state of panic (0:25), and an employee at another restaurant seemed to confusingly offer Bassmaster a 10-piece order of brains (0:57).

These poor employees were stuck at work and probably missing out on Halloween-time festivities, so it seems Bassmaster took it upon himself to bring the fun to them.

Via Ed Bassmaster


14 of the Best ‘Walking Dead’ Gifs, Because a Zombie’s Gotta Eat Too

Hands down, zombies are probably the biggest Foodbeasts ever. They’re always hungry, they’ll eat whatever’s in front of them and they sure as hell won’t let anything get in between them and their grub.

In the spirit of the season, here are 14 amazing gifs of zombies doing what they do best.

Git in thar bell-ays.

1. First, a human to get you in the finger-lickin’ mood.

2. Hope you brought your appetite.

3. It’s sure to be nom-tastic.

4. Ralph’s is having a sale on Lady Fingers?!

5. Zom-bay Buf-fet Gets Cray

6. C’mon, learn to share!

7. Lazy college student zombie may need a little help.

8. Did you say strawberry-flavored babies?!

9. Don’t bother me, I’m eating.

10. Dude, this fence is bomb.

11. Who spilled all the Sriracha?

12. Yum, says cow zombie.

13. Dedicated, decapitated zombie; still trying to chew.

14. Well, I guess deer’s better than nothing.

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Well Aren’t These Just The Coolest Damn Pumpkin Carvings You Ever Did See?

Admit it, when it comes to seasonal food innovation, autumn tends to be sorely lacking. It’s always pumpkin this, pumpkin that (where are the Thankstini‘s, I ask you? With the cranberry juice and the potato vodka and the bouillion cubes as garnish?)

Well it turns out the world’s culinary creativity hasn’t disappeared (thank God); it’s just being harnessed by the geniuses at Villafane Studios into making, as we’ve said, just the coolest damn pumpkin carvings the world ever did see. Check out a few of our favorites below:

Full disclosure: Ray Villafane (VS’s head gourd) has been doing this for a while now, enough to garner the attention of CBS and Martha Stewart and even us, believe it or not. But for those of you who’ve been missing out, next week Villafane will be returning to NYC to revisit last year’s epic Zombies in the Garden display, starting off at Grand Central Station, then hitching a ride over to the Botanical Gardens for a “Return of the Zombies” (October 19th – 21st).

Villafane’s website promises “it’s going to be the best yet,” but based on this time-lapse video of last year’s event below, Villafane + friends may just have their work cut out for them.

It’s going to be legend — wait for it. . .