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KFC Created A ‘Zinger’ Sandwich Out Of A Meteor, Sells It For $20,000

Kentucky Fried Chicken isn’t really one’s first thought when it comes to vegan food. The predominately chicken-based menu can attest to that.

The fried chicken chain, however, created a nifty one-of-a-kind item sent from the stars earlier this month reports Design Taxi. They took a meteorite and sculpted it in the image of the iconic zinger chicken sandwich out of the space rock.

A vegan couple purchased the inedible item for $20,000.

The buyer’s husband was once a fan of the chicken sandwich before giving up meat. This inedible galactic shadow of his past will forever serve as a bittersweet reminder of a small joy he once had from eating KFC.

At least, every time he walks past his mantle.

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KFC Finally Brings Iconic Zinger Sandwich To The United States

Kentucky Fried Chicken’s iconic international sandwich is finally coming to the United States.

The fried chicken chain just announced that the spicy chicken sandwich will finally touch US soils after years of exclusively being an international offering from KFC and Yum Brands.

Made of 100 percent chicken breast filet, the meat is double hand-breaded and fried until golden brown. It’s then served with lettuce and mayo on a toasted sesame seed bun.

Released in Trinidad and Tobago in 1984, the fried chicken sandwich has been available in more than 120 countries since its debut. International sellers include the UK, India, and Australia. The sandwich is essentially KFC’s answer to the Big Mac or Whopper.

It’s about damn time we get to try it.

The Zinger will be available at participating US restaurants beginning April 24 as both an individual sandwich and a $5 Fill Up Combo Meal.

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KFC Taco: Did KFC and Taco Bell Just Have A Baby?

Does anyone remember the Chizza? A while back, Kentucky Fried Chicken added a pizza with a fried chicken crust to its menu in the Philippines. Now, a new Taco-inspired item has appeared in the form of the Zinger Taco Double.

Instagrammer @fatgirlsfoodguide posted this photo of the new item with the geotag in Seoul, South Korea.

The new taco features both a soft and hard tortilla shell filled with lettuce, chicken, cheese sauce and salsa sauce. According to @fatgirlsfoodguide, you can get two of these tacos for 5,800 South Korean Won ($4.72 US).

Here’s a birds-eye view of it.  


A photo posted by MAMA (@hi_its_mama) on

With sister brand Taco Bell testing a mirrored version of this item last year, a US release can’t be too far behind.

Cover Photo: fatgirlsfoodguide

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8 Weird KFC Items From Around The World

When KFC announced the Double Down, health enthusiasts took arms and fast food fanatics took…a few antacids. As crazy as bacon and cheese smashed together between two pieces of fried chicken sounded, it definitely put the fried chicken chain in the spotlight.

While the US Double Down was definitely a unique entry into KFC’s chicken menu, let’s take a look at some of the strangest international KFC menu items.


Double Down Dog


The Philippines’ answer to the Double Down. The Double Down Dog features a hot dog covered in a combo of mayo/cheese and wrapped with a piece of crispy fried chicken patty. You know it’s a risk when all the colors kind of just blend together.

Shrimp Burger


When KFC China announced the shrimp burger, heads turned. The burger featured a deep-fried patty that would expose tiny pieces of whole shrimp once bitten into. China definitely gets points for creativity and seafood options.

Deep-Fried Corn Soup


Pretty much exactly what it sounds like. The KFC snack from Japan featured corned potage that’s breaded then thrown into the deep fryer. What comes out is a bite-sized piece of fried soup. Which actually sounds amazing.

Cream Corn Cream Cheese Chicken Sandwich


The Chicken Sandwich topped with cream cheese creamed corn was one of the more puzzling KFC items. Made with Philadelphia cream cheese, the sandwich made its debut in…Mexico? While we scratched our heads trying to figure out why Mexico would offer such a US-heavy themed sandwich, we have to say it didn’t look too bad.

Edible Coffee Cups

edible coffee cup

Folks go through so many disposable cups every day when they get their coffee fix. KFC UK offered edible coffee cups. Made with a heat-resistant form of white chocolate, patrons can bite into their cups after finishing their coffee. Not a bad idea, KFC.

Zinger Double Down


The US Double Down made some pretty big waves when it was first released. While the Philippines was busy creating the Double Down Dog, Korea was busy with a varient of their own: The Zinger Double Down. Made with two pieces of crispy chicken patties as buns, the Zinger featured a hamburger patty with bacon.

Crispy Burrito


Don’t call it a chimichanga. New Zealand once offered a deep-fried burrito made with chicken strips, bacon, cheese and a bourbon BBQ sauce.

Cheese Top Burger


The Cheese Top Burger was pretty much a burger topped with cheese. Nailed the name there, KFC Philippines. There’s an actual slice of cheese on top of the bun, which kind of makes it difficult to eat the burger without getting cheese all over your hands. Yet, here we are. The burger itself is made with a fried chicken patty covered in a Parmesan dressing sauce.