Alcohol Hit-Or-Miss News

Zima Has Officially Returned To The United States, Now Being Sold At Wal-Mart

It’s been more than a year since I tracked down the whereabouts of Zima to Japan. Since then, only rumors that the popular, lemon-lime adult beverage of the 1990s would return stateside.

Well, thanks to Zima’s distributor, Molson-Coors, the clear malt beverage has returned to the United States, and is currently being sold at Wal-Mart.

A Wal-Mart Communications representative confirmed through email that Zima is, “hitting shelves at Walmart stores now,” in a “limited edition” release.

On May 20, Zima’s Facebook page changed their cover image, confirming a national reintroduction, “on or before July 4th.” Talk about patriotism.

As the return of Zima spreads 90s nostalgia to the masses, Zima aficionados must be aware that unlike our unfading memories of Zima, this national reintroduction of the alcoholic beverage will not last forever.

“We’ll sell as much as we have, but when it sells out, its gone,” according to Wal-Mart communications.

However, if the U.S.’s Zima supply runs short this summer, there are alternatives in the form of this proxy service that will ship internationally. They hit me up on Twitter —  because they probably think I’m obsessed with Zima. I might be.

Hey, cheers ‘Murica.

Alcohol Hit-Or-Miss News

Zima Might Finally Return To The United States Soon

A few months ago, we rediscovered that Zima, the clear malt alcoholic beverage of the 90s, had turned up in Japan, where it has evolved into a popular drink among socialites and the night life crowd. Still, there was little discussion about Zima ever being reintroduced to The States. Until now.

There is now a strong buzz developing over the notion that Zima might finally return to the United States, ending its lengthy hiatus.

Zima Sign

While no official word on a return dates has been confirmed by its distributor Molson Coors, several news reports have cited this return as a strong possibility.

Last week, Beer Business Daily, a popular beer industry blog, broke the news about a potential limited time Zima return. The news was subsequently sourced by other outlets reporting on the news.

Additionally, Ad Age reported that a Molson Coors representative explained that more news regarding this historic return would be revealed zoon. 

“More news [is] coming soon,” a MolsonCoors spokesperson told Ad Age. “If you’re one of the zillion fans who have missed Zima, the answer should be clear.”

If you’re 21 now, there’s probably no way you remember Zima, but hopefully you’ll be open to change if these rumors end up being accurate.