Man Crashes Car into 7-Eleven, Pours Himself a Cup of Coffee & Is Subsequently Brought to Yolo Jail


What’s the first thing you do when you crash your car into a lone 7-Eleven? Get out of the vehicle and walk over to the store’s coffee maker to pour yourself a cup, obviously.

At least, that’s what Dennis Cortopassi, 56, did when he crashed his car into a 7-Eleven window near Sacramento on Wednesday morning.

The store clerk detailed that after crashing his vehicle, Cortopassi got up and poured himself a warm cup o’ Joe. While the clerk waited for police to arrive at the scene, Cortopassi threw his coffee and knocked over items sitting on shelves. Apparently, he was upset at the clerk’s audacity to ring up the popo.

Cortopassi was arrested and brought to the Yolo County Jail. Yes, #YOLO.

H/T LA Times

Fast Food

KFC Japan’s Offering a Free All-You-Can-Eat Fried Chicken Trip to Osaka? #YOLO

In case you just can’t get enough of the Colonel’s deep fried, finger-lickin’ good goodness stateside, why not tweet your way to a free fried chicken eating tour in Japan?

Oh, because the prize is only redeemable by non-KFC employees and people who actually live there? Well, I guess that makes sense.

But for all you YOLO-ing Mayan Doomsdayers, listen up. For the holidays, KFC Japan is running a twitter contest for a free, most-expenses-paid eating trip to Osaka. Just tweet “#KFC食べ放題ツアーin大阪”(KFC All-You-Can-Eat Tour in Osaka) as many times as you want, and on December 20, three lucky winners will be taken along with a guest to the KFC restaurant in Onobaru, Osaka.

Now, since the contest ends on the 20th (the 19th here), here’s what you should do. Renew your passport, move to Japan today, find a sponsor, become a citizen and spend the rest of your time learning Japanese and tweeting. Best of all, if you charge the trip and the world does end, you won’t ever have to pay it back.


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