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Coconut Milk Yogurt Exists — Would You Try It?

Consumers’ eating habits have greatly evolved over the years. With the advancement in food science, the availability of information, and an industry that is quick to evolve with dynamic tastes and dietary needs, our local grocer’s aisle is now rife with options to suit all kinds of people — with snack items growing exponentially in recent years in terms of variety and specific scope of customer base.

Milk alternatives have been booming as an example, with coconut milk extending its influence in recent years. But it’s not until recently that coconut milk-based yogurt has stepped into the milk group chat. So Delicious Dairy Free is a brand that’s sauntered up to the plate, ready to knock it out the park with their So Delicious Pairings Coconutmilk Yogurt Alternative that’s not only dairy-free, but also nut-free, soy-free, Certified Gluten-Free, Certified Vegan and Non-GMO Project Verified.

coconut milk yogurt

So Delicious Pairings comes ready with a roster of different flavors that are ready to satisfy palates of all types: Coco Almond Crunch, Spice Blueberry, Salted Caramel Cluster, and Key Lime Pie.

If you’re ready for the plunge into coconut milk yogurt, So Delicious Pairings are now available at grocery stores nationwide and retail for a suggested price of $2.29 per 5.3 oz. cup.

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These STUFFED FALAFEL Makers Just Scored A Massive Deal On ‘Shark Tank’

A start-up brand making falafels that come stuffed with various fillings is also one of the more recent winners of a big deal on “Shark Tank.”

The success story comes from TaDah Foods, who make a product called “Falafel Poppers” filled with dips like hummus and yogurt. Featured recently on the season 11 premiere of Shark Tank, they came home with a $500,000 contract for 25% equity from KIND owner Daniel Lubetzky.

TaDah isn’t just making novel products out of falafels, however, as they’re exemplifying what it means to undertake social entrepreneurship. As a way to give back, 25% of their profits go to social change organizations.

Foodbeast just got the chance to try the Falafel Poppers for themselves. They’re pretty easy to reheat and enjoy, and the different fillings, especially the cucumber dill yogurt, are packed with flavor. They also come at a pretty affordable price, with a pack of 8 coming in at a suggested retail price of $4.99.

For those wanting to try these unique stuffed snacks, the Falafel Poppers are at stores like Kroger, Wegmans, and Whole Foods.

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Ben & Jerry’s Wants to Thank You With Free Ice Cream

Prepare yourself for the 10th of April. Drink plenty of water the night before. Have a balanced diet the days leading up to it. Try to exercise. Most importantly, keep your sugar intake to a minimum.

Why? Ben & Jerry’s is trying to kill us all. Well, not really, but that fateful Tuesday will test the population’s self control because for that day only anyone and everyone is invited by the ice cream giant to indulge in a free cone or cup.

Now, you might not think that one cone or cup is enough to call for some changes in diet, but add in the fact that Ben & Jerry’s is ready to let people stand right back in line after they get their cone. Now you get the warning?

With 35 flavors to choose from at any Scoop Shop in the US, this calls for a full on ice-cream day-trip with anyone willing to freeze their blood.

Since 1979, Ben & Jerry’s has been doing this Free Scoop Day as a way to show gratitude to the customers that have kept them going from the start.

It’s no shock since then that the flavors of ice cream have grown, no longer are your free scoops fixated to either a chocolate or vanilla. It’s 2018, we’ve got Phish Food, my guy.

This is the best opportunity for anyone not familiar with the plethora of flavors Ben & Jerry’s offers to get a taste. There’s over 30 reasons to stand in line and spend the day eating ice cream.


10 Foods Guaranteed To Make You Feel Good

Let’s get real for a sec: We all have those days where we just wake up feeling down in the dumps and can’t shake it all day long. Happens to me all the time, so I feel ya. However, I’ve also found quite a few cures for those downtrodden days in edible form. Everything on this list will lift your spirits and get you going to survive the rest of the day. You got this!


Who doesn’t love these creamy, delicious fruits? Great in guac, ceviche, and more, these California staples are also great sources of omega-3 fatty acids, tyrosines, and folic acid, all of which can help get rid of any sad feelings you may be having. Maybe that’s why Californians seem so chill all the time?

Swiss Cheese

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Reuben sandwiches got Swiss and always make me feel good, and the cheese may be the reason why. Swiss is high in Vitamin B12 and zinc, both of which balance your brain and keep it on point to keep your mood feeling good. Can’t find any “holes” in that argument.

Green Tea

思いがけないプレゼントが…✨届いていました❤️ ハンドメイドの品を通してお付き合いいただいている方から、お手紙と共にお礼のお茶をいただきました(o^^o) . まろやかでいてしっかりしたお茶の風味が新鮮に香る、素敵なお茶でした。 . 心遣いがとても嬉しくて💕 より一層、美味しさが広がる…。 . 気持ちをカタチにして伝えるって、素敵な事だな…。 私も、キチンと感謝を伝えなくてはなぁ。心に留めて日々過ごそう。 . あいにく和菓子が無かったので、チョコレートといただきました〜〜。 . 今度は桜餅と飲みたいな(*≧∀≦*) . . #ありがとう💓 #贈り物 #感謝 #お茶 #癒し#ティータイム #japan #teatime #thankyou #present#greentea

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Not gonna lie, I’m more of a tea person than a coffee person. Green tea is a personal favorite of mine, and the dopamine it helps produce to boost my spirits may be the reason why. It’s the perfect “matcha” for your drink choice when you’re feeling moody!


Turns out that Professor Lupin was onto something un-magical when he gave Harry Potter chocolate to fend off the chilling effects of a Dementor attack. Chocolate is also rich in tyrosine levels, so it’ll produce a good amount of dopamine in the brain as a result. No wonder Harry felt so good after eating that chocolate!


Salsa dance is fun and spirited, but it’s got nothing on edible salsa in terms of making you happy. Tomatoes are naturally high in serotonin, which is often known as the “happy molecule.” It’s known to help maintain a positive mood, and tomatoes are one of the few natural sources of serotonin that we can eat. The next time you eat pico de gallo, you can feel good from the zesty flavor and the serotonin as well.


Popeye was always a happy guy, and it wasn’t just the health benefits that made him feel fly. Spinach has impressive levels of magnesium, folic acid, and Omega-3 essential fatty acids, all of which help regulate brain function and improve your mood. Eating greens isn’t just good for you ‘cause it’s healthy, it also makes you feel elated as well.


Rocky used to chug eggs as part of his breakfast, and he definitely shared the Brotherly Love that you’d expect from a guy from Philly. Since eggs contain a true wealth and variety of mood-boosting nutrients, including vitamin B12 and D, tryptophan, and tyrosine, all of which cause pleasure and happiness in your life. Factor in the protein, creamy yolk flavor, and ubiquitous usage, and eggs are one of the best feel-good foods you can ingest. Maybe not as raw as Rocky did though, that dude was a hardcore champ.


You’ll likely cashew me outside with these nuts, ‘cause they’re tasty, mood-lifting, and nutritious. Like other nuts, cashews are high in tryptophan, zinc, and magnesium, all of which contribute to the creation of the cheery hormone serotonin. You’re gonna dig having these nuts around to make you feel radiant. How bou dat.


Yogurt can be a delicious, silky treat that works for both breakfast or a snack. This dairy product also will delight you with it’s high amount of tyrosine that turns into the feel-good hormone serotonin. It’s versatile use in both savory and sweet meals means that you can incorporate this uplifting staple into almost anything you eat.

Turkey Breast

The tryptophan in turkey that we often blame for that Thanksgiving food coma isn’t just useful for making you sleepy. It also is a morale boosting molecule, as is the chromium and iron that can be found in copious quantities in turkey. So when you fall into that Thanksgiving slumber, you can relax knowing that it’ll make you feel better and gratified as well.

Ribeye Steak

Everybody rags on red meat and steak as being bad for you, inflammatory, and a cause of cancer. Sure, it may be known for that, but a good piece of ribeye steak can also be beneficial. Ribeye is plenteous in iron and tryptophan, which are both crucial for brain health and combat depressive feelings. So relax some, you don’t have to feel too guilty about cutting into a juicy, delicious steak anymore.

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Nintendo Introduces New Video Game Flavors For Yogurtland


Probably the only thing that pairs nicely with the bright, vibrant, colors of Nintendo games are desserts that are just as colorful. Yogurt, perhaps. The video game company partnered with Yogurtland to create some awesome new flavors for both yogurt lovers and gamers alike.

New flavors include: Mario’s Chocolate Gelato, Luigi’s White Chocolate Pistachio, Toad’s Rocky Road and Bowser’s Dragon Berry Tart.


The popular Yogurt chain has also added some Nintendo-themed toppings to accompany the frozen dessert. You get spooky Boos and Super Stars as tiny little marshmallows.


Yogurtland is also doing a #GameOn contest where you can win a Nintendo Wii U, a year’s worth of Yogurtland and other Nintendo games each week. You just have to show up, buy some yogurt and follow the steps at the register to enter.

The promotion will be available from July 1 through Sept. 8.


Running List Of The Best Father’s Day Food Deals

Father’s Day is this Sunday and that means it’s time to find the perfect gift for the man who’s always there for you.

From his embarrassing dance skills to his perfect barbecue, with all that your dad does for you what better way to celebrate than food? Here’s some Father’s Day deals to help you treat him.

Maybe he’ll even stop with the dad jokes long enough to stuff his mouth.

The Counter Custom Burgers


What: All dads who request the BFD by name will receive a free 1/3 with purchase of a burger of equal or greater value by a family member. Dads just tell your server “I want a BFD.”

Where: All participating locations.

When: June 19



What: Dads get a free all-beef dog with chili with proof of fatherhood. To get this deal dads need to bring children, show family photos or tell a story about their kids.

Where: All participating locations.

When: June 19

Shake Shack


What: Dads get a free single cup or cone of frozen custard.

Where: All United States Shake Shack locations.

When: June 19

Medieval Times


What: Make dad a hero. Free ticket for fathers with purchase of full price adult ticket. A Father’s Day package is including 20-ounce beer, souvenir photo and a “super dad” cape is available for $25 extra.

Where: Participating locations

When: June 9-21 with promo code DFWEB15.e.

Spaghetti Warehouse


What: Fathers eat free when they dine in.  The meal offer is for free lasagna or any original recipe spaghetti entrée.

Where: All participating locations.

When: June 19

Outback Steakhouse


What: Outback is offering an early Father’s Day Deal. Diners will receive 15% off their check excluding alcohol. Coupon can be printed here. It is also available on Outback’s app with the code DAD15.

Where: Dine-in or Curbside Take-away at all participating locations.

When: June 14-17

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

ruths chris father's day 01

What: All dads who dine at Ruth’s Chris on Father’s Day will receive a $25 dining card for use on a future visit.

Where: All participating locations.

When: June 19

Wahoo’s Fish Tacos

wahoos fathers day 01

What: Dads with kids under 20 get a free #1 entree Father’s day weekend. Just ask the cashier for a Father’s Day Flyer.

Where: All participating locations.

When: June 17-19


Hooters Father's Day 01

What: Treat your dad to 10 free boneless wings with the purchase of any 10 wings. Fathers will also receive $5 in free dad’s bonus bucks with the purchase of a $25 gift card.

Where: All participating locations.

When: June 19

Firehouse Subs:

firehouse father's day 01

What: Treat Dad to a free medium sub with purchase of a medium or large sub, as well as chips and a medium drink. Just save or print this coupon.

Where: All participating locations.

When: June 19

TGI Fridays

tgi friday's father's day 01

What: Father’s Day wraps up the end of TGI Fridays Dine and Drink Deal which includes a drink and entrée for $12. Mix and match from a selection of drinks and 8 different entrees.

Where: All participating locations.

When: Now through June 19



What: Treat dad to free yogurt.

Where: All participating locations.

When: June 19


How To Make Garlic Chicken In A Deep-Fried Potato Cup

Inspired by the Lebanese dish Shish Taouk, a kind of marinated chicken kebab, we brought Josh Elkin to the FOODBEAST Kitchen and put our heads together to come up with a new take on the classic plate. We even consulted Lebanon’s premiere bad boy Marc Kharrat’s own mother to make sure the recipe was as authentic as possible.

Spices and all.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 deep fryer or large pot
1 basting brush
1 melon ball spoon
3 liters of cooking oil
1 plastic bag
1 beaten egg
1 large peeled russet potato
⅓ cup of diced gherkins
⅓ cup of garlic sauce
1 pound of chopped chicken tenders
2 teaspoons of 7 spice
¾ cup of plain yogurt
⅓ cup of tomato paste
Juice of half a lemon
4 cloves of minced garlic
½ teaspoon of sumac spice

Here’s what to do:

Step 1

Preheat cooking oil to 325 degrees F.

Slice the russet potato in half. Using the melon ball spoon, scoop out the inside flesh of the potato making sure not the pierce the sides of the bottom.

Step 2

Fry the potato in the oil for about 2 minutes and then take it out. Boost the heat up to 350 degrees F. and fry the potato again until it becomes golden brown and crispy.

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

Step 3

Combine the chicken, yogurt, tomato paste, garlic, 7 spice, and lemon juice in a plastic bag and mix well. Put it in the fridge for 2 hours or overnight for best results.

Step 4

Add the chicken to a baking tray and cook it in the oven for about 30 minutes.

Step 5

Line the inside of the potato cup with garlic sauce. Layer the gherkins followed by some chicken. Continue to layer until the cup is full.

Step 6

Sprinkle the sumac spice on top of the cup.

Photo: @marckharrat

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McDonald’s Introduces Two New Breakfast Bowls And Chobani Greek Yogurt

McDonald’s has always been a burger joint, ever since its inception in 1955, and rarely do people see it as anything else.

Still, with the demand for food constantly changing and currently gravitating towards generally healthier options, McDonald’s continues to try and find ways to keep up, or at least get one foot in the door. That foot may be their new Breakfast Bowls and Chobani Non-Fat Greek Yogurt.

The two bowls being released are the Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowl and the Chorizo Breakfast bowl.

The Turkey Sausage Breakfast Bowl (and the healthier option of the two) will have kale, spinach, bruschetta, small slices of parmesan cheese, turkey sausage and egg whites.

The Chorizo Breakfast Bowl will have a more Tex-Mex feel too it, and will be made with chorizo (a spicy Spanish pork sausage), hash browns, scrambled eggs, shredded Jack and cheddar cheese, then topped off with some pico de gallo. The Chorizo bowl also comes with red sauce on the side.

McDonald’s will also begin using Chobani Non-Fat Vanilla Greek Yogurt in their yogurt-based dishes, namely the Fruit ‘N Yogurt Parfait and the McCafe Smoothies. The switch from low-fat yogurt to non-fat yogurt is a small one, but could make a big enough difference for many customers.



Photo Credit: OC Register, CNN