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TikTok is Obsessed With This Ramen Machine Found at an Airport


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Airport food, for the most part, can be a drag; the price points are high, the quality sub-par and the feeling of being rushed on a meal while in an airport are all a part of its downside. This ramen vending machine, however, looks to be a game changer.

Yo-Kai Express, the company behind the ramen vending machine highlighted in this clip from popular TikTok creator @pepperonimuffin, specializes in “autonomous restaurants” and has multiple on-the-go dining concepts at high traffic areas like airports.

In the clip, which has more than 5.5 million views as of this writing, we’re shown the delicious convenience of treating yourself to a warm bowl of restaurant-quality ramen or other dishes like rice bowls or Taiwanese beef noodle soup — which is shown to have a reasonable price of $13.99.

Autonomous restaurants, next level food vending machines and robotics in quick service restaurants are surely becoming more prevalent these days, which can serve as the barometer for how much farther technology will have a part in how we eat daily. Welcome to dining in the future.