Dead Tuna Gets Sliced In Half, Then Comes Back To Life [WATCH]

Once you’ve cut into your food, you probably expect it to be dead, but some animals keep the fighting spirit alive, even after death.

A yellowtail tuna was sliced in half, surely getting ready to become someone’s meal, but it wasn’t immediately going on a plate, as it spent almost 2 minutes flailing around like a fish zombie.

The video was posted to Twitter, Wednesday by user Yutaka Suzuki, and it’s pretty freaky, to see the split open tuna swing around on the tray.

This reminds us of an eel in South Korea that was ready to be cooked at a restaurant, but began floundering as soon as it came into contact with the hot grill.

In both cases, neither was alive, obviously, but muscle reflexes were still active.

As long as it’s dead and under control by the time it reaches my table, I’m good with it.