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Yard House Is The First National Restaurant Brand To Add Hard Seltzer On Tap


You can’t throw a can of White Claw and not hit another can of hard seltzer. In fact, the category has seen 200% growth over the past year. Now Yard House is bringing them to their taps with some help from Truly Hard Seltzer.

All Yard House restaurants have more than 110 taps, all of which have been dedicated to beer and cider since the restaurant opened in 1996. Now, it is the first national restaurant brand to add the bubbly beverage on tap at all 81 locations.

The restaurant chain, known for having “the world’s largest selection of draft beer,” recently introduced four handcrafted cocktails, making it the first restaurant brand to add the popular bubbly on tap nationwide. The four cocktails are Black Cherry (filthy black cherry syrup, Truly and drenched cherry), Lime Refresher (Truly and lime), Ginger Citrus (seen above – house made ginger beer, Truly and lemon) and Passion Fruit (passion fruit syrup, Truly and mint).

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Yard House Is Now Serving Up ‘Magic’ Color Changing Margaritas

Everyday life can be dreary and dull and most of us look forward to the weekend for that pick-me-up at our favorite bar. But honestly, even that turns into a routine as we fall into the habit of nursing the same cocktail that’s cared for us before. 

I think it’s time for us all to pursue a little extra magic in our life and Yard House is ready to deliver.

Yard House has just unveiled their new Magic Margarita in 75 locations across the U.S. Margaritas are a blessing on their own, but this one comes with a little something special.

Don Julio Blanco tequila is infused with butterfly pea flower and bitters overnight to concoct the perfect flavor. The butterfly pea flowers turn the tequila sapphire blue, but it doesn’t stop there. When ready to serve, the margarita will come with a sidecar of citrus agave. Once poured in, it catalyzes an acidic reaction, magically changing the color of the infusion right before your eyes.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, this may be the perfect last minute date idea for your special someone. A new special menu has rolled out along with this cocktail featuring Braised Short Rib Ravioli and a Filet & White Cheddar Melt.


Yard House Was Not Very Happy That This WWE Superstar Brought Homeless People For Lunch


WWE Superstar Titus O’Neil’s job is to violently slam people and toss them like rag dolls, but the 6-foot-4, 270-pound wrestler has a kind heart.

O’Neil posted to Instagram Saturday that he tried to treat a couple of homeless people to a nice meal, but was refused service by a San Diego Yard House restaurant and bar.

O’Neil is persistent, though.

The very next day, he gathered even more homeless people and went back to the same Yard House. This time the Yard House manager had a change of heart and actually let them enjoy their lunch there.

Completely Different Response than Last night at the @YardHouse in San Diego I'm Not a Fan of Injustice or Prejudice of any sort towards Anybody. My Mother Raised Me with the Help of many others from all walks of life and there were many Times that I had to go without as a youth because of A Lack of Financial resources. People will categorize those that they can't relate to criticize those that stand up and speak out against what's wrong all until it directly affects them. I'm not the richest man in the world, but Money,Fame and Status have never held me Bondage because at the end of the day I've Gone without before and God has always provided for me. Now I have the opportunity to do the exact thing that others did for me when I had nothing to give them in return….LOVE OTHERS!!! Thanks to those that accepted Help&Those that Treated my guest at lunch as Humans,Patrons and Gods People. On to Ontario for @WWE Live tonight #WWEOntario

A photo posted by Titus Oneil (@titusoneilwwe) on

O’Neil said he didn’t want to bash the Yard House, he just wanted to make “A Conscience Effort to relay a Bigger Message to the Masses that Look down on those that they don’t Relate to.”

'Whatever you do for the least of these brothers & sisters of mine, you did for me' – Matthew 25:40 Thank you @usatoday @sbnation @bleacherreport and Every other Media outlet, Individual or group that shared this via Social Media&Other Various Platforms. My intent with act was Not a Mean spirited one towards @yardhouse in San Diego, but it was A Conscience Effort to relay a Bigger Message to the Masses that Look down on those that they don't Relate to. We're all one Situation away from having our lives turned upside down whether it be via Health issues, A loss of a loved one or Becoming Homeless We ALL Are People that can and will deal with struggles of all sorts and its up to those that understand this to continue to Bring Light to the Places and issues that are Deemed Dark. @wwe had Nothing to do with Why I did what I did so for those that want to throw shade towards me or @WWE It falls on deaf ears. Hopefully at some point you too will use your platform to Promote,Produce&Permit Positive Change in this world. @WWE Superstar is What I Do for A Living, It's NOT Who I AM For A Living. I Have A Family,Friends& A University @uflorida That Can Attest to the Man That I Am and As Long As God Is Pleased and My Family is Proud of The Man that I Am I'm Good. #ContentOfCharacter Drives Me Not The Media,Money or Fame…All of that is Superficial&Stereotypical, the Life that God allows me to Live is for One Purpose…His Glory!!Im Blessed to be a Blessing and So are you…Question is..Will you act on what you are Blessed to do? With Love, THANK YOU ALL!! #AllLivesMatter

A photo posted by Titus Oneil (@titusoneilwwe) on

Titus is no stranger to taking stands, as he was part of the “No H8” campaign in support of gay marriage, and his current tag-team partner, Darren Young, is even the first openly gay WWE wrestler.

Yard House was probably smart in letting them in, if only to avoid a big boot to the face.


Olive Garden Owner to Buy Yard House for $585 Million in Cash

Facebook isn’t the only company that can swing the proverbial cash genitalia, and this time the acquisition is happening in the food world. Darden Restaurants, Inc., the owners of such chains such as Red Lobster, Olive Garden and Seasons 52 have just bought the Irvine-based Yard House chain for $585 million in cash.

The deal captures the 39-unit chain in the midst of a growth spurt, which means all current 39 locations across 13 states will now operate under the Darden Restaurants hierarchy.

Yard House’s first location launched back in 1996, and is known for its music, energetic atmosphere, and its 130+ average tap selection — which takes full advantage of the recent craft beer movement. Each location averages volumes of $8.4 million, according to a release from Darden’s investor relations.

The move to buy Yard House seems quite strategic (duh) for the Darden Restaurants brand, after a multi-year reliance on sliding sales of some of their underperforming properties like Red Lobster and Olive Garden. Through the purchase, Darden will reportedly have “near $1 billion in annual sales.”