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World-Renowned Dumpling Restaurant Din Tai Fung to Open at Downtown Disney

Din Tai Fung, the world-renowned Taiwanese restaurant chain famous for its soup dumplings, is coming to Downtown Disney to feed the hungry masses in need of some top-tier xiao long bao.

The restaurant is widely revered for the expertly made xiao long bao soup dumplings that it serves up, drawing long lines and consistently busy dining rooms.

Disney made the announcement first on their blog, which also revealed a host of other dining options to be added to the Downtown Disney retail district, though no official opening dates were mentioned.

Speaking of Disney grub, have you tried its new Birria Toasted Cheese Sandwich?

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Seattle’s Xiao Chi Jie Launches Its Famous Dumplings Nationwide

Photo courtesy of Xiao Chi Jie

When you find a spot that nails Chinese Soup Dumplings, sometimes it’s hard to think about anything else until you find some way to get your hands on some?

Seattle-based restaurant Xiao Chi Jie has just launched its first flagship item: frozen Xiao Long Bao (Chinese Soup Dumplings) that are available to be shipped nationwide. 

This marks the first time a restaurant-grade Chinese Soup Dumpling will be available for purchase and shipped to customers anywhere in the US.

Products include Pork Xiao Long Bao, Shrimp & Pork Xiao Long Bao, a bamboo steamer (with instructions), and a plethora of sauces. 

During the pandemic, many restaurants had to discover a way to pivot to stay afloat. Packaging up their famous soup dumplings became Xiao Chi Jie’s answer to bringing in more revenue. 

You can order them at

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Dumpling Time Is San Francisco’s Newest Must-Try Dim Sum Spot

San Francisco is definitely a Mecca for some of the best dumplings you can find in the entire country. Many families have built impressive culinary temples that pay homage to the humble street food, like Koi Palace’s authentic take on traditional xiao long bao and Yank Sing’s mastery of crafting har gow, or shrimp dumplings.

For a newcomer to enter SF’s dim sum scene and challenge some of those time-honored establishments is going to require a lot of authenticity, some brash modern influences, and an assurance that the dumplings are just as, if not more, delicious as the best spots in the city.

Amongst locals in the area, Dumpling Time has already started to earn that recognition. Even though the restaurant has only been open a few months, it’s already gained acclaim from local news establishments for its fresh, modern take on traditional Xi’an dim sum. A variety of the dumplings you can find are in the video above, and they’re mainly the ones you’d typically expect to headline a top-notch San Francisco dim sum joint with the occasional twist.

Dumpling Time’s traditional har gow have been compared to Yank Sing’s, and their authentic Xi’an dumplings come from an unchanged family recipe. To appeal to more millennial crowds, tri-color dessert bao also grace the menu to get amazing Instagram shots. But what Dumpling Time boasts that nobody else in San Francisco offers yet is a spin on the famous giant xiao long bao, inspired by New York’s Drunken Dumpling that requires a straw to consume. Dumpling Time’s version is more refined, with more meat and less mess, showcasing a superiority to the original and a unique draw for the local dim sum crowds.

Between that massive dumpling of deliciousness and the many scrumptious traditional and modern delights on the menu, it’s clear that Dumpling Time is already beginning to cement itself as a San Francisco dim sum institution.

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Can You Guess The 5 Mysterious Flavors In These Xiao Long Bao?

Xiao long bao, better known here in the United States as soup dumplings, are edible pieces of craftsmanship that take years to perfect. Originating from a village in Shanghai called Nanxiang, each xiao long bao provides a savory burst of soup and juicy pork or crab that is unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area and looking for an iconic restaurant to enjoy traditional xiao long bao at, look no further than Koi Palace. Located just outside of San Francisco, this formerly Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant has become a mainstay for locals who regularly return to order authentic Chinese food, including xiao long bao.

While Koi Palace may be revered for its tradition, the restaurant isn’t afraid to spin some modern takes on classics. Their Five Flavor Xiao Long Bao, which preserves Nanxiang tradition whilst adding some visual pop for our Instagram feeds, has become so desired that Koi Palace’s sister restaurants, such as the millennial-populated Dragon Beaux, regularly feature the item as well.

Each dumpling is given the same intricate attention that all of the xiao long bao at Koi Palace receive. However, four of the five dumplings contain natural flavors and colors that are strikingly different from the original, such as spinach juice and kale for the green dumpling. The rest of the unique flavors and colors can be seen in the above video.

While the Five Flavor Xiao Long Bao may seem like a gimmick to those who just glance at a picture of it, they are Michelin-quality delights that deserve the same level of respect as the xiao long bao you can still find in Nanxiang.

Just remember to add black vinegar, ginger, and take the whole thing down in one bite. That’s how you get the true Xiao Long Bao experience, whether it be colored to appeal to social media or not.