For Two Days, Taco Bell Is Opening An Exclusive Arcade

Looks like Taco Bell is teaming up with Xbox to bring some steak and cheese goodness to the video gaming industry. The fast food chain is even building an arcade powered entirely by Taco Bell…and electricity.

Beginning Aug. 31, Taco Bell is giving any customer who purchases a Steak Quesarito $5 Box, a chance to win an Xbox One X.

Each Taco Bell $5 Box will include a unique code for customers to text after they purchase their meal. The box contains a Steak Quesarito, a Doritos Locos Taco, a Crunchy Taco, and a medium fountain drink. The promotion, and the Steak Quesarito $5 boxes, will be avaibile from Aug. 31 through Oct. 4 at participating Taco Bell locations while supplies last.

According to Taco Bell, a new winner would be notified as frequently as every 10 minutes.

In celebration of this partnership with Xbox, Taco Bell has also created a pop up arcade coinciding with the PAX West gaming convention. The arcade will be an amalgam of classic games and the new Xbox One X experience. Fans can call (206) 219-5092 to make a reservation at the arcade between Sept. 1 – 2 from 6pm to midnight. The experience also comes with Steak Quesarito $5 Boxes and signature cocktails.

Guess we’re picking up a few boxes on the drive home.


Microsoft Sent Out A Sketchy E-mail About ‘Baes’ Playing Beer Pong

In a world dominated by the ‘coolness’ of Snapchat, Facebook and Google, Microsoft has become the ugly older sister in the corner that no one wants to chill with, unless you play Xbox all day. So, being the resourceful thing Microsoft is — it decided the easiest way for people to pay more attention to Microsoft would be to get “bae” interns super “lit” on, “lots of dranks” at a post Internapolooza party in San Francisco, on Monday July 11.

Like, hells yeah, right!? Not so much.

The Internet spoiled Microsoft’s date with destiny when people started circulating the crudely worded email. Twitter user, Patrick Burtchaell, posted a screenshot of the email he claims was sent to his roommate.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 4.19.06 PM

Intenapolooza, according to its website, is the largest gathering of interns in the world, where everyone can connect and learn from professionals.

So, what’s wrong with stating just stating the facts?

For example a message that simply said, “You’re invited to Microsoft’s Post-Internapolooza After Party! Hope you can make it!” would have been so legit. With that said, Microsoft’s introductory salutation was, “Hey Bae Intern <3,” and concluded with the phrase, “HELL YES TO GETTING LIT ON A MONDAY NIGHT.”

Really, all caps? Talk about desperate. At least the event is co-sponsored by Snapchat, Google and Facebook, because I don’t think Microsoft has pure intentions.

What the hell is a Yammer beer pong table, anyway? Roomba beer pong is where it’s at.

Sorry Microsoft, I’m really busy that week.


7-Eleven Giving Away 58 Xbox Ones


In a genius attempt to get you to drink Slurpees this winter, 7-Eleven is giving customers a chance to win an Xbox now ’til Jan. 2.  The chain is giving away 58 Xbox One Entertainment systems, with a chance for guests to win one every day. The kicker? These gaming systems aren’t even available for purchase until at least November 22.

To enter, would-be gamers need to collect and log codes found on Slurpee cups, and redeem them for points on Each Xbox One entry requires at least two Slurpee Rewards Points, and guests can use their points to enter up to five times a day. Guests also have the option to save up points to win Xbox “Instant Win” prizes such as gaming memberships and gift cards.

Ultimately, this is all to promote the newest Slurpee flavor: Mountain Dew Citrus Cherry Blast. Think it will be worth the brain freeze?


Playstation Wine Definitively Proves Playstation > Xbox


With the upcoming release of the PS4 and the XBox One, there has been heated debate over who will have the best console. However, it looks like Playstation just took the edge with this little novelty right here. Because everyone knows a bottle of wine will always pair perfectly with GTA V.

The bottle is an official Playstation piece of history in celebration of 20 million North American units sold. The wine itself is Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi. As of last year, it was going for $250. Sadly, it looks as if this item is no longer available for purchase.

Still, that won’t stop us from picking up other forms of liquor to get our gaming on.

Friday night, here’s looking at you!

PicThx Cheezburger