Pizza Hut’s New Xbox Ordering App Allows Gamers to Live Inside Their Parents’ Basements Forever


Well, I guess it’s time to say goodbye to my boyfriend.

A new app launched by Pizza Hut and Microsoft now allows video game players to order pizza via Xbox Live. Granted, players will still need to pause Bioshock and leave Elizabeth hanging for a bit while they access the “Create Your Pizza” app, and when the delivery guy gets there, they’ll still need to get up, grab their wallets and answer the doorbell. But hey, I count at least a few other unnecessary chores they can now happily do away with.

So long showers! (Who needs to go outside anymore?) So long phone bills and data plans! (We just used them to order pizza anyway.) Bye bye, regular human interaction! (What do I need a social life for? I’ve got multi-player, baby.)

As an added bonus, all orders received from the app during this first week of service will receive a 15% discount, and we all know how well fast food pizzas are preserved.

Can you say, “stockpile for the next zombie apocalypse”?

H/T + PicThx HuffPo