Er, Japan Serves Collagen Meat Popsicles


A Japanese restaurant has apparently found a way to combat the aging process, a leading cause of deaths among everyone since the beginning of time. The Tokyo eatery, Zenyaren, serves a variety of meat skewers frozen in blocks of gelatin collagen. So basically kabob lollipops you can literally continue licking until you reach meat. Pause.

By incorporating collagen into the diet, Japanese skin specialists believe that it can slow down the effects of age. At least aesthetically.

Skin specialists from the UK, however, are not too impressed with the claims from their Japanese colleagues. The British Skin Foundation has stated that eating collagen in no way helps rejuvenate skin.

Hey, at least it’ll keep you cool during the summer heat. I’ll take a chicken, please.

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The Battle For Most Epic Bloody Mary Wages on With New Chicken Fried Bloody Beast


Just when we thought we’d seen it all, some new insane Bloody Mary steps onto the scene and makes us wonder what could possibly top it. Thus is the case with the new “Chicken Fried Bloody Beast” from Sobelman’s Pub & Grill. The Milwaukee based eatery previously boasted about their “Bloody Masterpiece” Bloody Mary, which is topped with 12 various garnishes and finished off with an entire bacon cheeseburger, but that’s just small potatoes compared to this new alcoholic behemoth.

The Chicken Fried Bloody Beast is gigantic in general, but the fact that it’s topped with an entire friggin’ fried chicken is redonk. In addition to a chicken that can feed a whole table, the drink comes garnished with two Baconadoes (bacon wrapped jalapeño cheese balls on skewers), sausage, cheese, pickle, olive, lemon, brussels sprout, asparagus, mushroom, onion, shrimp, scallion, celery, and tomato. Noticeably absent from the line up is a straw, so good luck trying to get to the actual boozy part of this monstrosity.

Sobelman’s is offering this beast of a drink every Saturday and Sunday on a first-come, first-served basis for a hefty $50, but for every Chicken Fried Bloody Beast sold, Sobelman’s will donate $5 to the Hunger Task Force to help end hunger in Milwaukee. Realistically though, they could be donating all those garnishes, including the fried chicken.

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IKEA Celebrating Summer With In-Store Swedish Crayfish Parties

crayfish ikea

IKEA’s cafe and restaurant are known for being just as affordable as its furniture (50 cent hot dogs FTW!), but it’s the last place we’d think to go to indulge in a seafood dinner. But just like the Easter themed all-you-can-eat Smörgåsbord the furnture store offered back in March, IKEA is hosting a Swedish Crayfish Party on August 15 at locations nationwide to celebrate the summer season. The crayfish party is a way for the company to pay homage to old Swedish traditions in a fun way for customers.

The IKEA Crayfish Party menu includes an assortment of IKEA favorites such as meatballs with lingonberries and mashed potatoes, along with the summer themed dishes of crayfish (duh), assorted salads, hardboiled eggs with shrimp and mayo (under the sea egg salad?), cheese pie, Najad Salmon with Horseradish or Gravad Lax with Mustard Sauce, various breads and rolls, desserts, and beverages, including everyone’s favorite lingonberry punch.

Seating is limited, because apparently errone wants to get their crayfish on at their local IKEA store, so the company is encouraging interested guests to get their tickets early. IKEA FAMILY members can guarantee themselves a spot at the feast for $9.99 per person or $2.49 for children 12 and under. Non-members can get their tickets for $12.99 for adults and $4.99 for kids 12 and under.

To see if your nearest IKEA store is hosting a Swedish Crayfish Party check out the website’s store locator here. If you can’t make it to the celebration, IKEA stores are also offering a free KRÄFTSKIVA FESTPAKET, aka crayfish party kit, complete with bibs, garland, hats, and a songbook, to every customer that purchases two boxes of IKEA’s KRÄFTOR frozen crayfish.

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Nutella Finger Condoms



How to Make Soup in a Washing Machine [WATCH]


Ever gaze at a load of dirty underwear swirling in a washing machine and think, “This fine device would make excellent soup.” For those forward thinkers who answered with an enthusiastic “YES,” you’ll be happy to know that it’s very possible to cook a hearty meal in the same receptacle that cleans your gym socks (for flavor).

Promising to be a “fool-proof recipe,” RocketNews24 recommends a front-loading washer for this “washing machine potato and pork rib soup.” Ingredients include potatoes, pork ribs, ginger and salt for taste. Set the washer to 95 degrees Celsius and to not drain the water, then hit start. While the times for each cycle varies according to the machine, the one in the video below took about 1 hour to finish, well, cooking.

When it’s ready, waterfall that shit.



Look! Edible soup! The taste report: “potatoes are soft and fluffy to the core, and the pork ribs were soft with just the right amount of chewiness.”


The downside to this “food hack” is that it’ll ruin your washing machine, clogging up vents with chunks of potato and bits of meat. In that case, you might wanna try the ol’ stove and fire method. For nostalgic reasons.


Company Converts Chocolate Chip Cookies into Sparkling Water


Suddenly, the world thinks it’s ok to turn root beer floats into Oreos and tomatoes into champagne. If you’ve already lost all faith in humanity, read on. If you still have a shred of hope for mankind, please return to scrolling through status updates on Facebook. Ok, the bad news: Chocolate Chip Cookie Sparkling Water exists. In fact, it’s been around for a while.

Spotted a few days ago by an Impulsive Buy reader at H-E-B ( a Texas supermarket chain), Marvo points out, “chocolate chip cookie sparkling water has to be the least satisfying way to enjoy the flavor of a chocolate chip cookie.” Our sentiments exactly. Note, the cute lack of calories and sodium, and the addition of “natural and artificial flavors”. Others have described the novelty drink as a “Chocolate Buttercream Lip Smacker I once owned as a tween”. Yet, who knows. Maybe liquid chocolate chip cookies taste fantastic. In that case, I’ll gladly drink a glass with my nightly, solid chocolate chip cookies.

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Dancing Pizza Balls Will Make You Question Your Sanity [NSFW Video]

pizza balls

We ventured into that very awkward part of the internet that makes you question your sanity. With that said, we discovered Pizza Balls.

It starts off pretty innocently, just a cute slice of pizza, vibing to “Bassive” by Felguk. But like most House Music, as soon as the beat drops, the party really starts.

This is probably NSFW, unless your employer is cool with cartoon balls on a dancing pizza.


That’s cool, I didn’t want to eat breakfast anyway


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