Parents Swear The Minion Toys At McDonald’s Are Saying, ‘What The F**k’

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If you’ve watched the new Minions movie, you’d swear they were speaking Spanish at certain points, but some parents are hearing something more vulgar from McDonald’s new Minions toys.

“What the fuck” is the alleged profanity that one of the toys is dishing out, and it has been noted on a couple different instances.

Parents in Ohio told My Fox 28 that one of the Minion toys is clearly saying WTF.

There was another incident like this reported to WFTV where a couple of grandparents in Florida heard the same thing and threw out the potty-mouthed minion.

In the video below, it does kind of sound like he might be saying, “What the fuck” and “I’ll be damned.”

McDonald’s said that all of this is nonsense as the Minions clearly speak Minionese, which is essentially gibberish.

So parents are pissed, whoever voiced the toys is probably laughing hysterically and the Minions are probably still living the thug life. All is well with the world.

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Turkey and Stuffing Doughnuts Are a Thing in Britain


Did you know that our neighbors across the pond don’t celebrate our favorite gluttony-filled holiday, aka Thanksgiving? True story. Though the Brits sadly miss out on two weeks worth of leftovers from the big day, they do get to partake in the main event in the form of a doughnut.

Tesco, a popular grocery chain in Britain, carries the Weirdoughs brand of miniature doughnuts which come in a variety of out-there flavors, including but not limited to: Smoky Bacon, Salt and Vinegar, and Cheese and Onion. In honor of the holiday season, the chain has released their latest flavor, Turkey and Stuffing. Now, to be fair, nowhere on their packaging do they say these are your usual sweet doughnuts. Their tagline straight up says, “What do you get when you cross a crisp with a doughnut?” Basically these are like doughy, soft versions of chips, which now that we think about it could be a little weird, but we’re eating Pizza Doughnuts over here, so who are we to judge.

Before you get too grossed out, there’s not actual turkey stuffed inside the doughnut, but the savory baked good is definitely flavored with all the fixin’s of your typical bird. The doughnuts scored a perfect score with the British blog A Review a Day:

The first thing I noticed when biting into these is how much the consistency really helps contribute to the flavour. It’s a lot like eating the real thing, but in dough form. It’s soft, slightly chewy, and it certainly has a very bold stuffing flavour, with a lovely meaty hint behind it.

It looks like the Weirdoughs are only available in the UK for now, but as with everything you can find on the wonderful world of the Internet, we’re betting these things exist on Amazon or Ebay.

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Would You Shell Out $1,700 for This Glamburger Covered in Edible Gold?


Here at Foodbeast, we’ve seen our fair share of crazy ass burgers along with a plethora of expensive as fuh luxury dishes, but today, those lines are forever blurred thanks to this Glamburger.

Located at Honky Tonk, a London based American diner, this burger has indeed been authenticated by Record Setter as a world record burger. Crafted by Chef Chris Lange, the Glamburger touts a Kobe Wagyu Beef and venison patty that houses black truffle brie in its meaty inner sanctum. The burger then gets the surf and turf treatment with the addition of Iranian saffron poached lobster and bacon covered in maple syrup to the point where it’s nearly candied.

Still not decadent enough for you fancy pants? Well the Glamburger comes topped with a smoked duck egg covered in edible gold, Beluga caviar, matcha mayonnaise, nestled between a bun swimming in gold leaves. To take this thing just over the edge of insanity to the brink of WTF, Chef Large adds shaved white truffle and tops it with a mango champagne jus. Can you say luxurious?

The Glamburger was created in partnership with Groupon to celebrate the site’s five millionth voucher milestone. Not to worry if you don’t have a cool two grand to drop on this swanky burger, Groupon is given one lucky winner the chance to experience the Glamburger absolutely free.

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This Woman Went on an All Emoji Diet for a Week

Emoji Diet

Admit it, we communicate more through emojis than we do with actual text messages. Although there’s nearly an emoji for every feeling, there’s only about 59 foods represented in emoji form. Frankly, it’s a little insulting that we don’t have a plethora of pixel based representations of America’s favorite foods, such as tacos, sandwiches, or even a meager hot dog.

Kelsey Rexroat, a writer over at The Atlantic, was also disappointed in the lack emojis and decided to see if she could survive on an all emoji diet. The challenge was simple, for seven days she would only eat foods represented by emojis and she would have to eat every emoji food by the end of the diet. Just for clarification sake, the emojis could be combined in any way to create emoji recipes, and animal emojis could not be substituted for meat, aka a cow emoji didn’t equal steak.

Day one started easy enough, combining some fruit emojis and a bottle (which Rexroat decided was milk) to create a breakfast smoothie. After reviewing the official Emojipedia page, Rexroat learned that some emojis that she assumed were things like an orange and some rice with beans, were actually a tangerine and some curry.

After a few days, Rexroat began to realize just how many of our everyday foods aren’t represented in emoji form. Unable to turn to her usual yogurt or bagel for breakfast, she had to start getting more creative in order to survive the diet. After everything was said and done, Rexroat reports that she appreciated the new dishes and places she discovered in her efforts to maintain the diet.

Would she do it again? Probably not, but never say never until we get that next emoji update.

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Guy Lights and Smokes a McDonald’s French Fry [VIDEO]

Wanting to show the world the dangers of McDonald’s food, the guy in the video smokes a McDonald’s french fry like a joint. Because logic.

The no doubt copious amounts of oil, sugar, and starch make the potato sliver an easy thing to light. Although, may we suggest a host of healthier options he smoke for next time? Apples, pears, cucumbers (hilarious), pumpkins, etc. Just nothing that gives your lungs love handles. That’s never cute.


The point is, don’t try this at home, kids.