Japan’s Lotteria Gives New Meaning to “Everything” Burger


Leave it to Japan to take an American classic to the next level.

First there was Ramen Burger but that was nothing compared to this “Everything Burger”. Created by the chefs over at Lotteria this Japanese eatery’s burger is topped with literally everything under the sea, on the land and in the garden.

Real Lotteria Burger

Nestled between two buns is a variety of sauces, veggies, egg, fried shrimp patty, cheeseburger, rib patty, pickles, teriyaki sauce, mayo and what I hope is bacon or some sort of ham.

Like most fast food creations this sandwich looked a lot tastier on the poster than in real life but according to bloggers over at RocketNews24 it’s actually pretty tasty. Hey, someone had to be brave enough to try it.

Technically only available in secret this burger is yours for 1130 japanese yen, or about $11, all you have to do is ask.

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This ‘Ring’ Flavored Milkshake Proves Horror Apparently Tastes like Lemons and Chocolate


Most people don’t usually lick the creepy long-haired monster girl crawling out of their TVs so they can figure out what she tastes like. And then there’s Japan.

Because nothing screams (look ma, I made a funny) “summer refreshment” like the country’s most terrifying export, Japanese burger chain Lotteria has partnered with Japan’s Ministry of the Environment to promote its new ‘Ring’-inspired milkshake, modeled after the always petrifying Sadako herself.


Sure, the blue-dyed lemonade-flavored base and drizzled chocolate “hair” probably aren’t enough to kill you within a week, but they might be a little hard to suck down without imagining them tasting like a mix of sewer water and death. Kinda makes you wish you just never watched that stupid video in the first place, huh?

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Finally, His and Hers Potato Chips

Enough with this “what’s yours is mine, mi casa es su casa” nonsense. If I want to have an entire bag of potato chips to myself, that’s damn well what I’m going to do. And no amount of ass-kissing or pussy-footing from you is gonna change my mind.