Top Fortune Cookie Writer In The US Quits Over Writer’s Block


For 30 years, Donald Lau has been inspiring millions with the fortunes he writes tucked away in crescent cookies. The “Chief Fortune Writer” at Wonton Foods is stepping down after decades of writing fortunes, reports Time.

The reason behind his departure? Writer’s block.

Lau told Time that he would write 100 fortunes a year, but now his fortunes have dropped to two or three a month. Decades ago when he first started, according to Lau, the fortunes were…fortuitous. Now, they’re more inspirational than anything.

Wonton Foods, is considered the premiere leader of future cookies, noodles, and wrappers. Lau will continue to serve at the Brooklyn-based company, however, as the Chief Financial Officer. Maybe a change of tasks will shake that writer’s block.

Wishing you the best of fortunes, regardless, sir.