Science Admits What Kids Have Known for Years – Sugar Can Heal Better Than Antibiotics


Thank Moses Murandu. We’re so glad someone finally believes us.

Apparently, in Zimbabwe, where Murandu (now a lecturer on adult nursing at an English university) grew up, his father regularly used granulated sugar to help speed the healing process of open wounds. When Murandu moved to the UK, he was all, “Wait, people only use sugar to eat? WTF?” and jumped into action, because sugar is way less gross than anitbiotics are.

Murandu is now heading a research team and has since treated one Alan Bayliss, a 62-year-old electrical engineer whose leg was taking its “sweet time” healing after an amputation in January. Murando shows up, and, taking a page from the Def Leppard Book of Medicine, pours some sugar on Bayliss. Two weeks later, he was seeing serious improvement — the kind which hadn’t come with the standard non-sugar approach.

When Moses first did the dressing he almost used the whole pot of sugar, but two weeks later he only needed to use 4 or 5 teaspoons…I am very pleased indeed. I feel that it has speeded [sic] up my recovery a lot, and it has been a positive step forward.

The sugar (which is treated to avoid infection) works by drawing water away from the wound and into whatever dressing is applied on top. Since bacteria needs water (but not sugar) to survive, they pretty much just starve to death, while you laugh, because you just made a Band-Aid out of a Pop-Tart. Sort of.

So far, 35 of the research patients have seen improvement, while 16 untreated patients have not. So basically, sugar is winning.

Check out the rest of the story here, and then never go back to Neosporin and rubbing alcohol again.

You know. Probably.

H/T + PicThx Daily Mail