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This Customer Got Punched In The Face, Here’s How YOU Reacted [Feedback Oct. 2]

Welcome to another edition of our weekly Foodbeast “Feedback,” where we feature your Facebook comments, and respond directly to your views on our recipes and stories.

The week was wild, and full of some crazy food news stories, and your comments were just as crazy, per usual.

We saw taco trucks in Las Vegas build a wall around Donald Trump’s hotel, a guy drink cyanide without dying, and even a customer get decked in the face for spotting on a food vendor’s grill.

You guys responded to those stories through Facebook, and now it’s our turn to respond back.

We always appreciate that you read our posts, and take the time to add your own commentary.

Here’s what made the cut this week. Think you can make next week’s list?



STORY:Taco Trucks Form A Delicious Wall Outside Trump’s Hotel in Las Vegas

It is possible, but not probable that they gave Trump’s hotel more business. Unless they fed people so many tacos that they got the Itis, and were forced to spend the night at the hotel, it probably didn’t spike the hotel’s patronage. Plus, the Trump International is so far from the heart of the strip, it’s hardly worth staying there, anyway.

Story: How To Make A Giant Cake-Sized Pop Tart

I did notice that our boy @blake_201 was shirtless. He’s actually shirtless a lot and it makes me feel sexually confused, kind of. If I was that shredded, I’d probably be shirtless all the time, too. Especially in the Foodbeast office.

Story: This Food Blogger Just Created Edible Pizza Shot Glasses

Ah, the microwaved pizza dilemma of burning the shit out of your mouth. Yeah, there’s no doubt in my mind that these pizza shot glasses will do the same, even if you let them cool down. There’s something in the frozen pizza’s chemistry that automatically burns you, regardless of what you do. Probably.


STORY: Watch This Guy Purposely Drink Cyanide In The Name Of Science

That’s exactly the face I made, when I saw him chug that cyanide water. Thankfully , he was all right, but damn.

Story: This Hot Sauce-Filled Shot Made A Guy Crawl In Agony And Quit This Show

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Sean is not a pussy! A terrible human being, maybe, but not a pussy. Plus this shot looked brutal. I’d love to bet that y’all would cringe after taking that shot.

Story: Justin Bieber’s Used Glass Of Milk Is Currently Selling For $70K On eBay

To this day, I would eat Britney Spears’s anything.


Story:Watch This Guy Get Punched Out After Spitting On A Vendor’s Food

Yeah, the guy didn’t know what hit him. That’s what he gets for being a dick. He’s lucky he didn’t end up on the floor like Pacquiao.

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This Hot Sauce-Filled Shot Made A Guy Crawl In Agony And Quit This Show

We’ve spent the better part of 2016 searching for the worst shots bartenders could come up with. Whether they’re made as revenge or because customers just ask for terrible shots, these mixologists have shared some of the strangest combinations you’ll ever see in an alcoholic drink.

Our Worst Shots team of Sean Fahmy, Haley Autry, and Rudy Cheney went through a curdling Cement Mixer shot, the fishy Crawfish Revenge shot, and even an egg yolk-filled Sunshine in the Mud shot. With all those terrible drinks, there’s only one that made our own Sean Fahmy crawl on the floor in agony, and quit the show entirely – the Stop Drop and Roll shot.

The shot can be found at Hey 19 Public House in Torrance, California, and is the shot you’d literally give to your worst enemy, or a friend you want to prank the hell out of.


To start, they rim the glass with salt and pepper, which is already a red flag. Sure salted rims aren’t unusual, but whose idea was it to add pepper to the mix? It’s followed by 1 part herbal liqueur, 1 part tequila, lemon juice, and, wait for it… 20 shakes of hot sauce.

The result is a shot that looks like burnt transmission fluid mixed with Folgers coffee.

“I’m done with this show,” Sean said after taking the shot and doubling over in pain. “I’m serious this time. I’m done with this show.”


According to the bartender, the shot’s even worse coming out of your body, so there was that bit of excitement for our team to look forward to.

“I just remember getting heartburn and my stomach hurting real bad,” Rudy said, reminiscing on the awful shot.

At least now you know. Your bartender can be your best friend, or your worst enemy, depending on how your day is going and what you order. If you really want to torture someone, the Stop Drop and Roll will send shock waves through their body.

“If you have an idea for a terrible shot, please, please keep it to your f*cking self.”

Sean, we do not envy you at all.

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This Tequila Shot Claims To Cure All Ills, Really Just Ruins Your Day


Every once in a while, you’ll hear about a secret, cure-all remedy that will take away your cold, your depression, and somehow even get rid of your syphilis. Ortega 120 in Redondo Beach claims to have such a remedy with it’s “No You’re Not” shot.

The shot consists of Kosher salt, dry pico de gallo, two ounces of anejo tequila, and a lime-covered glass rim. After mixing all that together, the drink is heated, with and additional lime spritz to top it off.

Sounds simple, right? Nothing crazy. But like most medicine, it doesn’t go down quite as easily.


Our Worst Shots Ever team went down to the bar and tried this shot. By the time they chugged it, they immediately regretted it, and both wanted to quit the show.

“It’s like when you’re a kid, and you don’t want to take medicine, but you do it anyway, because you know it’ll help you get better,” Our own Rudy Cheney said. “It felt like that, except this shot doesn’t help you get better. At all.”

Go ahead and laugh at their pain below and if you’re ever feeling sick, go ahead and try one of these shots yourself. See if it helps.

Celebrity Grub Drinks Toasty

The ‘Marshawn Lynch’ Shot Might Be The Most Disgusting Mixture Ever


Marshawn Lynch was known for hitting people in the mouth on the football field, and making them feel his wrath The same could be said for the shot named after him.

The Hey 19 pub in Torrance, California is home to the “Marshawn Lynch Shot,” and our Worst Shots Team is still wondering why the former running back would ever drink it.

Bartender Dennis Martin said the shot came about when a group of his customers went out drinking in Seattle, where Lynch used to play. The party-goers said they spotted Lynch at a bar and tried buying him shots. The story goes that no matter what they tried to buy him, the only thing he wanted to drink was a mixture of Hennessy and Patron.

The two drinks are barely tolerable apart, but mixed together, really make for a bad time.

Our own Sean Fahmy and Rudy Chaney tried the shot and it forced Sean to make this face:


“This looks like very, very, healthy piss,” Sean said. While Rudy asked, “Why anyone would ever want to drink this, I don’t understand.”

The craziest thing, is that not a lot of work goes into it. It’s two terrible drinks,  straight out of a Tupac song, mixed together. Simple, yet deadly.

Why Marshawn would like this shot is a mystery, but we have to believe it probably contributed to his retirement last year.

Beer Toasty

This Bar Makes New Hires Chug A Fishy Crawfish-Filled Shot

Alcohol with your seafood meal sounds like a good time, but seafood inside your alcohol? That’s a big, fat ‘nope’.

In search for the worst shots that bartenders serve up to crush people’s souls, our team came across the “Crawfish Revenge” served at the Ragin’ Cajun Cafe in Redondo Beach, CA.

The shot consists of one part Stroh Rum, one part moonshine, one part dirty tequila, and of course, a piece of crawfish meat.

This shot is actually used as part of the initiation process for new hires at Ragin’ Cajun. Yup, congratulations on your new job. Now chug this destructive drink. While its origins came from a Vegas bar, Ragin Cajun’s owner decided it’d be great to take this fishy mix to California.


As you can imagine, it’s pretty terrible. Our own Rudy Chaney said, “This one was just downright fucking sadistic. This is the shot of a psychopath.”

So Rude wasn’t a fan, and Sean threatened to quit the series.

If you’re a fan of seafood, with a touch of torture, this will be your jam.


Feel Good FOODBEAST Hit-Or-Miss Video

This Mexican Candy Shot Tastes A Lot Worse Than It Sounds [WATCH]

Sometimes you hear about a drink and think to yourself, “That sounds pretty good.”

A Mexican Candy shot would probably fall under that category, as you’d think the spiciness and sweetness would have a Michelada-like taste you could work with.

Our Worst Shots team found that to be very wrong, as they visited the Slip Bar & Eatery in Redondo Beach, CA.

It starts off sounding delicious, with some lime and Tajin chili seasoning kissing the lip of the class. Then some tequila and watermelon pucker is mixed together, which still sounds pretty respectable.  As soon as they add Tapatio hot sauce to the mix, the whole drink goes to hell, in a twist that left our own Sean Fahmy gagging and hating his life choices.

“I’m going to give it a hard 3, out of 20,” our bud Rudy Chaney said about the Mexican-inspired drink. “It’s pretty good if you want to give it to someone who’s a f*cking a**hole.”

Believe it or not, there are a couple of regulars at the California bar who actually order this shot. But if you’re like us, you might want to just stick to the good ol’ Michelada.

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Feedback: Top User Comments Of The Week [Sept. 16]

Welcome to another edition of our weekly Foodbeast “Feedback,” where we feature your Facebook comments, and respond directly to your views on our recipes and stories.

We saw some interesting things in the food world this week, as y’all gave your two cents on our stories this week, like a girl who ate ant-covered chips, thinking it was pepper.

Apparently there’s some anger toward our Gordon Ramsay coverage, as well.

Regardless of what you say, good or bad, we appreciate that you read our stories and take the time to add your own commentary on the web.

Here’s what made the cut this week. Think you can make next week’s list?


STORY: Gordon Ramsay Teaches Us How To Make Pancakes  

As my colleague Reach Guinto would say, “Gordon Ramsay is the Gawd!” It’s not all of a sudden, as Gordon has always been one of our favorite subjects to write about, and as long as he keeps being the bad-ass, shit-talking chef that he is, we will continue to write about him.


Story: This Drone is Designed To Follow You With Jerky

Thankfully the drone isn’t activated by the smell of jerky, so in theory, you could put bacon on top if you wanted to. Heck we could employ it with both beef jerky AND bacon. This thing needs to come out ASAP (drools).


VIDEO:Jeff’s Table: Behold the Simple Elegance of Eggo Waffles

Those first few seconds of melted, buttery goodness are everything. Jeff’s Table is one hell of a table, and we share your feelings.

STORY: This Shot Is The Result Of You Being A Jerk to The Bartender

We have to agree. Bartenders have so much control over your night. They are like puppeteers who can let you have a great night, or a terrible one. Don’t piss them off, they don’t deserve it, really.

STORY: Over $200K Was Donated To This 89-Year-Old Popsicle Vendor For His Daughter’s Funeral

It was beautiful to see people come together and help this 90-year-old man. We can’t hear enough stories like this.

Story:Madman Makes A McDonald’s Cheeseburger-Stuffed Deep Dish Pizza

We’re going to have to respectfully disagree. There is absolutely an exact amount of weed that would make this seem appealing. We might just have to experiment and find out exactly what that amount is, then get back to you.

Story: Woman Accidentally Eats Potato Chips Covered In Dead Ants Thinking They Were Black Pepper

Why the hell are so many of you accidentally eating ants? My trust issues are climbing. I’m going to question everything I eat from now on.

Toasty Video

This Shot Is The Result Of Being A Jerk To Your Bartender

Bartenders provide the serum for a lot of your enjoyable nights. Sure, sometimes drinks don’t come out great, but you should still be nice to the guy, or gal behind the counter. If you act like a dick, you might end up with a regrettable drink that will live in on in your memory forever.

You wouldn’t think that a shot called “Sunshine in the Mud” would come from a place of malice, but that’s exactly how this drink at R10 Social House in Redondo Beach, CA came to be.

Rich from R10 said that he had a hungover customer who was giving him a hard time, all night. The man’s drink of choice was a “Bloody Mary, but not a Bloody Mary.”

First of all, what?

Second of all, what?!

Maybe not the nicest thing Rich could have done, but he got every foul ingredient he could get his hands on — which sounds like a Bloody Mary anyway — and mixed together this vile shot for the rude customer.

The Sunshine in the Mud has a mix of raw egg yolk, Fernet Branca, tequila, olive brine, horse radish, Serrano chili, lime juice, and a topping of egg white .

In search of the world’s worst shots, ever, our own Sean Fahmy and Rudy Chaney tried the vile concoction, and when asked about how terrible the shot was, Rudy straight up said:

“I would tell you, but I don’t want to remember, because I f*cking repressed that memory.”

That’s pretty much all you need to know about this shot.