Guy Casually Films A Girl Fight While Ordering Some Taco Bell

“Umm, yeah can I get three soft chicken tacos Fresco-style?”

We’ve seen our fair share of restaurant brawls, but this one is a little different. What started as an average order at the Taco Bell drive-thru window turned into a front row seat to a UFC fight. This guy pulled up hoping to get some soft tacos and a quesadilla and ended up watching a fight breakout between two women.

The funniest part of the entire video is how this dude orders his entire meal without skipping a beat. He doesn’t even tell the employee that there’s a fight happening in the parking lot.

“You want the shredded chicken or the original chicken?” the drive-thru employee asks.

“I think the original chicken,” the man replied.

There is a 10 second pause. Literally 10 seconds of silence, aside from the high pitched yips and screams from the two women scuffling on the ground. Then the Taco Bell employee, probably wondering why this dude isn’t saying anything, asks:

“Can I get you anything else, like a drink or something?” the employee asks.

“Um, yeah. Can I have a large Diet Coke?” the man replied.

This dude didn’t want to spoil the action. This clip was posted by Ghost to WorldStar Hip Hop on July 25, the video has close to half a million views in a few hours.

At least the firemen came to — put out the fire. It is unclear if the women were eating at the Taco Bell, or just agreed to meet there to settle their differences.

Hit-Or-Miss Humor Video

Beer Thief Gets What’s Coming To Him In The Best Way [WATCH]

Karma is real, people. One man learned that the hard way when he tried to rip open a vending machine and instead had it fall on top of him like a big ol’ dummy.

This Worldstar Hip Hop video shows two men walking through the streets of Serbia one drunken night when they came across a storefront with a few vending machines. One of the machines in particular was a vending machine for beer, because Serbia has to go hard sometimes.

Being the criminal mastermind that this Serbian Danny Ocean is, he wrapped his jacket around his head in order to mask his identity, possibly because he worked in the area. His buddy was more concerned with making some phone calls, or else he might have been able to stop him from being a jackass and pulling the machine down onto himself.

The buddy finally decided to set his beer down and help the idiot up after initially attempting to aid him without putting it down. Commendable, but a fruitless effort in the end. Even after getting up, the idiot covers his face once again and the two disappear back into the night from whence they came.

The moral of the story is that if you’re going to steal beer, try to come up with a plan first. And don’t do it drunk.


Photo Credit: Worldstar Hip Hop 


Insane Number Of Rats Flee A Kitchen In This Disturbing Clip [WATCH]

If you like the viral videos of New York Subway rats struggling to drag various food items back to their rat-houses, you may or may not like what someone found in a random kitchen after the lights came on.

Brace yourself. Because this army of furry rodents ain’t nothin’ to fuck with.

The video, found on Worldstar Hip Hop, has little explanation on the location to this insanely gross video. Let’s take a moment to analyze what’s happening here.

From what I can see, there are approximately 25 rats. 25 fucking rats. Running from every direction, jumping off of the rice cooker, and bolting out from under cooking equipment to reach their escape path in the kitchen.

Other than the fact that rats are essentially the filthiest creatures to walk the earth, the other terrible thing about this video is the noises the rats make as they race toward salvation.

Hopefully, this video was taken by a health inspector as the place was being condemned — that’s the only reasonable excuse for seeing something like that in real life.

We’re surprised no one actually yelled, “Worldstar!”


Watch This Kellogg’s Employee Pee On Cereal At The Factory [NSFW]


The second World Star-hosted video involving food and male genitalia in one week has surfaced, featuring what appears to be a Kellogg’s worker filming himself urinating on products in an assembly line. Of course, the other incident World Star broke was a customer giving a waiter a blowjob at Denny’s, but this situation at Kellogg’s has a very small potential at affecting us much, much more.

After learning of the video, an internal Kellogg’s investigation found out the act was filmed back in 2014 at a facility in Memphis, Tennessee. According to Kellogg’s, the only products that could have potentially been affected include Rice Krispies Treats, Rice Krispies Treats cereal and puffed rice cake products. All products would be past their expiration point, anyways.

The explicit (nudity), NSFW video can be seen here courtesy of World Star Hip Hop:

According to a statement made to WREG, Kellogg’s is “outraged by this completely unacceptable situation, and we will work closely with authorities to prosecute to the full extent of the law.”

The matter is currently under a criminal investigation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. WREG said the video might have been shot during a labor dispute at the factory back in 2014.


The Dancing Cow Outside Of This Chick-fil-A Is Making My Entire Day [WATCH]

It couldn’t be more LIT at this Chick-fil-A.

I’m almost ashamed to share this video of a dancing cow mascot outside of an undisclosed Chick-fil-A location…mainly because it dances 10,000% better than I do. Get a load of this cow:

I’m dead watching this. Look at the way the mascot seems to get a pep in his step as soon as he hears the music, as if he’s saying, “Yo hold up I’m on my WAYYYY.” Then after his jig is up, he trots away like his work here is completely done.

Thank you for the giggles friend, and for being you inside that cow costume.


A Violent 50-Person Fight Broke Out At This Chuck E. Cheese’s [WATCH]

Maybe Chuck E. Cheese’s isn’t the classiest joint in the world, but it’s still a kid’s indoor playground where they should feel safe.

That safe feeling was violated Sunday as a 50-man brawl erupted inside a Pittsburgh Chuck E. Cheese’s, leading to a couple of arrests and a lot of high emotions.

The party involved was celebrating a 1-year-old’s birthday, according to CBS Pittsburgh, and the fight seemed to have started over some baby daddy drama.

Two women reportedly got in an argument in the restaurant. One woman was the child’s mother and the other was the father’s current girlfriend. Eventually, the girlfriend started swinging at the birthday boy’s daddy and police were called.

While everyone in the building probably hovered around the fight, like a baseball brawl, the kid’s dad and the girlfriend were the only ones arrested in the whole mess.

The party kept going, no one was hurt, not even Chuck himself, but there were probably a lot of screaming children, which was probably worse than the fight itself.

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‘I Thought You Were My Cinnamon Apple,’ says angry guy to girlfriend