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IHOP Waiter Takes Down Robber, Gets Hit In Face With Crowbar [WATCH]

While it might not make sense to the rest of us, some people just have it in them to try and be a hero, even if it puts them in danger. Elijah Arnold of San Antonio, TX has that type of hero mentality, and put it on display as he took down an alleged robber at a local IHOP.

Arnold was a waiter at a local IHOP when he saw the man getting into the register to take money. The quick thinking employee sprinted toward the thief, tackled him and didn’t let him get away, even after getting hit in the face with a crowbar, according to KENS 5 News.

Surveillance footage showed the whole thing going down, as you can see everything short of the crowbar to Arnold’s face.

It might have been a little unnecessary to put his life in danger for a few dollars, especially since they weren’t coming out of his pocket, but he felt he owed it to IHOP, who reportedly gave him a second chance at life after he was homeless.

Arnold said he was a “3rd-degree black belt in mixed martial arts,” but none of that training seemed to be on display during the altercation. He did stop the alleged robber, but it just would have been cool to see a choke hold or knock out blow, for the sake of combat sports.

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Woman Jumps Out Of Car, Fights McDonald’s Employee At Drive-Thru Window [WATCH]

Working night shifts is never easy, and it seems like the craziest things happen once the sun goes down. Another example of this comes from a McDonald’s drive-thru, as an unidentified customer straight up hopped out of her car and got froggy with the employee at the window.

The video was taken by a patron in the car behind them via Snapchat, captioning it, “Holy shit there’s a real fight at McDonald’s.”

The fighting female patron looked to get the worst of it, having her head grabbed and slammed against the wall like a professional wrestling spot. She eventually said her piece, got back inside her car and presumably drove away, as the video cut off.

Quite possibly the best thing about this video was that Milky Chance’s “Stolen Dance” was playing in the background. Bet you never thought you’d see a violent fight go down while an emotional acoustic chorus played in the background.

While fights inside fast food restaurants aren’t uncommon, you don’t often see someone so upset that they step out of their car and start swinging in the drive-thru window.

Unfortunately, not much more information is provided in this video, so we don’t really know where it was taken, or if authorities were called, but we’ll keep you posted if any more information becomes available.

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McDonald’s Employee Gets Jumped For Broken Ice Cream Machine

McDonald’s ice cream machines always seem to be “broken,” and while it draws the ire of those with a sweet tooth, you wouldn’t expect anyone to get violent over it.

According to Click Orlando News, a confrontation occurred at a Volusia County, Florida McDonald’s as a group of three customers attacked an employee over a broken ice cream machine.

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According to reports, three female customers at the drive-thru were told by an employee that the machine was out of service. Moments later, they saw a customer inside the McDonald’s eating an ice cream. The young ladies went inside the restaurant, thinking they were getting played, and started an argument.

At least one of the women went behind the counter, and started swinging and pulling the employees hair.

One of the store managers called 911 after the incident, and the call can be heard below:

The women took off in a red sedan, and as soon as McDonald’s gives authorities surveillance footage, they can start looking for the three angry customers.

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[WATCH] Angry Customer KOs Young Girl After Getting Cold Fried Chicken

When customers receive a wrong, or bad order, they can usually take it back, talk to a manager and have the matter resolved civilly. That’s not what happened at Qwik Chik in Baxley, Georgia, as a couple lost their minds, beat down the restaurant owner, and punched out her 15-year-old daughter after receiving an order of cold fried chicken.

Surveillance footage shows a woman initially attacking the store owner with several punches to the face, as the Georgia native tried her best to cover herself up. A few moments later, the owner’s daughter got sucker punched in the face by the man in the incident, knocking the teen down as she tried to diffuse the situation.

Both the mother and daughter were left with black eyes, and reportedly suffered multiple broken bones, according to KTNV.

The couple was reportedly upset that their chicken order was cold, and that they didn’t get enough fries.

The footage is difficult to watch, as the not only is the large man punching a young girl, but he really let it fly, like if he was in heavyweight fight.

The couple is still at-large, but hopefully gets caught soon after their gruesome actions.

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Savage Jimmy John’s Cashier Calls Gun-Wielding Robber A ‘Bi*ch’

Last Wednesday, surveillance footage surfaced of a Jimmy John’s cashier, Tuker Murray, being robbed at gunpoint and not even being phased by the harrowing ordeal.

After the incident, TMZ interviewed the bad-ass cashier, where Tuker Murray said that the robber… “tried to rob me like a bitch.”

With a smirk on his face the whole time, Murray detailed the events, basically roasting the robber for not only ordering a “Slim” sandwich, but for wielding a jammed gun, and not being at all intimidating.

“I wasn’t really that worried about it, to be honest,” Murray told TMZ. “He wasn’t that intimidating I guess. I was actually surprised when the detective told me that he had done, like, 12 other robberies… ’cause it was amateur hour.”

According to 41 Action News, the suspect chose to rob the Jimmy John’s because the lighting looked dimmer. Little did he know that the they had an HD as f*ck camera that caught him clearly on tape.

When looking back at the footage, Murray looked fearless, and after these interviews, we now know that he is as savage as he appeared to be.

This dude was either born a legend, or working fast food just took his soul to the point where death is an afterthought. Either way, he has an epic story to tell for the rest of his life.

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Adults Keep Brawling At This Rowdy Chuck E. Cheese’s In Massachusetts

Chuck E. Cheese’s seems to be the hot spot for Worldstar-level fights, as adults seemingly can’t handle the childish atmosphere, and snap at the sight of bratty kids screaming and crying all night.

We’ve seen fights at Chuck E. Cheese’s a fair amount of times, but this particular Massachusetts restaurant had two incidents within two months, which may or may not be surprising.

The most recent dust up happened Monday, as two people were hospitalized after a fight that involved tossed objects that may have busted someone’s eyebrow, according to FOX 25.

One of the employees tried to stop the fight, but it was too late as a pregnant woman had her eyebrow cut, with blood gushing out of it.

As unfortunate as this incident was, exactly two months before this fight, there were five drunk people arrested at this same Chuck E. Cheese’s. The worst part, that Chuck E. Cheese’s doesn’t even sell alcohol, but these assholes brought in their own before starting a brawl.

This one got so bad, that police officers were actually punched and kicked by the intoxicated guests.

Can you imagine how lit this place would be if they actually sold alcohol?

These altercations might pale in comparison to the 50-person brawl that went down at a separate Pittsburgh Chuck E. Cheese’s, but I wouldn’t blame anyone who stays far away from any Chuck E. Cheese’s.

Last thing you want at little Jimmy’s birthday party is a crazy brawl. Or maybe that’s exactly what you want. I don’t know, live your life, bro.

h/t Consumerist

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Watch This Guy Get Punched Out After Spitting On A Vendor’s Food

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Disagreements between customers and vendors happen, but hopefully cooler heads eventually prevail, and nobody gets hurt.

That wasn’t the case at a hot dog food cart in Sweden, as this Worldstar video shows an older gentleman behind the counter punch a customer right in the forehead after a heated exchange.

The argument itself wasn’t what escalated things, it was only after the customer leaned over the counter and slowly spit out what he was eating, that the vendor lost his cool. Before any of the masticated mess could reach the food, the punch was thrown and the cook wiped off his counter.

While that’s not exactly the kind of customer service you want to see at any establishment, that customer was being a dick, and deserved to get punched out. It even looked like his lady friend was recording the whole thing, anticipating that he would do something stupid.

No one seemed to be seriously hurt. The patron walked away with his consciousness in tact, and everyone went about their day.

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Watch These Families Start A Massive Brawl At A Chuck E. Cheese’s

Chuck E. Cheese’s seems to be a hot bed for ratchetry, and it’s understandable. No one really wants to be there. Their pizza might be fire, but other than that, it’s musty, smells like feet and ass, and you’re probably around people you hate, just to celebrate some asshole little kid’s birthday.

Video of a brawl was posted to Twitter by Krystel Jimenez, as a group of Floridians lost their cool after some dirty looks were given, and families didn’t appreciate it, according to the Miami Herald.

A Chuck E. Cheese’s spokesman told WSVN 7 News that “an argument between two guests escalated into a physical altercation.”

Thank you, Chuck. We can see that.

This was a good old fashioned baseball-style brawl where four or five different fights were going on at the same time, and everyone was just jumping around, trying to get a piece of anyone they could get their hands on.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen things go down at the kids restaurant, as an even bigger, 50-person brawl broke out in a Pittsburgh Chuck E. Cheese’s once.

Thankfully, it looked like no kids got caught in the crossfire, although you do see a little girl run across the bottom of the screen, trying the get the heck out of there.

h/t brobible