Guy Casually Films A Girl Fight While Ordering Some Taco Bell

“Umm, yeah can I get three soft chicken tacos Fresco-style?”

We’ve seen our fair share of restaurant brawls, but this one is a little different. What started as an average order at the Taco Bell drive-thru window turned into a front row seat to a UFC fight. This guy pulled up hoping to get some soft tacos and a quesadilla and ended up watching a fight breakout between two women.

The funniest part of the entire video is how this dude orders his entire meal without skipping a beat. He doesn’t even tell the employee that there’s a fight happening in the parking lot.

“You want the shredded chicken or the original chicken?” the drive-thru employee asks.

“I think the original chicken,” the man replied.

There is a 10 second pause. Literally 10 seconds of silence, aside from the high pitched yips and screams from the two women scuffling on the ground. Then the Taco Bell employee, probably wondering why this dude isn’t saying anything, asks:

“Can I get you anything else, like a drink or something?” the employee asks.

“Um, yeah. Can I have a large Diet Coke?” the man replied.

This dude didn’t want to spoil the action. This clip was posted by Ghost to WorldStar Hip Hop on July 25, the video has close to half a million views in a few hours.

At least the firemen came to — put out the fire. It is unclear if the women were eating at the Taco Bell, or just agreed to meet there to settle their differences.


Watch A Mountain Named Bubba Slap The Sh*t Out Of A Woman Beater At A Bar

Violence is never the answer. However, when someone is asking for it, sometimes they get what they deserve. This belligerent asshole slapped a woman, then immediately gets WALLOPED by a giant man named Bubba.

This dumbass is shirtless, clearly slurring his words, not to mention talking very disrespectfully to the young woman he claimed was “his sister.” That’s no way to treat your sister, either, by the way.

The man is obviously being kicked out of whatever establishment he was visiting, but was too belligerent to leave without a fight.

The video was uploaded to on July 20, the video now has more than 400,000 views in a few hours.

Hopefully, someone knows who this guy is and reports him to the authorities. This is unacceptable behavior.

The only person that can be thanked is Bubba. Thank you, Bubba for not killing this dumbass on camera.


Insane Number Of Rats Flee A Kitchen In This Disturbing Clip [WATCH]

If you like the viral videos of New York Subway rats struggling to drag various food items back to their rat-houses, you may or may not like what someone found in a random kitchen after the lights came on.

Brace yourself. Because this army of furry rodents ain’t nothin’ to fuck with.

The video, found on Worldstar Hip Hop, has little explanation on the location to this insanely gross video. Let’s take a moment to analyze what’s happening here.

From what I can see, there are approximately 25 rats. 25 fucking rats. Running from every direction, jumping off of the rice cooker, and bolting out from under cooking equipment to reach their escape path in the kitchen.

Other than the fact that rats are essentially the filthiest creatures to walk the earth, the other terrible thing about this video is the noises the rats make as they race toward salvation.

Hopefully, this video was taken by a health inspector as the place was being condemned — that’s the only reasonable excuse for seeing something like that in real life.

We’re surprised no one actually yelled, “Worldstar!”