This Guy Just Crushed The Beer Mile World Record, Twice

This man might be the world record holder of one of the weirdest (or at least one of the drunkest) sports in the world. And he didn’t just do it once.

Corey Bellemore, a 21-year-old Canadian man, broke the beer mile record running a speedy 4:39.56. The objective of a beer mile is relatively straight forward, run a four lap mile, drinking a beer between each lap.

Rather than take a few days off and relax with his new record he kept going like a champ.  Competing just three days later, he set ANOTHER record, this time for 4:34.25.

These also were just his third and fourth beer miles ever, not to mention a lot of adults can’t run this fast sober. These will be the top two fastest records, as long as they are officially approved. His records are still pending official approval by the experts.

Attempting the beer mile isn’t easy.

The event may sound fun, but the actual beer mile rules are actually fairly specific, especially considering the blood alcohol level of its participants. They even recommend that anyone going for a record tips the empty bottle or can to prove it’s truly empty. The most basic rules specify that the beer must be at least 5% alcohol by volume, at least 355 ml, and consumed before the lap is begun.  If a participant pukes at all during the competition they are given an extra lap.

Could you finish this boozy run?


Drinking 2 Liters Of Soda And Not Burping Looks INCREDIBLY Painful

We’ve seen world record holding professional eater Furious Pete dominate food challenges in the past. Other times he has failed miserably, but that doesn’t stop him from trying the impossible.

This week, Pete brought along The Crazy Russian Hacker to attempt the 2 liter soda no burp challenge. This challenge already seems sketchy. Burping is a huge pressure release and it seems physically painful trying to hold off a burp. Watch as these two try to hold back their stomaches from exploding.

Professional eater, Matt Stonie, actually beat the challenge on his second attempt. Even then, in 2014, Stonie complained about how much the challenged sucked.

“Oh man, I never fought back a burp before!” – The Crazy Russian Hacker

Clearly this challenge isn’t for the weak of heart. Although, it’s questionable why anyone would want to try this anyway.

Burping is so satisfying.

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Here’s How You Can Help Set A Guacamole World Record


It’s no secret that Americans are crazy about avocados. Fresh avocado consumption increased over 13 percent from last year, and it’s expected that a record 278 million avocados will have been consumed leading up to this February’s Big Game.

Oh, yeah, it’s also no secret that we love to enjoy avocados during any and every athletic event! This year, an estimated 139 million pounds of avocado will be consumed in celebration of the Big Game (16 million more pounds than last year).

That statistic is already impressive on its own, but the Hass Avocado Board is looking to shatter even more records, via ‘the world’s largest online photo album of guacamole dipping.’ To meet their #GuacGoal, they’re asking Americans to share photos of their avocado-centric football feasts via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Vine or Flickr using the hashtag.

To become a part of this history-making attempt, avocado fans can submit photos between January 22 and February 7. Participants will be automatically entered for a chance to win a grand prize of $500, two runner-up prizes of $250, and one of seven footballs signed by Joe Montana.

You can even see how fellow avocado lovers enjoy their guac during Big Game festivities, at this online photo gallery. #GuacGoal is the new #SquadGoal, so start dippin’!

Created in partnership with the Hass Avocado Board


The Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino is Now the Most Expensive Starbucks Drink Ever Ordered


After a short three months the record for the most expensive Starbucks drink has finally been broken. Weighing in at 128 oz, the Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino clocks in at $54.75, dethroning the $47.30 Quadriginoctuple Frap.

The drink was purchased in Texas by a smart dude named Andrew. You see Andrew ordered this crazy ass drink knowing that he wouldn’t have to pay a single cent. As a Gold Member of Starbucks’ loyalty program Andrew gets one free drink for every 12 transactions, and he happened to have a free drink reward to use up for the special occasion. As a fellow rewards member I tend to use those rewards on the most expensive drink on the menu, but this guy took it to another level. Oh, and Starbucks is none too pleased that their rewards system was used this way.

Andrew didn’t want to just break the record, he wanted to create something delicious that was drinkable. After strategizing with the baristas on what to put in the drink that would keep the flavors edible while also fitting in his glass a plan was formulated. Instead of adding bananas and various powders to rack up the price Andrew decided to stack up on espresso shots to get the drink past the $50 mark, 60 shots to be exact. The drink was made up of a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with 60 shots, protein powder, mocha, white mocha, mocha drizzle, caramel drizzle, hazelnut drizzle, and topped with whipped cream.

Of course with that many shots the caffeine levels in that monster of a drink wouldn’t exactly be safe to drink in one sitting. Caffeine Informer estimates the drink had over 10 times the amount of caffeine considered safe for daily consumption. Andrew drank about a third of the drink and finally polished it off after five days.

H/T + PicThx Consumerist, Daily Zone


Nacho World Record

Guinness World Records dropped in on the town of Billerica, Massachusetts to certify their attempt at creating the world’s largest plate of Nachos. The dish weighed in at a tremendous 3,999 pounds.

The Ninety Nine Restaurant was hard at work on the dish, which included approximately: 1000 pounds of nachos, 920 pounds of cheese, 460 pounds of Southwest cheese sauce, 460 pounds of salsa, 460 pounds of chili, 184 pounds of jalapeño peppers, 92 pounds of diced onions, 418 pounds of sour cream, and 5 pounds of cilantro.

The nachos were cooked with propane torches and stacked in a 70-foot custom-made table. The record was set in order to celebrate nachos returning to the menu as well as raise funds for the Boys and Girl’s Club of Greater Billerica.

Boy, what I would give to be a fly on that wall.

[THX: CBS Boston] Photo Credit: CBS Boston