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The World Record For Fastest Time To Drink A Capri Sun Is 16 Seconds

Photo: David Tonelson // Shutterstock

How fast could you slurp up the juice in a Capri Sun pouch? Apparently, there’s a world record that’s been set, and it could be something within reach if you’re skilled enough.

The current world record was set during quarantine lockdowns by UK resident Declan Evans. Guinness has the official record set at 16.65 seconds, which includes the time needed to get the straw unattached from the pouch, unpackaged, stabbed into the pouch, and then used to drink the contents.

According to Food and Wine, it took Evans a few attempts, but he eventually beat the minimum time of 18 seconds needed to set the record.

Multiple folks in Guinness’s Facebook comments have commented that they already beat Evans’ time, but it’s unclear if those attempts were recorded on camera and submitted.

Nonetheless, there’s currently an opening to set a world record with a bit of nostalgia. If you can get that pesky straw off the Capri Sun pouch in time, that is.

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This Single Egg Became The Most-Liked Photo On Instagram

2019 has barely begun and an unknown account as appeared to accomplish the unthinkable: become the most-liked photo on Instagram. So what kind of celebrity could be behind such a behemoth post that’s garnered over 30 million likes through the course of 10 days? Is it Selena Gomez drinking another bottle of Coke, hoping to reclaim her title?

Nope, there’s no celebrity behind this. No brand pushing a new item. The most-liked photo on Instagram  has become a simple image of an un-cracked egg that may or may not be a stock photo from somewhere.

Instagram account @world_record_egg posted a photo on January 4 of a simple brown egg over a white background.

In a matter of days, the photo gained an inconceivable number of likes for an account that’s essentially a newcomer, eventually surpassing previous record holder Kylie Jenner’s 18 million likes post of her newborn, and then doubling it in a day.

At the time of publication, the egg photograph had more than 36 million likes on Instagram, with it expected to climb even higher in the days to come.

What’s funny is the @world_record_egg doesn’t have any previous posts before the egg photo. In fact, the entirety of the account seemed to be based around beating Jenner’s record.


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stormi webster 👼🏽

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This can’t be the first time an account has attempted to set the world record for likes, but something about this egg has cracked the Instagram algorithm for success.

We’ll do some digging to see if there’s a story behind this phenomenon. In the meantime, the egg photo is gaining about 1 million likes each hour since yesterday as a sort of a snowball effect of success.

Perhaps in a few days, Jimmy Kimmel will announce to the world that he’s secretly running this account. Perhaps.

#foodbeast Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss News Video

Novice Female Competitive Eater Takes On In-N-Out 50×50 Challenge Like A Pro

It’s no secret the world of competitive eating has been dominated by male competitors for years. While female juggarnauts like Miki Sudo and Sonya Thomas are ranked within Major League Eating’s top 10, there are only 13 female competitors in MLE’s Top 50.

However, that will soon change, as a new and unknown female competitor is calmly eating her way through massive eating challenges on YouTube, and is set on breathing new life into the role of women in the realm of competitive eating.

Her name is Raina Huang, and she’s hungry. To demonstrate her talents, Huang recently completed the In-N-Out 50×50 Challenge — in less than 40 minutes.

On November 2, more than 80,000 people tuned-in on FOODBEAST’s Facebook page to witness history via livestream.

A few weeks ago, Huang created a name for herself by dominating the competition during the Pabst Blue Ribbon Pizza Eating Challenge at Oozefest 3. There Huang ate 16 slices of pizza in 10-minutes to take the W.

For the most part, Raina Huang, a resident of Walnut, Calif., is an unknown. She recently started a YouTube channel to showcase herself casually eating her way through massive 8-pound burritos and 6.5-pound sushi challenges. Her modest demeanor and shy persona are slightly deceiving characteristics, but once she starts eating — it’s all business.

In order to prepare her body for these challenges, Huang claims her training consists of lots of cardio, and says she also drinks a gallon of water, everyday, in less than five minutes.

It’s quite a sight to witness this miraculously gluttonous task in person. In total, the 50×50 challenge took the novice competitive eater less than 40-minutes to not just complete, but dominate.

Photo/Evan Lancaster

However, this 50×50 In-N-Out Challenge isn’t a first. In 2016, well-known professional eater Naader “Freak Eating” Reda attempted the challenge live on a FOODBEAST livestream, but came up short, consuming a respectable and then world record, 40 patties.

For Huang’s effort, she started off quickly, devouring multiple patties at a time. Unlike her counter-part Freak Eating, she didn’t use any sauce or ketchup. From sitting, standing, and even jumping at times, Huang was determined to break Freak Eating’s 40×40 record.

In the midst of the insane gastrointestinal task at hand, and another story for another time, is the fact that before now, ordering an In-N-Out’s 50×50 has proved near impossible.

On November 2, FOODBEAST proved that Southern California’s most well-known burger chain is capable of churning out a 50×50 upon request.

While a $63 In-N-Out 50×50 is impressive on its own, what’s more impressive is watching YouTuber Raina Huang set a world record by eating THE ENTIRE THING.

Huang’s tactic of going condiment-free might have been the smartest move. Freak Eating continuously dunked his portions into ketchup, but he had to tap out at 40.

However, as Huang mowed through the majority of the burger, she began to complain about the saltiness. Perhaps Freak Eating’s ketchup tactic backfired, adding more sodium to the equation, draining his mouth of much needed saliva to help break down massive amounts of meat.

Either way, it’s safe to say that there have been some long-standing heavyweights in the competitive eating world. Now, the industry should be ready to add Huang’s name to the ranks of household names like Joey Chestnutt, Matt Stonie, and Naader “Freak Eating” Reda.

It’s not everyday someone becomes the world record holder for eating a In-N-Out 50×50, so someone better call The Guinness Book of World Records, because Huang deserves a trophy.

Sweets Video

Watch This Guy Break A World Record For Syrup Drinking In 11 Seconds

You may remember the L.A. Beast making the news a few weeks back for eating DOUBLE the world record for ghost chilis eaten in two minutes.

Well, this time, the competitive eater is in for a slightly sweeter challenge.

The man known as L.A. Beast, Kevin Strahle, just crushed the world record for drinking a bottle of maple syrup in the shortest amount of time possible. The original record was set at an impressive 26 seconds. Compared to the six years it takes us to finish one bottle of syrup, that’s practically a blink of an eye.

L.A. Beast, however, shattered that 26-second record with an insane 10.84 seconds.

In those 11 seconds, we’re reminded of the iconic diner scene in Super Troopers where Throny chugs an entire bottle of maple syrup.

Check out the video above, where the beast finishes that bottle of syrup like it’s iced tea on a summer’s day.


Chef Cooks For 53 Hours Straight, Shattering A World Record

It takes a lot of endurance to become a chef. You must be able to stand and cook for hours in hot kitchens until all your dishes are prepped, cooked, plated, and every last customer is served.

In a triumphant account of human achievement, India’s Vishnu Manohar just broke the world record for consecutive hours of cooking, reports GrubStreet. For 53 hours straight, this dude whipped up dishes at a marathon live cooking segment. That means he was on his feet cooking for more than two whole days.

The previous record for cooking nonstop was believed to be 40 hours by a Rhode Island chef back in 2014.

Even after he hit the 53 hour mark, chef Manohar continued to cook for a few more hours just to make up for the 5 minute breaks that the Guinness book of World Records allowed contestants.

Sources say he showed no signs of fatigue, serving plate after plate to entry audience members.

What a champ.

Celebrity Grub

The Rock Just Made A Record-Breaking 540-Pound 7-Layer Dip

Guinness World Records officially recognized The Rock and his production team for making the largest 7-layer dip in the world.

In order to beat the record, they had to surpass 440.925 pounds, and easily blew by it with 540-pounds of bean dip.

The Rock’s Seven Bucks Digital Studios actually had Guinness there to judge, as the team used a 100 gallon fish tank for the job.

With over five hours of labor and four people prepping the dip, the 7-layer dip was successfully put together using 153.6 pounds of refried beans, 76.8 quarts of sour cream, 9.6 pounds of seasoning, 76.8 pounds of cheese, 38.5 quarts of guac, 38.4 quarts of tomatoes, 19.2 quarts of green onion, and 37.2 quarts of black olives.

The Rock was actually never even in the room himself, but he had no problem taking credit for the record, since it is his team that put it together. He tweeted out last Friday:

While the People’s Champ might not have been there to get his hands dirty with his team, I don’t think anyone is going to argue with him about it, unless it’s Stone Cold Steve Austin, who always used to whoop The Rock’s candy ass.

Celebrity Grub Cravings Hit-Or-Miss Video

Pro Eater Matt Stonie Crushes 113 Pancakes In One Sitting [WATCH]

Anyone ever crave pancakes so much that they will stop at nothing to get their hands on a short stack? Then, when you’ve taken a few glorious bites you’re just… over it? It’s happened to us on more than one occasion, but for competitive eaters like Matt Stonie, they sometimes just gotta deal with it.

The young food enthusiast and human garbage truck set a new world record for eating 113 pancakes in about eight minutes at the 2016 World Pancake Eating Championship, held in Chico, CA. This feat was bittersweet, however, as we can only imagine the delicious breakfast treat being off-set by the feeling of forcing down all that dense cake.

Check out the video and relive his victory. Definitely want to get some pancakes after this, but we might just stick to a short stack.

FOODBEAST Hit-Or-Miss Sweets

Watch This Freak Eater Try To Crush A Box Of Donut Holes In 3 Minutes

Competitve eating-badass, Nader “Freak Eating” Reda, is not one to shy away from chasing records, holding the In-N-Out burger record that he crushed right here at the Foodbeast offices recently and even the team ice cream sandwich record. Dude is always trying to top himself, somehow keeping his stomach intact.

This time he shot for the donut hole eating record, which admittedly didn’t exist, which he is now the king of, crushing 27 of Pinkbox’s donuts holes in 3 minutes.

Watching this guy eat will not only give you heart palpitations, but will make you fear that his jaw will unhinge at some point as the doughy little balls kept being shoved in his mouth with no mercy.

How he did it without milk is beyond me, but he took it like a champ and added another record to his illustrious wall of accolades.