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McDonald’s Ditches Iconic Fry Box for First-Ever World Cup Redesign


Don’t expect to see any iconic red French fry boxes at this year’s FIFA global world cup in Brazil.

McDonald’s has commissioned artists to design their fry boxes, unveiling the new design in celebration of the event.

This is the first time McDonald’s has ever given up its medium and large fry boxes for a global redesign. Beginning May 26, the boxes will be decorated with World-Cup themed art, from 12 international artists, handpicked from 500 artists around the world.

The boxes are intended to be a window into an augmented reality application, fittingly named McDonald’s GOL! The app is downloaded when people hold their smart phone in front of the fries. Then the box transforms into a goal, and the player can kick a target into the outline on their phone.


So what do you think of this bold new move? Nice to have a change, or are the golden arches too iconic to tap out?

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Krispy Kreme Japan Debuts World Dulce Cup Donuts


In honor of the upcoming World Cup, Krispy Kreme Japan has released a line of donuts celebrating six competing countries.

The themed half dozen features a different flavor for each country represented and are only available in the assortment, except for Japan’s Green Tea Cake which is a regular on Krispy Kreme Japan’s menu.

Brand Eating describes the new donuts in detail:

Brazil, Mango Passion: A yeast shell donut with a mango and passion fruit filling inside topped with a mango-flavored icing and a squiggle of white chocolate.

France, Creme Brûlée: Glazed Original topped with a custard creme, dark caramel sauce, and crispy bits of caramelized candy.

Italy, Tiramisu: a yeast shell donut with a mascarpone creme filling, topped with a zig-zaging pattern of coffee icing and a dusting of cocoa powder.

UK, Peach Melba: a yeast ring donut glazed with a pink peach-flavored icing, and finished with raspberry sauce, sliced roasted almonds, and dried cranberries.

US, Lemon Cheesecake: a yeast shell donut with a vanilla cream cheese filling, topped with a lemon creme and crushed graham crackers.

Japan, Matcha Old Fashioned: It’s an old-fashioned donut made with match (powdered green tea) and iced with green tea white chocolate.

All the flavors seem to represent their countries well, except for the US. Really Krispy Kreme? Lemon Cheesecake is the best you could come up with that screamed U.S.A.? Why not the Dutch Apple Pie you released a month ago?

The donuts will be sold in a six-pack featuring the entire assortment for 1340 yen ($13.16 US) or you can get a dozen with two of each donut for 2000 yen ($19.64 US). These limited time donuts are only available until July 14.

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