McDonald’s Allegedly Told Their Workers To Use Mustard And Mayo On Their Wounds


It seems McDonald’s has not only been taking a beating in sales these past few financial quarters, but also in worker morale. Allegations have been made about poor work conditions and the mistreatment of employees by management, reports the Chicago Tribune.

An advocacy group for fast food workers, Fight for $15, stated that McDonald’s employees from 19 US cities have filed health complaints to OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

One worker filed a claim stating that he slipped on the wet floor in the kitchen and burned himself. The working manager allegedly told him to throw some mustard on his arm and continue working, though he ended up having to take an ambulance to the hospital. Another employee of McDonald’s in Philadelphia had a similar experience. This worker, however, was asked to slather mayonnaise on the wound instead.

Did we miss the workshop where condiments help treat wounds?

A major cause of these accidents was, reportedly, insufficient training. A total of 28 health and safety complaints about McDonald’s have been filed with various authorities including state and federal.

OSHA spokesman Scott Allen says they’ll be investigating these claims thoroughly as they take all complaints very seriously.