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SweeTARTS x Wonder Woman Collab Releases Golden Rope Candy

While we may be months away still from the premiere of the new Wonder Woman movie, our excitement for the next installment in the series is getting us through these past melancholic months. Luckily, there’s a bit of a reprieve in the interim of that wait. In a collaboration between SweeTARTS and Wonder Woman 1984, the candy brand has released a limited time new treat inspired by the upcoming DC Comics film.

SweeTARTS Golden Ropes are golden strings of tropical-flavored licorice rope that boast the signature flavor of SweeTARTS in the center. The candy snack was inspired by Princess Diana’s legendary Lasso of Truth, given to her before leaving the mythical island of Themyscira. The lasso’s power compels anyone bound by it to tell the absolute truth, making it an essential tool in Wonder Woman’s mystical arsenal

You can find them now on grocery store shelves in the candy aisles in anticipation for the upcoming comic book movie. Wonder Woman 1984 is tentatively set to release this August, though that premiere may be moved depending on the state of the world.


This Lesbian Superhero Wedding Cake is the Best Thing You’ll See Today


Let’s be real — we’re secret suckers for nerdy love stories, and we’d probably give any superhero-themed wedding about a 9.5 out of 10 on the Foodbeast excellence scale. But a superhero-themed lesbian wedding featuring a Xena and Wonder Woman wedding cake? There’s so much perfection happening there that the rating system doesn’t even apply.

But wait, it gets better. One of the brides actually baked the cake herself. We’ll say that again for emphasis: she baked a multi-tiered, incredibly detailed wedding cake depicting an epic love story between two celebrated gay icons just to show her love for her wife-to-be. Based on the number of meltdowns in just one episode of Cake Boss, we’re pretty much in awe of anyone who can bake a cake that pretty and still look this happy. Plus the cake itself looks delicious.


The South Carolina couple got married surrounded by people wearing superhero t-shirts under their formalwear, cut the cake at a reception featuring a ton of Batman postcards, and lived happily ever after. And for all the hardcore Xena fans who are outraged by the idea of Xena ditching Gabrielle for Wonder Woman, we’d just like to point out that Wonder Woman is an Amazon princess . . . just like Gabrielle. Guess Xena has a type.

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DC Pint Glasses

Wow, this feels a bit like deja vu doesn’t it? No, of course not! Those were Marvel-themed pint glasses. That was a completely different story.

If Marvel heroes don’t quite float your pint-glass boat, fear not because Think Geek’s got you covered with new DC pint glasses. Likenesses of Batman, Wonder Woman or the entire Justice League can be found on each one of these glasses and make for a perfect gift for anyone who loves comic books and beer. You can pick them up for the eerily familiar price of $10.

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