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Brewery Creates First ‘Beer For Women’ And The Internet Tore Them Apart

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A Czech brewery may have set out with good intentions, however, a product they have created has become the target of the full sarcastic rage of the Internet.

Aurosa released a beverage they call the first ever “beer for her.” While that was enough to land themselves in an uncomfortable situation, the company dug themselves deeper by calling the beverage a “representation of a woman’s strength and a girl’s tenderness” reports BroBible. Yep, this includes flowers, dresses, jewelry, and fancy tablecloths in nearly all of the product shots. You know, things they believed could only be associated with women.

The Internet immediately took action, blasting Aurosa on social media. Here are some shining examples.

Wonder if they’ll stick to their guns and launch this controversial brew, or if they’ll pull it and it becomes a distant memory of what we presume they believed to be a clever idea.


This Guy Perfectly Explains Who Should Pay On A Dinner Date

British television personality Matthew Hussey, 28, has been helping women hone their courting skills for a few years now, giving them tips and tricks on intercepting the male mind and finding the man that they deserve. Here’s a hint: feed us, sex us and let us sleep. Boom. Dating problems solved.

Well, Hussey has been traveling the globe hosting these seminars for women in the hopes that they can take their newly acquired knowledge and apply it to their every day lives. One woman was inquiring as to who should pay for dinner, and that the guy should always be the one to pay because, “you’re the gentleman here, you’re supposed to pay.” Check out the video below to see his perfect response that both men and women alike will be able to respect.


Women Are Sticking Herbs In Their Vaginas For A Ridiculous Reason


When I heard that women were treating their vaginas like a turkey brine and sticking a bunch of herbs in there, I thought to myself, ‘That’s interesting. Let’s see what this is all about.’

Boy, do I wish I had never stumbled upon this, as this ended up being the most spine tingling story I’ve ever had to write.

People often turn to “detoxing” when they feel they need to cleanse themselves from drugs, alcohol, or the 37 cheeseburgers they ate last month, but it’s not often you hear about a vaginal detox.

Most normal people use herbs for their teas, or a good steak rub, but a company called Embrace Pangaea is encouraging women to use something called “Herbal Womb Detox Pearls.”

I went on the Embrace Pangaea site to find a nice high-resolution photo for this story and was immediately greeted by a photo that I can never un-see. I literally jumped out of my seat, spun around a couple of times, went outside for a walk around the block and re-evaluated if I wanted to keep writing this story.

I channeled my inner-Ice Cube and told myself — well, Ice Cube would just keep talking about it begrudgingly.

I clicked on more photos and each one was worse than the last, as a plethora of  “excess vaginal discharges” were on display. I gagged and had to stop myself from throwing up in front of my co-workers in the Foodbeast office. (Sorry, Ice Cube. I let you down.)

At this point, I just wanted this story to be over with, but I had to look into what people where saying about this herbal product.

Thankfully, I found that not everyone is on board with sticking gumbo ingredients up their lady parts.

Sure, Necole Bitchie posted a very sponsored-sounding Tweet about the vagina herbs, but people immediately opposed it:


Thank God!

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 5.12.08 PM


Also, Dr. Jen Gunter, who among other things, treats Atrophic Vaginitis, was so opposed to this herbal detox that she put up a blog post explaining that the very photos that Embrace Pangaea posts, are evidence of how terrible the method is.

Dr. Gunter said:

“The vagina makes excess discharge when there is A) irritation B) infection C) an absence of good bacteria. This discharge isn’t some toxic swill that the vagina was hiding that only the “pearls” could release, it’s a sign that these “pearls” are damaging. Yes, leaving a product that is not designed for prolonged vaginal use (and these are not) in the vagina is a risk for toxic shock syndrome. Just don’t do it.”

So this herb-filled vaginal detox might not be the best thing for you, and hopefully, I’ll never have to write the term, “vaginal detox” in my life again. I wish I could detox the terrible things I saw today, but I’m not down to stab out my eyeballs.


This Hawaiian Mushroom Makes Women Orgasm Just By Smelling It

I have good news and bad news. Let’s start with the good news:

Scientists have discovered an orange mushroom in recent Hawaiian lava flows that can induce instantaneous orgasms in women just from the odor it gives off. That’s right, fellas. You can get your girl to bust nuts all over the place just by having her sniff this thing.

This orgasm triggered by fungus, or “fungasm,” is due in part from hormones in the mushroom that are close in similarity to the same ones picked up by our own neurotransmitters. Basically, the smell of this shroom makes the female body think it’s having sex. Imagine walking into a sorority house with your pockets filled with these mushrooms.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 3.57.14 PM

Mushroom Stock Photo

Take your time, I’ll wait. Really let your mind paint that picture, and enjoy it while you can. Because here comes the bad news:

The orange mushroom smells orgasmic to women and literally caused nearly half of the volunteers for the study to climax. Unfortunately, it smells like week old horse shit to men. In the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, the discoverers of the orange fungus, John C. Holliday and Noah Soule, concluded that all the male test subjects were repulsed by the fetid smell.

So if you’re bad in bed and need a little bit of help, go find these mushrooms and hide a bunch of them under your bed. Then grab a clothes pin for yourself. Thank me later.

Photo Credit: Deviant Art 


This Billboard Uses Gender Detection To Only Promote Beer To Women


As a way to market beer specifically towards women, a German beer brand has developed a unique billboard that responds only to females as they pass by.

Setting up a location outside of a pub in Hamburg, Astra Beer created the world’s first advertisement aimed specifically to women. Using gender-detection technology, the billboard plays a series of interactive videos featuring comedian Uke Bosse.

As the women pass by the ad, Bosse calls out to them and promotes the beer in a variety of humorous ways. More than 70 different video recordings were created for the billboard. Each video serves as a unique response for female pedestrians walking by.


Science Says Women Still Want Men to Pay for Dinner


Ladies, are you staring at the tab hoping he’ll reach over and say those three special words, I got this?

Gentlemen, are you staring at the tab, hoping she’ll reach over and say those three special words, Wanna split it?

It’s that funny situation where both parties wonder what the appropriate thing is to do. Many will argue that the chivalrous thing would be for the guy to swoop up the bill. Others, will argue that in this day and age, expecting the man to pay is archaic and women should be willing to go halfsies.

Well, a study by Chapman University’s David Frederick offers a sliver of insight on what women and men really think. According to Frederick’s research, survey data gathered from more than 17,000 subjects revealed that women still want men to pay for dinner.

Consistent with conventional norms, most men (84 percent) and women (58 percent) reported that men pay for most expenses, even after dating for a while. Over half (57 percent) of women claim they offer to help pay, but many women (39 percent) confessed they hope men would reject their offers to pay, and 44 percent of women were bothered when men expected women to help pay.

Apparently, while the majority of both genders appear to support the idea of going dutch, some women are more comfortable with the idea of men picking up the tab. However, while a large majority of men (76 percent) claimed feeling guilty when accepting a women’s offer to pay, 44 percent of men said that they wouldn’t date a woman who never pays. It seems that there are just some old school tradition we just can’t shake. Well, at least not yet.

Picthx College Crush


Tokyo Cafe Swaps Coffee for Naps


If a cat cafe just isn’t relaxing enough for you, this newest coffee shop craze might do it for you. The Nap Cafe Corne in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo invites patrons to not only grab a bite to eat, but to take a nap once that food coma sets in.

For $1.50 USD, you’ll get you ten minutes in the meticulously organized space. However, the cafe is for women only (sorry boys) and features curtains hanging over each napping space.


The Nap Cafe boasts a make-up room, changing room, a shop, kitchen, restroom, beds to sleep on, and the cafe itself. The food is simple (think sandwiches and snacks) while drinks are designed to relax patrons.  As if that wasn’t perfect enough, guests can also choose the kind of pillow they want for their nap.

H/T + Picthx Rocket News, Nap Cafe Corne


Watta Water Keeps It Classy With Ads of Water Bottles Shoved Up Women’s Hoo-Has

Would you buy a water bottle if you knew it had been “coolly” sitting on top of a woman’s vagina?

On second thought, don’t answer that, but whatever you were thinking just might be the reasoning behind Avance WWP’s newest ads for Guatemala’s Agua Watta bottled water company. Meant to promote their “Agua Pura” product, the ads feature paparazzi/TMZ-esque crotch shots of several women getting out of cars, their faces and private areas obscured by text that reads “Cool Water” and the “Watta Agua Pura” bottle itself, respectively.

I mean what.

For the past few days, the internet has been all a-twitter about the arguably offensive ads, with one particularly upset commenter calling them “obscene” and “pornographic”—which is, at least on some level, true. The ads are definitely trashy, they’re potentially degrading and they don’t really seem to make much logical sense, which begs the question, why go with this ad direction at all?

One commenter on Buzzfeed has a possible answer:

“The ad shows a sort of celebrity getting off a car with no style at all, legs spread with no regard she could show the paparazzi the panties or if she wears none,” postulates user SarahDane. “The water covers it all, label says ‘agua pura pero con estilo’ (‘pure water yet with style’) – in the twisted mind of who created this, the purpose was to show some woman (= $$ profit, especially barely dressed) no class, and cover the no-style thing with theyr [sic] ‘stylish’ water…”

Thus far, the debate on the Watta facebook seems to be going the way of Chick-fil-A, with hordes calling foul at the proposed political incorrectness, and many others either supporting them for pissing people off or wishing everyone else would just shut up about it already.

To the last group, I just want to say: sorry, but something this funny is just begging to be shared.

[Via Huffington Post]

What do you guys think about Watta’s paparazzi ads? Hilariously tongue-in-cheek or demeaning and pornographic?