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Supermarket Shopper Becomes Possessed And Freaks The F*** Out [WATCH]

If you’ve ever seen The Exorcist, then you’ll be able to recognize the chilling side effects of a demonic possession. Whether or not you believe in them is solely up to you, but the following video certainly might change your mind.

The video, taken from a CCTV camera inside of the supermarket, depicts the woman picking up a product that mysteriously falls from the shelf. After touching it, the woman suddenly begins to seize up. A local bystander sees the whole thing unfolding and begins to approach the woman, until she jerks her head back and unleashes a flurry of blood-curdling screams, scaring the female bystander shitless.

Later on in the video, there are several other instances of items randomly swinging around or falling off of the shelf. In the last ten seconds, we see an item fall from the shelf with no one else around. While faking something like that could probably be pretty easy (fishing line and tape, some sort of timed activator, etc.), the overall reactions from all the bystanders makes it hard for me to believe that it’s fake. What do you think?


Creepy Craigslister Wants to Pay $175 for ‘Woman-Flavored’ Ramen


If a stranger offered nearly $200 just for you to sit in a tub, you might think he was a pervert. A Peeping Tom. A creep who’d recreate the ending of Psycho faster than you could ask why on earth the tub has ramen noodles in it. But judging by a recent ad on Craigslist, it would seem there’s actually a totally legitimate, totally non-murdery reason someone would make such a request. Like, say, wanting his dinner to taste like “woman.”

A few days ago, a Craigslist posting surfaced in New York offering (under “talent gigs,” no less) $175 for a woman to sit in a bath full of ramen noodles wearing nothing but a bathing suit. The lucky gal would pick up the keys at another location, proceed to the poster’s home, and enjoy the next 30 minutes alone in sweet, salted, slippery bliss. She wouldn’t even have to taste good, per se. As the ad notes, the poster would season the sauce himself prior to dinner.


Assuming no one was killed in the end, this actually doesn’t sound like too bad a gig — $200 for 30 minutes worth of work. It might be worth noting though that similar ads have popped up before back in February this year and again in 2009, which tells you a lot about the job security. Eeek.


Watta Water Keeps It Classy With Ads of Water Bottles Shoved Up Women’s Hoo-Has

Would you buy a water bottle if you knew it had been “coolly” sitting on top of a woman’s vagina?

On second thought, don’t answer that, but whatever you were thinking just might be the reasoning behind Avance WWP’s newest ads for Guatemala’s Agua Watta bottled water company. Meant to promote their “Agua Pura” product, the ads feature paparazzi/TMZ-esque crotch shots of several women getting out of cars, their faces and private areas obscured by text that reads “Cool Water” and the “Watta Agua Pura” bottle itself, respectively.

I mean what.

For the past few days, the internet has been all a-twitter about the arguably offensive ads, with one particularly upset commenter calling them “obscene” and “pornographic”—which is, at least on some level, true. The ads are definitely trashy, they’re potentially degrading and they don’t really seem to make much logical sense, which begs the question, why go with this ad direction at all?

One commenter on Buzzfeed has a possible answer:

“The ad shows a sort of celebrity getting off a car with no style at all, legs spread with no regard she could show the paparazzi the panties or if she wears none,” postulates user SarahDane. “The water covers it all, label says ‘agua pura pero con estilo’ (‘pure water yet with style’) – in the twisted mind of who created this, the purpose was to show some woman (= $$ profit, especially barely dressed) no class, and cover the no-style thing with theyr [sic] ‘stylish’ water…”

Thus far, the debate on the Watta facebook seems to be going the way of Chick-fil-A, with hordes calling foul at the proposed political incorrectness, and many others either supporting them for pissing people off or wishing everyone else would just shut up about it already.

To the last group, I just want to say: sorry, but something this funny is just begging to be shared.

[Via Huffington Post]

What do you guys think about Watta’s paparazzi ads? Hilariously tongue-in-cheek or demeaning and pornographic?


Pregnant Woman and Husband Arrested for Eating Sandwich, Child Taken Away

I’m sure all of you have snuck in a grape or two at an Albertsons before. But if it’s anything bigger than that, then don’t forget to pay for it!

A Honolulu mother and her husband were arrested last week after eating a sandwich at a Safeway store and forgot to pay for it. The incident had sparked national debate as it led to the couple’s 2-year-old daughter being taken away by Child Welfare Services.

Nicole Leszczynski was charged with fourth-degree theft as well as her husband Marcin for forgetting to pay for the $5 sandwich. Safeway has dropped the charges since, and they have apologized to the couple stating they were just following shoplifting routine. The incident led to an 18-hour separation of the child and her parents.

According to Honolulu police, it is procedure to call Child Welfare Services when both parents of a child are arrested. The couple’s bail was $50 each, which they posted and reunited with their daughter.

The case has led to questioning: “Is it ok to eat something at a store before purchasing it?”

via: Las Vegas Review-Journal


Women and New Jars

Yes, it is a new revelation for women everywhere. (Thx eatmedaily)