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Hugh Jackman Breaks His Wolverine Diet For A Giant Bowl Of Pasta [WATCH]

You can’t become one of the most bad-ass comic book heroes ever without a crazy diet and workout plan that keeps you shredded. That has been Hugh Jackman’s life over the last 17 years playing Wolverine in the X-Men movie franchise, keeping up his impressive physique throughout the years.

Jackman will be starring in his final Wolverine movie as “Logan” releases March 2, so while making his rounds promoting the film, he found himself on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

After all these years on the “Wolverine Diet,” eating endless amounts of steamed chicken breasts, Jackman broke his diet, as Fallon brought out famed chef Mario Batali, who gave Jackman a giant bowl of pasta to grub on.

Jackman was thrilled, saying, “That is the greatest freaking thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

There’s absolutely no way that this is Jackman’s first cheat meal in 17 years, but whatever, it’s not a bad way to celebrate the final Wolverine movie, ever.


Wolverine, Batgirl and Ninja Turtle Starbucks Cup Doodles




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Cheeseburger Super Mario, Sailor Moon, and Batman Are Super Chubs, Super Adorable


It’s true, there’s no real reason to reimagine all our childhood heroes as adorably chubby cheeseburgers. But then, there’s no real reason not to, either.

In his latest series “What if They Were Cheeseburgers?,” San Diego, Calif.-based illustrator Philip Tseng shows us what it would look like if cartoon characters from Sailor Moon to Skeletor even to the Morton Salt Girl decided to trade their internal skeletons for cheeseburgers — buns, tomatoes, and all.

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The drawings, as you might expect, are delightful and pill-like, reminiscent of the minions from Despicable Me, and all available on Tseng’s shop at


On another note: so that’s what’s inside R2-D2.

Check out more of our favorite chibi-cheeseburgers, below:

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‘Get Your Claws On’ These New Asian-Style Burgers from Red Robin x The Wolverine


In case you’ve already forgotten who “Wolverine” is, here’s a quick reminder: he’s probably the only character you didn’t hate in any of the X-Men movies (at least he was until that bloody prequel came out). He’s also played by Hugh Jackman.


Yeah, that guy.

In promotion for next month’s upcoming movie The Wolverine, Red Robin is launching two new “Asian”-style burgers called the “Beserker” and the “Kuzuri Style Tavern Double.” According to Grub Grade, the Beserker features a brioche bun with a sliced top to represent the hero’s iconic claws as well as a fire-grilled burger topped with zesty aioli, spicy pickles, Sriracha onion straws and cheddar cheese. The Kuzuri is a double patty burger with “samurai slaw,” ginger garlic wonton strips and cilantro. Kuzuri means “wolverine” in Japanese.


Finally, from now until June 30, guests can also purchase a $25 limited edition Wolverine gift card at participating restaurants and enter the gift card code at to receive a free movie ticket – while anyone who sees the movie during opening weekend (July 26-28) can get $3 off their Red Robin order the following Monday through Thursday (July 29 – August 1) with movie ticket stub.

Now if only they both came with a pint of Logan Ale.

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Hugh Jackman Launches Coffee Brand “Laughing Man World Wide”

Universally renowned sex symbol and actor Hugh Jackman is launching his own coffee brand — Laughing Man Worldwide.

It was when Jackman met a coffee farmer named Dukale and the two planted coffee trees together for the community that led to Jackman’s inspiration for the brand.

The man known as Wolverine from the X-Men films was struck with inspiration for creating his own brand of coffee after a trip to Ethiopia. Jackman says that all the proceeds from the coffee will go towards charity.


Laughing Man Worldwide also sells teas and chocolates.

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine 7-Eleven Slurpee Cups

In preparation for the release of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine film, Twentieth Century Fox has teamed up with 7-Eleven to push the images of several main cast members on their ever popular Slurpee products. For a limited time, 7-Eleven will be serving up Sabretooth, Wolverine and Gambit on the cups, along with the addition of a new flavor called Mutant Berry. Collectible straws will also be made available featuring of four X-Men characters, marked by a removable figure. If the cold beverage spectrum wasn’t enough for you, 7-Eleven will also be incorporating the film’s promotional push into their hot beverage offerings, showcasing Wolverine’s trademark claw slash mark on a stainless steel coffee mug containing the chain’s X-Treme Energy Cappuccino! A lot of X-Men going on at 7-Eleven, drink on! (Thx LicensingExpo)