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You Can Now Have A 5-Pound Cinnamon Roll Delivered To Your Door

Cinnamon rolls are one of the most comforting breakfasts out there. Since there can never be too many relaxing things in our lives, baking gift provider Wolferman’s is offering up a MASSIVE 5-pound version to comfort you and 40 of your closest friends.

5-pound cinnamon roll

The massive 80-ounce baked good is made in the traditional way, with heaps of cinnamon sugar wrapped around layers of dough. It also comes with a generous portion of cream cheese frosting that is more than enough to drench the roll.

Wolferman’s will ship the cinnamon roll to you cold, but it also comes with heating instructions. The pan it’s sent in is safe to use when heating up the roll in the oven or microwave. Those who use the latter thinking it’ll be faster should know that it takes several minutes to get the pastry piping hot, and it may not even fit into your microwave to begin with.

While Wolferman’s is definitely delivery on quantity, there’s plenty of quality to go around, too. The gargantuan cinnamon roll still has plenty of chew, flavor, and sweetness, and the cream cheese icing coats it to perfection.

A single 5-pound cinnamon roll costs $50 to ship and deliver. If you split that cost amongst the 40 people it can feed, though, it’s a pretty cost-effective way to nourish a crowd.

Photo courtesy of Wolferman’s

Wolferman’s didn’t just settle at a 5-pound behemoth, however. They actually went on to break the Guinness World Record for the largest cinnamon roll, at an astonishing 1,149 pounds! You can view the entire 9-foot-long treat in the photo above.

Photos: Peter Pham