Starbucks Adds Wireless Phone Chargers to the List of Reasons Its Customers Never Go Home


When going to Starbucks, the need to Instagram your coffee order can be pretty insurmountable. The only problem is your phone is practically dead and all the wall outlets are either taken by studious college students or guys writing life-altering screenplays. If only there was a way to get a quick charge before that whipped cream melted on your caramel macchiato.


Teaming up with Power Mat Technologies, Starbucks launched a series of test chargers at 200 of its San Francisco Bay area stores. Customers only need to grab a charging ring and connect it to their cellular device. They then just place it on the Powermat and wait for the battery to fill up. No need to carry around a bulky charger and no need to wait for an outlet to open up.

The San Francisco stores will be the first indicator of the Powermat’s success before a national launch. The rings can also be purchase at Starbucks stores for $9.99.

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Starbucks to Install Wireless Smartphone Charging Mats Nationwide


As if people weren’t addicted enough to Starbucks already, the caffeine-shilling giant is now installing wireless smartphone charging stations to guarantee you never have to get real sleep ever again.

Provided by Duracell Powermat, the stations are set to roll out in Starbucks and Teavana locations on the west coast through 2014, then the major cities nationwide through 2015. According to The Verge, each store should receive about 10 mats which will be seamlessly installed into tables and countertops —in essence, forcing guests to put down their devices for the minute it takes for their names to be called. The horror.


It’s not all whipped cream and syrup though. Like similar charging mat technology, the Powermats will require additional hardware to make phones compatible with the stations, such as special cases or firewire charging rings. It’s unknown whether Starbucks plans to sell these rings in-store.

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Party Like the Jetsons with this Wireless Blender


At this year’s CES, Chinese tech company Haier revealed a whole line of things you might have seen Rosie the Robot using way back (forward?) in the Jetsons’ heyday, including this wireless blender which charges directly from your countertop.

Okay, technically, it charges using the “power transmitter”  you’ve already installed in your counter (oh, that old thing? Just my countertop induction coil!), but the point is you don’t plug it into the wall. Use it to impress your friends with magic and subbar margaritas!

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