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Gordon Ramsay Disses And Provides ‘Chef Support’ For Twitter Users

Ever since Gordon Ramsay started going around trashing everyone’s cooking on Twitter, his snark has taken the internet by storm in a new way. Everyone’s been sending in countless tweets and pictures of their food to the Michelin-star chef, and his criticism of them has generated tons of laughs.

WIRED decided to take Gordon’s tweets to the next level and have him respond to them live, but while offering up cooking tips and tricks at the same time.

As Gordon read various tweets, he gave advice and demonstrated several simple cooking hacks in the kitchen, such as how to quickly mince garlic in under 30 seconds and what to do with those pesky green tops of leeks that we usually throw away.


He also got some tweets that he was able to take some shots at, including this hilarious response to a tweet that said that British food is horrible.


Honestly, it’s just as fun watching Gordon Ramsay respond to the tweets as it is to read them.


The Great Bacon Odyssey: Bacorn Dogs!

What you are looking at is definitely a game changer. A corn dog sans the hot dog replaced by bacon?!? Let me clear that up for you; a corn dog made out of bacon. Geek Dad over at Wired really put his head to work with this one. He precooked the bacon and then individually wrapped four pieces around one big skewer and deep fried them. His verdict was that they were better than most corn dogs he’s ever had, especially when dipped in mustard. Props to you Matt Blum.