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Cozy Up By The Fireplace With These Hot Cocoa OREOs

We’re finally drawing closer to winter and looking for something sweet to get intimate with as the air gets chilly outside. As we make some piping hot cocoa to warm our bones, we’re desperately looking for the perfect snack to pair our beverage with. Looks like Oreo may just have the thing.

Oreo just released a brand-new flavor for the winter season: Hot Cocoa.

According to Brand Eating, the new item boasts Oreo’s classic chocolate cookie with a hot cocoa-flavored creme filling.

So far, some have said it tastes similar to popular hot chocolate brand Swiss Miss, while others say it doesn’t taste all that different from the original Oreo flavor.

Looks like we’ll need to try a pack for ourselves. Now all we need is a log, a match, and Al Green’s greatest hits to get this sensual evening started.


Looters Raid Abandoned Doritos Truck to Survive Massive Snowstorm


If you’re stuck in a life-altering snowstorm, you’re pretty much going to do whatever it takes to survive. This includes hopping into an abandoned Doritos truck and looting it for sustenance. Such was the case for a group of men braving a massive lake-effect snowstorm in South Buffalo, NY, reports Syracuse.

Lake-effect snow is created when cold winds travel over warmer lake water, picking up water vapor and speed before freezing up. It appears the driver of a Doritos truck was caught in the snow and decided to abandon ship once the storm grew intense.

Soon after, photos appeared on social media depicting men entering the now-abandoned truck and leaving with snacks. These photos were accompanied by many Doritos-related puns.

The historic snowstorm left up to 150 vehicles stuck in the snow on the New York State Thruway with at least five deaths caused by the storm.

All Cool Ranch jokes aside, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has declared a state of emergency in the area that extends into Central New York.

H/T Syracuse Picthx Facebook


This Guy Spent 17 Years Attempting to Visit Every Starbucks on Earth, Calls it Starbucking


The man known only as Winter, formerly Rafael Lozano, began his quest to visit every Starbucks in 1997. Back then, there were only 1,500 locations scattered through four different countries. Totally doable, right? Who would have thought that a small coffee chain would turn into such a global success over the last 17 years, now with more than 20,000 locations in 65 countries.

That didn’t stop or discourage Winter, according to Chron. Winter had gotten the idea one fateful Houston day 17 years ago when he asked a barista if it would be possible to visit every Starbucks in the world.

So far, Winter has 11,773 Starbucks locations visited under his heavily-caffeinated belt. He estimates that he’s 95 percent compete with the United States stores. Winter lives in the back of his Honda Fit and does contract computer programming to finance his passion. Through this achievement, Winter said he’s learned a lot about himself.

“I have learned about what I’m willing to do, that I don’t need all the things that I assumed I needed when I grew up: material possessions, stability. My mind has shifted to a more minimalist, purpose-oriented life,” Winter told Chron.

Since his adventure began, Winter has spent about $100,000 on Starbucks beverages or food. He once even paid $153 for a plane ticket just so he could have access to a Starbucks inside an airport in Chile. Winter calls his chosen lifestyle “Starbucking.”

Here we thought he was just an urban legend.

H/T Chron Picthx Starbucks Everywhere


This Cool Mitten Flask is Perfect for Winter Thumb Sucking, Your Thumb Being Alcohol


We’re not saying this is the reason Santa’s face is so red all the time, but we definitely wouldn’t be surprised.

Available starting in October is this bright red set of knitted mittens that also have the benefit of holding up to three ounces of your favorite booze. Like most hidden flask attire, these things come with a spill-proof drinking valve that lets you discreetly knock back the good stuff in line on Black Friday or while racing down the ski slopes.

The sucky part is only one of the mitts comes complete with hidden beer bladder while the other’s just a  regular glove. We suggest buying two pairs and giving the normal halves away to granny. God knows what good three ounces would do anyone otherwise.

Mitten Flask: $18 @ Perpetual Kid


Snow Pong is Possibly the Best Drinking Game Ever


With #snowpocalypse taking over parts of the country where winter actually exists (sorry California), college students across America are making the most of their snow days.

Taking beer pong to the next level, undergrads are lovingly sculpting tables out of snow from their backyards to their quads — with the more crafty adding DIY coolers to keep their brews snug. A peek at the #snowpong hashtag on Instagram and Twitter might be enough for some of you post-college grads to be hit with a bout of nostalgia. Cheers to boozy academia!





Canadian Beer Fridge


Picthx fedge


This Mug Has a Cozy Handle to Keep Your Fingers Warm


There is some serious cold weather happening right now and for those who want to avoid frostbite by curling up with a hot cup of tea, this mug may be a knight in shining porcelain armor.

Sure, any old mug will keep your fingers warm, but The ToastyMUG has gone so far as to provide a handle encasing half the mug — leaving a convenient, well-heated space for you to put your hands. Designer Sabrina Fossi sells the mugs, which come in grey and green-glazed ceramic, but they cost a pretty penny, about $72. Still, a handmade Italian mug that keeps you toasty when you can’t feel your fingertips? Might be worth it.


ToastyMUG, €44.00 (US $72) @sabrinafossi

H/T Gizmodo + Picthx Sabrina Fossi


Heinz Ketchup Cake is This Season’s Pumpkin Pie


I often lament, much to the impatience of those around me, how it’s unfortunate that they don’t carry ketchup chips in the US. As a uniquely Canadian item, you either have to ship it across the border or have visiting relatives and friends fill their luggage with the stuff. Still, I’m craving that salty, savory taste all the damn time.

For those missing the addicting flavor of ketchup-infused grub, this recipe for Heinz Ketchup Cake should hold you over. Think pumpkin spice cake — thanks to the cinnamon and nutmeg — with an extra oomph from the ketchup’s tangy sweetness. If your taste buds are still wary, know that the texture is absolute heaven (thanks to the butter) and that the savory cake pairs gloriously with the cream cheese frosting.

Now, follow this up with some SpaghettiO Cupcakes while you’re at it.

PicThx Heinz