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Wingstop Tests Bone-In Thighs Amidst Wing Price Hike

Photo courtesy of Wingstop

It’s been no big secret that the price of chicken wings has skyrocketed in recent years. Data from the USDA’s most recent chicken market report shows that in just the past week, the prices for wings and party wings jumped by 33 cents and 25 cents per pound, respectively.

Wing chains have been working around these price spikes, mainly by heavy promotion of boneless wings, which can be made using other parts of the chicken. Wingstop, however, appears to be testing and marketing a whole new cut: bone-in thighs.

Photo courtesy of Wingstop

Available in any of the chain’s 11 signature flavors, the bone-in thighs are fried just like regular wings would be cooked. Thighs are often considered one of the more tender, juicy parts of the bird when cooked perfectly, since they have more fat than white meat.

Wingstop started testing bone-in thighs a couple of weeks ago, telling Foodbeast that they were available in seven different test markets. Foodbeast was able to independently confirm that these markets include the following locations:

  • El Paso, Texas
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • St. Louis, Missouri
Photo courtesy of Wingstop

Wingstop is having this test be a part of their “whole bird strategy,” with the goal being to “utilize more parts of the chicken and increase the amount of contract-based purchases,” according to a Wingstop representative. This should theoretically help control the price range of chicken the chain is selling.

For those interested in trying the bone-in thighs in the test markets, they’re available in a bunch of different orders. There’s a 2-piece or 5-piece set, along with combos that include thighs, wings, fries or veggie sticks, and a drink. The largest of these bundles includes 10 thighs, 10 classic wings, and 10 boneless wings.

As for a national release, Wingstop hopes to have more information on how successful their test run was early next year.

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Wingstop Is Dropping 6 NEW WING FLAVORS Throughout July

Sure, Wingstop will periodically drop a new flavor or two, but in honor of their 25th anniversary, they’re dropping six new flavors this July.

That’s as many flavors as Infinity Stones, but thankfully you don’t have to scour the galaxy to find these wings. You do, however, have to wait a little bit to try them all, as they’re not all dropping at once, instead releasing two at a time throughout the month.

On July 5, the duo debuts in Lemon Garlic and Dragon’s Breath. On July 12, the second batch drops in a Bayou BBQ flavor and Mango Volcano. The last batch will consist of a Hot Lemon and Atomic BBQ flavor, releasing July 19.

The new Lemon Garlic and Dragon Breath wings

The Lemon Garlic is sure to make you gargle mouthwash for 25 minutes, as it will consist of a blend of their lemon pepper and garlic parmesan, while the Dragon’s Breath will be a blend of their spicy Korean wings, topped with crushed red pepper, chile de arbol, habanero, and cayenne.

The Bayou BBQ and Mango Volcano wings

The Bayou BBQ will combine their classic bbq wings with a dash of Cajun seasoning, while the Mango Volcano sounds like a slightly less spicy version of the Mango Habanero, as it is combined with a sweet Hawaiian drizzle.

The Hot Lemon sounds like a match made in heaven, as they’ll be sprinkling their Original Hot flavor with Lemon Pepper seasoning. The sixth wing, Atomic BBQ, will combine their Hickory Smoked BBQ and Atomic, which just might make it a little more tolerable than the standard Atomic flavor.

The Atomic BBQ and Hot Lemon wings

The wings aren’t coming to the party empty handed, as they’re bringing along two spicy ranch flavors, one blended with Harissa chile, and the other being an Atomic Ranch dip. And because you were probably going to ask them to season your fries like this regardless, there will be Lemon Parmesan Fries available on the menu.

All six flavors will disappear July 29, which happens to be National Chicken Wing Day. If you do buy your wings on July 29, Wingstop will also give you five free wings, and donate $1 to Wingstop Charities to support youth in the local communities where Wingstop operates for every order placed on that day, up to $100,000.

Feels like it’s going to be a pretty wild July for wing fans.

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Wingstop’s Lemon Pepper Just Got A Spicy Upgrade

If you’re a fan of Wingstop’s classic Lemon Pepper, you might be excited to know that they’ve added some spice to it.

Wingstop introduced a new Harissa Lemon Pepper flavor that’s covered in Harissa pepper paste and roasted bell peppers. You still get the dry-rub feel of the usual Lemon Pepper, just with an added kick.

Along with the Harissa Lemon Pepper, Wingstop also launched an Ancho Honey Glaze, which will be covered in a southern Mexican Ancho pepper, aged cayenne and drenched in a hot honey glaze.

The two new offerings will only be around through the summer and will disappear September 1, so if you want to give these two spicy wings a shot, you’ll have a few months to work with.

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Here’s The Top 10 Freshest Fast Food Fashion You Can Buy Right Now

Loyalty is our strong feeling of allegiance to someone or something. Our loyalty isn’t easily gained, but can be lost in an instant. Our loyalty and devotion to our favorite fast food usually doesn’t waiver, because they almost always never let you down. They’re the perfect companion.

Aside from constantly eating at your favorite fast food joint multiple times a week, how else would you show your brand loyalty? Show off by rocking with their merchandise, of course. We went through the most popular fast food restaurants in the country to see who’s got the freshest gear.

If your favorite isn’t on this list, then either they’ve got wack merch, or they don’t even have a fashion line.

10. Taco Bell

fast food merchandise

Photo by: Taco Bell

Barely cracking our tenth spot is Taco Bell. Honestly, we can’t say anything special about their clothing because it’s kind of basic. A hard shell taco print tee and another one saying “You had me at “Let’s go to Taco Bell.”” Meh. The one cool and unique item they have is definitely the Taco Bell ring set pictured above.

9. Chick-Fil-A

Photo By: Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A’s line of clothing is just a step up from basic. Several vintage print tees, their classic picketing cow, and ingredient script tees are the staple of their tees — and a casual way to show how much you love America’s favorite chicken sandwich.

8. McDonald’s

Photo By: McDonald’s

I know what you’re thinking: “Why is McDonald’s ranked so low when they just dropped that fire sweat suit from the McDelivery line?” We’ll that’s because I didn’t include it. It was a limited, one day only promotional item that virtually nobody was able to cop. But they still got some low-key dope shirts featuring their world famous fries, and an OG happy meal bag.

7. Wingstop

Photo By: Wingstop

Wingstop’s lemon pepper flavor will be a legend forever, and there’s no better way to celebrate its legacy than rockin’ a fly pair of lemon pepper wings socks. Better yet, why not have your car smell like lemon pepper with a wing air freshener? They’ve also got a Wingstop food truck you can rent with a fully prepped staff and up to 1,680 wings made to order — but it’s definitely going to cost you a wing and a leg.

6. Chipotle

Photo By: Chipotle

While the restaurant side itself isn’t doing all that well due to all the health issues still plaguing it (pun intended), their merch line doesn’t need much help. Drawing inspiration from hispanic heritage, their tees include a Sugar Skull/Dia De Los Muertos theme, a dope Aztec maze-like pattern, and classic burrito related graphics.

5. Pizza Hut

fast food merchandisePhoto By: Pizza Hut

Pizza lovers, basic baddies, and IG fitness models rejoice! The Hut has got you covered with a “Pizza” crop top, pizza leggings, a “Pizza is BAE” hoodie, and much more. They aren’t all loud and obnoxious, but are sure to catch someone’s attention and make ’em do a double take.

4. Sonic’s Drive-In

Photo By: Sonic Drive-In

The definite dark horse in this whole list is Sonic’s. Who would have thought that they would have a line of wearable branded clothing that isn’t related to their retro style. Their outerwear collection consists of Columbia, Eddie Bauer, and Realtree camo collaborations, denim jackets, varsity jackets, etc. that are legit fire and something I would definitely not mind wearing out in the streets. They’re not hyped, but you should prepare to pay the price for this collection.

3. Shake Shack

Photo By: Shake Shack

Like Shake Shack’s burgers, their neon green logo is just as iconic and versatile. With locations worldwide, their collection pays homage to each location, ranging from Los Angeles to New York and Japan to Russia.

2. KFC

Photo By: KFC

The Colonel knows fashion. The man dressed to the nines in an untouchable white tuxedo recently dropped a limited collection consisting of fried chicken socks, sweaters, tees, accessories, and home goods that are sure to be solid conversation starters, while being of fairly high quality.

1. In ‘N Out

fast food merchPhoto By: In-N-Out

Without question, In-N-Out holds the top spot purely because their t-shirts are cultural icons itself. They’re timeless, retro art pieces that pay tribute to each city the restaurant is located. They’re conversation pieces that tell a story. It says “I’ve put an In ‘N Out burger in my mouth, enjoyed it, and have been to that city. Ask me about it!”

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The Saucy Rise of America’s Obsession With Chicken Wings

Believe it or not, America’s love for chicken wings hasn’t always been as deep seated as it is today.  There was once a time where the wings were the least desired and cheapest cut of chicken available at the grocery store.

Then it glowed up.

Like the “hot chick” that’s ignoring you now because you called her ugly and nerdy in high school, the chicken wing got a saucy makeover that made her everyone’s WCW (Wing Crush Wednesday).

The concept of drowning chicken wings in hot sauce happened how most delicious creations happen: by accidental experimentation.

The widely accepted story of Buffalo hot wings is that in 1964, Teresa Bellissimo, co-owner of the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, put together leftover wings and hot sauce for her son and his friends as a late night snack while they enjoyed a few beers.  The shareable snack became such a huge hit that they decided to make it a permanent item on their menu the very next day, marking the beginning of the legend of the ‘Buffalo Wings.’

It wasn’t long before the dish gained enough popularity that it ceased from being a regional New York dish, spreading its wings to become a nationwide staple. All pun intended. By the 90’s, countless other bars had wings on their menu, Domino’s and Pizza Hut added it to complement pizza orders, and brick and mortar ‘wing only’ chains like Wingstop and Buffalo Wild Wings broke through as mainstream chains.

Fast forward to today and you’ll find that the range of sauces you could douse your wings in has grown tenfold.  We’re talking lemon pepper, bbq, garlic parmesan, teriyaki, sweet soy, gochujang… the list just keeps growing.  While wing popularity grew largely due to its dexterity as a shareable bar food snack, the ingenuity of chefs have refined it into a more diverse dish, featuring flavors unique to different types of cuisines and regions.  Restaurants like Pok Pok in Portland, Button Mash in Los Angeles, and Turntable Chicken Jazz in New York City innovated the concept by expanding on different cultural takes on wings.

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It seems crazy to say that the ‘hot wings’ concept has only been around for a little over 50 years because it seems like the appetizer has been around as long as television has.  Go to any bar and you can probably order a 10-piece with your beer. You may even see it in most restaurant menus under the “appetizer” section, too.

Wings have really become a staple in American culture, and have become so seductive to our tastebuds where you can’t have just one.  So the next time you’re at your favorite wing joint sucking down all that glorious meat off the bone, pay homage to its humble beginnings… by ordering another 10-piece (and a beer).

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Wingstop’s New Wing Flavor Features One Of The World’s Most Exciting Chilies

Have you ever had Nando’s Chicken before? It’s a wildly popular chicken chain restaurant across the world that specializes in chicken marinated in an African piri-piri chili sauce. Piri-piri is wildly popular for its slow burn and exotic flavor, and is a staple in cuisines around the globe, including Brazil.

Unfortunately, Nando’s only has locations in four states in the United States, so most of us won’t be able to get the full experience. Wingstop, however, just launched a brand-new flavor that allows us to get a pretty strong idea of what piri-piri tastes like.

According to QSR Magazine, Wingstop’s latest flavor, Brazilian Citrus Pepper, combines zesty citrus flavors with the heat of a piri-piri chili spice rub to create a unique, yet tasty experience involving these chilies. With spicy chicken being a huge food trend right now, this new wing style sets Wingstop apart from other spicy chicken trends like Nashville Hot by incorporating a different but popular chili into the menu.

In fact, Wingstop is likely the first major American-based fast food chain to feature piri-piri chilies on their menu, giving their newest wings a flavor that’s new to the US, but beloved around the world.

Wingstop’s chief marketing officer, Flynn Dekker, calls the Brazilian Citrus Pepper wings his favorite and has even gone as far as to say that the wings are the “best limited time flavor” that Wingstop has ever created.

“We’re always looking to introduce our fans to new flavor profiles that they may not have tried before, but we’re sure they’ll love. Brazilian Citrus Pepper is just that; in fact, it was the most successful flavor we’ve ever tested with our guests. We knew immediately we had to bring this powerhouse dry rub straight to our fans.”

This new wing flavor is available as regular or boneless wings, and will only be served until the end of May. If you want to get in on this Nando’s-style experience of wing, head on over to a Wingstop and see what the piri-piri chili is all about.


Wingstop Turns up the Heat With New Chili Lime Wings

chili lim

After pulling their popular Mango Habenero wings off the menu Wingstop has debuted a new limited edition flavor to customers. The new Chili Lime flavor is described as “smooth, fiery chilies with a burst of tangy lime”. The announcement on Wingstop’s Facebook page had some customers drooling over their keyboards while others called foul and demanded the return of their beloved Mango Habenero wings.

According to Presdient and CEO Charles Morrison, Chili Lime scored higher in taste tests than Mango Habenero which he says will solidify Wingstop’s latest flavor as a fan favorite. The company is also promoting the #ChiliLime hash tag to encourage customers to show their wing love.

Just like the Mango Habenero wings before them the Chili Lime wings are only available for a limited time.

H/T Fast Casual + PicThx Facebook

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Wingstop Unleashes Sweet & Spicy ‘Mango Habanero’ Wings


Wingstop’s latest offering, Mango Habanero wings, gets it right on the money. The limited-time item follows the tried-and-true route of blending sweet and spicy for an intense flavor profile.

However, heads up for those who shy away from anything remotely “spicy.” A handful of patrons lamented that the new Mango Habanero wings were a bit too hot and that the heat overpowered the mango, while others with hardier palates claimed they were the perfect blend. Bottomline: Go big or go home. This is Foodbeast, not ouch-these-mango-habanero-wings-slighty-burned-the-tip-of-my-delicate-tongue.

The new flavor is made to order on both classic or boneless wings and available at all Wingstop locations nationwide.