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Wingstop Is Dropping 6 NEW WING FLAVORS Throughout July

Sure, Wingstop will periodically drop a new flavor or two, but in honor of their 25th anniversary, they’re dropping six new flavors this July.

That’s as many flavors as Infinity Stones, but thankfully you don’t have to scour the galaxy to find these wings. You do, however, have to wait a little bit to try them all, as they’re not all dropping at once, instead releasing two at a time throughout the month.

On July 5, the duo debuts in Lemon Garlic and Dragon’s Breath. On July 12, the second batch drops in a Bayou BBQ flavor and Mango Volcano. The last batch will consist of a Hot Lemon and Atomic BBQ flavor, releasing July 19.

The new Lemon Garlic and Dragon Breath wings

The Lemon Garlic is sure to make you gargle mouthwash for 25 minutes, as it will consist of a blend of their lemon pepper and garlic parmesan, while the Dragon’s Breath will be a blend of their spicy Korean wings, topped with crushed red pepper, chile de arbol, habanero, and cayenne.

The Bayou BBQ and Mango Volcano wings

The Bayou BBQ will combine their classic bbq wings with a dash of Cajun seasoning, while the Mango Volcano sounds like a slightly less spicy version of the Mango Habanero, as it is combined with a sweet Hawaiian drizzle.

The Hot Lemon sounds like a match made in heaven, as they’ll be sprinkling their Original Hot flavor with Lemon Pepper seasoning. The sixth wing, Atomic BBQ, will combine their Hickory Smoked BBQ and Atomic, which just might make it a little more tolerable than the standard Atomic flavor.

The Atomic BBQ and Hot Lemon wings

The wings aren’t coming to the party empty handed, as they’re bringing along two spicy ranch flavors, one blended with Harissa chile, and the other being an Atomic Ranch dip. And because you were probably going to ask them to season your fries like this regardless, there will be Lemon Parmesan Fries available on the menu.

All six flavors will disappear July 29, which happens to be National Chicken Wing Day. If you do buy your wings on July 29, Wingstop will also give you five free wings, and donate $1 to Wingstop Charities to support youth in the local communities where Wingstop operates for every order placed on that day, up to $100,000.

Feels like it’s going to be a pretty wild July for wing fans.

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Game Of Thrones Wings Are Coming To Buffalo Wild Wings For One Day Only

Buffalo Wild Wings is throwing their hat into the Game of Thrones collab ring with ghost pepper-sauced wings.

Photo courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo’s contribution is called “Dragon Fire” wings, and they are an exclusive, limited-time option that will only be available on Sunday, April 14. That’s the same day the final season of Game of Thrones premieres.

The Dragon Fire wings are coated in a soy-ginger glaze that’s imbued with ghost chilies for an added boost of heat. That spice gets even more intense with a fresh jalapeno garnish.

Buffalo Wild Wings will have these available in-store, via online order, or through Doordash, so you’re not limited to just picking up these wings in a restaurant. It also makes them a thematic option to get delivered when the first episode drops.

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Hooters Now Offering ‘Stuffed Wings’ Filled With Jambalaya And Chorizo

Hooters has innovated various unique wing sauces in the past, but they’re revamping what goes inside the actual wing with their newest creation: Stuffed Wings.

Photo: Hooters

The wings come in the chain’s original style, and are crammed with your choice of jambalaya or chorizo sausage. These appear to have been tested a few months ago in Florida, but are now coming to all locations nationwide.

Officially, these will debut in restaurants on February 25th. Folks on Doordash can get them a few days in advance, though, if they get $15 or more worth of other food from Hooters. Entering the code “STUFFED” at checkout gets you a free order of the new wings.

You can find variations of these at several mom-and-pop shops around the country, filled with cheese, jambalaya, and other ingredients. However, Hooters becomes the first large-scale restaurant to offer a nationally available stuffed chicken wing with this launch.

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Why Boneless Wings Are The Biggest Marketing Scam We’re All Falling For

Restaurant chains like Buffalo Wild Wings have been carrying boneless wings since 2003, but the chicken nuggets (yes, that’s what they truly are) have been getting more attention of late as more restaurants are beginning to sell them.

You’ve probably never bothered to think about it, but boneless wings aren’t, well, wings. You’re just falling for the marketing ploy these establishments are pulling by having this item available.

Photo: Javcon117 // Flickr, CC 2.0

There are several reasons why “boneless wings” get their name, and a major one in recent years has been that companies can use that term to save money. Over the past few years, the cost of wings has gone up to the point that they were actually more expensive than chicken breast (the predominant protein in boneless wings). It has inspired chains like Buffalo Wild Wings to push their boneless offerings and deals to get consumers to eat more of them.

Wingstop CEO Charlie Morrison admitted as much in a recent interview, saying that “it’s a little less expensive for us and so we try to provide a value to our consumers for the boneless.”

It’s worked for these chains, two-fold: Not only have consumers been buying more boneless wings, but they’ve ordered less actual wings to the point where prices have begun to drop. That means wing chains can keep pushing the deals on boneless wings while getting the real deal bone-in back at a cheaper price.

How much have boneless wings taken over, you ask? A pretty significant amount, as they make up vast portions of restaurant chains’ wing sales. It’s about 35 percent of wing revenue for Wingstop, according to Morrison, while Buffalo Wild Wings actually sells more boneless than they do bone-in. They reportedly sold 1 billion boneless wings and 768 million real wings in 2015, showing that for them, these “nuggets” may be the true key to growth.

As long as that is the case, they’ll keep pushing the boneless wings deals on us and convincing us that we should enjoy them more than actual chicken wings, which are harder to produce (given that there’s only two per chicken).

Many already recognize them as glorified chicken nuggets, so  why don’t these wing establishments just call them nuggets, which is a more apt title? Well, that’s the marketing ploy that everyone is falling for when ordering boneless wings.

When you think of wings, you think of beer, sports, bars, watching a game, and having a good time with friends. Places like Buffalo Wild Wings, Wingstop, and others come to mind almost immediately.

When you think about chicken nuggets, however, the image is more along the lines of fast food. It’s the low-quality grub meant for broke college kids and the younger generations, paired alongside burgers and sodas inside of drive-thru establishments. Consumers see the wing joints they go to as steps above that, so were they to sell “nuggets,” they would be perceived as lesser than their boneless wing-toting rivals.

While the two may be the exact same thing, ordering boneless wings means you’re choosing an entirely different experience that’s more grown-up. By using that naming convention, chains are essentially duping you into choosing their experience, while eating a cheaper item.

It’s a pretty smart and sneaky marketing play, but for now, we’re content to fall for it, if it means we can differentiate between the two.

Just know that when you do order boneless wings, you’re doing exactly what these chains hope a huge chunk of their customers do so that they can save more money.

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Chicken Tender Stuffed ‘FAT TACO’ Is The Hangover Cure We Need To Drown In Salsa

Photo courtesy of Tito’s Burritos and Wings

When going on a taco run, I never come home with less than four of any type of taco. I may want to reconsider that rule after laying my eyes on this hard-shelled behemoth.

New Jersey is home to Tito’s Burritos and Wings, a restaurant chain that specializes in massive menu items that are hands-down not for the faint of heart. One of their newest items, the Fat Amy Taco, is one you’d have to step back to be able to take in.

Known for naming items after celebrities and fictional movie characters, Tito’s taco is also inspired by local favorites. It takes it name from the tradition of the “fat sandwich,” a New Jersey staple of stuffing sandwiches with an excess of fried foods as a means to cure the dreaded hangover. It is also influenced by the fictional character “Fat Amy” from the Pitch Perfect film series, whose personality is “loud and proud” — just how the restaurant describes this massive taco.

At 12 inches, the tortilla shell is deep fried and stuffed with fried chicken tenders, hand-cut French fries, shredded lettuce, pico de gallo salsa, cheese, and a spicy chipotle sauce.

The Fat Amy Taco can be found at all five of Tito’s New Jersey locations (Summit, Morristown, Ridgewood, Boonton, and South Orange). You can bring a friend and share, but tackling the massive taco on your own is also a true culinary feat.

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The Top 10 Best Chain Restaurant Wings Across The USA, Ranked

When it comes to bar food in the United States, few items are more beloved than chicken wings. This gametime staple is big in pizza places, family restaurants, and even diners. The snack equivalent to fried chicken, the best part about these crispy, juicy wings, is pairing them with a plethora of sauce choices. From spicy buffalo, to tangy lemon pepper wet, these sauces and the chicken they come with have weaved themselves into the fabric of American food culture.

Today, many chain restaurants offer their own takes on wings. The ten you will see below are some of the most fire versions you can find from major establishments that have solidified themselves as THE places to get your wing fixes.

To come up with our list of the best chain restaurant wings, we only took a look at those with ten or more locations nationwide, that offered up at least two different flavor options. Those criteria were proof to us that these guys took their wings seriously. From there, we took a look at consumer favorites as well as our own experiences to determine whose wings were worthy enough to fly at the top of this list.

10. Domino’s


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Domino’s has a trio of flavors to offer for their wings: traditional buffalo, BBQ, and Mango Habanero. They’re a decent accompaniment to the pizza, but Domino’s doesn’t give these pieces of chicken the love they deserve. I’d honestly love to have more wing offerings (and bigger pieces too) than the baked fried chicken sides Domino’s pushes instead.

9. Buffalo Wild Wings


A post shared by Buffalo Wild Wings (@bwwings) on

Given B-dub’s recognition, chances are you’re puzzled why it’s near the bottom of this list and not near the top. For us, it’s because we weren’t usually there because we thought they were the best wings, we stopped by to get great deals on them. Once Buffalo took away 60-cent wings and half-off Tuesdays, the incentive to pick this place over somewhere else was lost. The quality just can’t match the remaining establishments on this list.

8. Applebee’s

Applebee’s is more in the news these days for their discounted drinks, but these wings are a decent accompaniment to those Dollaritas. They’re just a notch above Buffalo in terms of quality, especially with the extra crunch on their twice-battered bone-in wings factored in. I’d rather have wings that just go straight in the fryer, but when it comes to a batter, these wings have a decent one coating them.

7. Wingstreet/Pizza Hut


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Pizza Hut puts so much effort into their wings that they’ve even got a separate brand specifically for them. It takes a special level of dedication to separate the wings and pizza business under one restaurant, and for that, the Hut deserves some major kudos. I’d love to see more standalone Wingstreet locations, though, so that my experience of trying these for myself isn’t limited to eating after a 20-30 minute car ride.

6. Zaxby’s


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You won’t find a location of this national fried chicken chain west of Utah, but Zaxby’s has established itself as a powerhouse in the world of tenders and wings. They’re comparable to Raising Cane’s in terms of cult popularity, size, and quality. Their wings could do with a bit less crunch though, and I’d love to see sauce variety outside of hot, teriyaki, BBQ, and honey mustard.

5. Popeye’s

When at a fried chicken joint, ordering the leg, thigh, or breast usually takes precedence over the wings. However, like the rest of their cuts, Popeye’s makes a pretty fire wing, and while their sauce lineup is pretty basic, the breading they put on their chicken is magical. You’re not typically gonna go to Popeye’s for just wings, though, which is why it takes a back seat to the top 4 on this list.

4. Anchor Bar

Anchor Bar claims to be the inventor of the buffalo wing, saying that Teressa Bellissimo first cooked them in the original Buffalo restaurant back in 1964. Today, they’ve got locations throughout the US and Canada, but also ship their wings and different sauces nationwide. They’re definitely the tiniest chain on this list, but deserve such a lofty position for their history, flavor, and distribution. Here’s hoping that more locations, especially on the West Coast, are coming soon.

3. Hooter’s


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Hooter’s doesn’t get a ton of publicity for their food, but they still know how to crank out a fire wing. They also put more unique twists on them than any other chain on this list, with bacon-wrapped wings being the craziest of them all. Those who haven’t had the Daytona Beach-style wings have been missing out as well, because that sauce could contend for one of the best across all chain restaurants.

2. Wingstop

What sets Wingstop above all of the others so far on this list is its consistency. Regardless of what flavor wings you’re ordering here, they’re going to perfectly crispy and juicy every single time. Wingstop is also the most dedicated wing joint on here, outside of Buffalo Wild Wings, but far exceeds it in terms of flavor, variety, and satisfaction. The slightly sweet fries served alongside give that extra bit of balance to the heat of the wings, meaning you can keep going back for more. Wingstop is definitely the best US-based chain we’ve got, but there’s one international superstar whose wings have spread out here and taken the top position.

1. Bonchon Chicken

That global wing powerhouse is Bonchon Chicken, the Korean fried chicken and wings specialist from abroad. They only serve up two flavors: sticky and sweet soy garlic, and spicy hot garlic, but that’s all they need, to be honest. The chicken has as much juiciness as a Wingstop wing, but with an extra bit of crunch and explosion of flavor. Bonchon could definitely offer more in sauce variety, but when the two flavors they offer are easily some of the best in the country, so why branch out when your staple sauces are that fire?

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Buffalo Wild Wings Will Top Your Wings With Gold During The Winter Olympics

Gold-dusted foods are usually only affordable to the bourgeois, but Buffalo Wild Wings is giving everyone an option to feel upper class this month with an offer of gold topped wings.

gold topped wings

Photo courtesy of Buffalo Wild Wings

Starting tomorrow, February 9th, guests can ask for some “bling” on their wings and get a generous golden topping sprinkled over the top. It comes at no extra charge, and can be applied to any flavor Buffalo’s got on the menu. The “gold” is the wing chain’s play at getting the crowds in to watch the Winter Olympics.

The sprinklings are actually just tasteless golden-colored sugar, so you’re not really getting the full ultra-rich treatment when you ask for the gold topped wings. However, you can still pretend like you’re all about that lavish life when you get the “gold dust,” and at the very least, it’ll add some flash to your Instagram feed.

This is Buffalo’s first big promo/limited-time offer after merging with Arby’s to former a new restaurant conglomerate. It’s definitely an intriguing one, but it would’ve been more dope, albeit less realistic, if there was actual edible gold on the wings.

You can ask for the golden topping on your wings through the entire Winter Olympics as long as you dine in.


7 Ways Restaurants Control Your Mind

The mind can play some pretty powerful tricks on you when it comes to food. Brands have spent decades crafting their presence into the brains of customers, to the extent where even the slightest association to the restaurant brand can make someone crave something to eat. Through commercials, promotions, word-of-mouth, and product placement, we absorb the mind-messery of corporate brands on a daily basis.

While some are strong enough to resist the pull of restaurants, a fair amount of us can’t help but succumb to their Jedi mind tricks. Let’s take a look at seven instances where restaurants control our minds.

McDonald’s: The Red & The Yellow

When your eyes glance over at the iconic color scheme of the fast food burger company, you can’t help but wonder if a slight detour for some generously salted French Fries might be in the realm of possibility.

We know when we see something with a bright red background and the slight detail of yellow in the foreground, our minds instantly associate it with McDonald’s.

Homestead explained why the two colors are prominently featured. Red is said to increase one’s appetite while creating a sense of urgency. This allows customers to both crave food, but not linger once they get their orders. The yellow reflects cheeriness and optimism which parallels McDonald’s popular slogan “I’m Lovin’ It.”

We see you McDonald’s, and that’s a problem for our waistlines.


In-N-Out: Any Social Media Image

This 4 day weekend is looking mighty fine. Thank you @cheatdayeats for the #DreamEats! #VisitCalifornia

A post shared by California Dream Eater (@californiadreameater) on

In-N-Out is the rare exception to the fact that fast food product shots look better than the real thing. The California-based burger chain’s product shots look good, don’t get us wrong, but there’s something about a real-life Double Double that’s assembled and oozing with cheese and spread that simply sets a fire in our spirits.

Because of its massive popularity, hundreds of people post photos of their In-N-Out order on social media on a daily basis. The best form or word-of-mouth promotion, our hearts skip a beat whenever we see mounds of melted cheese and glops of spread sauce smothered over a bed of crispy fries.

We can’t stop thinking about In-N-Out for days once we see a peer post that perfect In-N-Out photograph. Pro-tip: Extra Well Done fries are the greatest pairing to any burger.

Popeyes: Fried Chicken Tuesdays

Long time no 🍗🍗 #popeyes #friedchicken #frenchfries #yummy

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It’s Tuesday and you’re just craving something cheap and salty. Unfortunately the nearest taco truck has a line around the block. This happens more often than not on our lunch break and our immediate solution is to round up the squad and head over to Popeyes.

Tuesday’s have become synonymous with grabbing a few fried chicken lovers and heading to the nearest spot and capitalizing on Popeye’s fried chicken special (a leg and a thigh for $1.99). It’s essentially the fried chicken equivalent of Taco Tuesday.

It also doesn’t hurt that Popeyes arguably has one of the best fried chicken offerings around.

Denny’s: 24 Hour Breakfast

Ah, the other red and yellow. Actually, it’s more like yellow and red. Like McDonald’s, Denny’s has a similar effect on us when we see the classic color combination in the distance during a long night drive. The Yellow evokes a calmness and euphoria in us, while the red tells our stomachs we’re actually hungrier than we think.

Combined with our undying love of breakfast foods, we’re more than likely to pull over to the nearest Denny’s. Especially since no matter what time of day, the 24-hour diner chain will serve you breakfast. Just thinking about some fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon, juicy sausage, and an egg as bright as the sun brings a song of joy to our hearts. Especially if I can crush a plateful at 3am.


#Wingstop Caution: Looks As Good As it Appears! 💪🏽🍟 @wingstoppopten The New King of #Memphis

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The name says it all: Wingstop. Pretty often after work, we’re tired and ready to go home and not think about anything for the next 12 or so hours. While our love for chicken wings is truer than the first February arrow of a certain cheeky cherub, we usually hate getting off the freeway to order our chicken and wait for it to finish.

So what’s the allure of one of the most consumed item in the United States? Mass appeal, according to the Financial Post.

Sports fans can gorge on them, gluten-intolerant chicken lovers can enjoy them without getting sick, they’re a communal dish you can eat with your hands, and the wings are custom-tailored to your flavor palette.

So as we cruise down the freeway on our way home, we just call ahead for our wings, stop by to pay and pick up, and are on our merry way to fill our bellies into the night.

Long John Silver’s

The old saying is totally true: you want what you can’t have. Because there are so few Long John Silver’s fast-food seafood locations left in our area, we find ourselves craving them practically every time they’re mentioned.

Folks crave foods of higher calories, especially when they perceive in the heat of the moment that resources are scarce. Lack of nearby Long John Silver’s locations gives us the sense of immediate urgency in eating the fried seafood, regardless of how full we currently are.

It also doesn’t help that pretty much anything on an LJS menu is hot fire, meaning we’ll have to order a platter of everything to satiate our cravings, or make a second trip back at our earliest convenience. Usually, it’s the former.

Little Caesar’s: Hot N Ready

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Cheap, hot, and ready to eat in a matter of seconds. It isn’t a coincidence that Little Caesar’s Crazy Bread is named what it is: this stuff drives us crazy. In an age where time is essentially money there’s definitely something appealing about cheap and hot food you can your hands on in seconds.

Inexpensive, delicious, served in massive portions, and ready to go as soon as you order, the breadsticks have driven us mad on many drives home.

We can’t stop ourselves at one bag either. Typically the first bag acts as a drive-home snack, while the second will be a kingly feast served with a side of ranch dressing. If you’re not completely stuffed with gluten at this point, the deep-dish pizzas are pretty damn good, too.