B-Dubs Finally Brings Back ‘Wing Tuesday,’ Permanently

Buffalo Wild Wings is returning “to its roots” and bringing back its greatly missed “Wing Tuesday” deals.

Half-Off Tuesdays became part of Buffalo Wild Wings’ identity. Up until 2017, fans could post up with a couple of friends, catch a random Tuesday ballgame and eat wings for about $0.50 to $0.60 per wing.

In 2017, Buffalo Wild Wings phased out its wing deals, instead offering nationwide deals on “Shareables,” and directing the focus away from its longtime wing specials.

They’re back now, in the form of a BOGO deal, meaning when you buy one order of their traditional wings, you can get a second order free. They’ve even boldly stated that the deal will be permanent this time.

However, wing order sizes aren’t specifically outlined, probably to give the restaurant some wiggle room as far as the number of wing pieces that they consider an “order.”

When B-Dubs did away with its traditional Tuesday wing specials, it was traced to both dropping sales reports, and a 2017 wing shortage which led wing wholesalers to raise prices by at least 20%. Wing restaurants were then forced to adjust as best they could.

Notably, both Buffalo Wild Wings and Wingstop paused their traditional wing specials around then and instead pushed their “boneless” wings, which kind of masked the traditional wing issue for them.

Thankfully, life has been restored to balance, and it seems that we can enjoy our traditional wing deals, yet again.

While it’s not the same as BWW’s past deals, you have to be excited that there’s an excuse to eat wings on Tuesdays again. Forever.