10 Unconventional Ways to Open a Bottle of Wine, Including a Blowtorch


You’re out glamping, or at the worst party thrown by the worst, most ill-prepared host ever, and there is not a single corkscrew to be found. Rather than give up on your beloved Cab and buy a six pack, though (you’re classier than that), why not MacGyver that sonofabitch with a hammer and nails? Or a towel and a wall? Or a blowtorch?

Because useful information is useful, we compiled a list of 10 Unconventional Ways to Open a Wine Bottle, perfect for the moment you first move into an apartment and realize you left all your useful stuff at your parent’s house. If you need this list at any other time, let’s just say you should probably just put the wine bottle down. #MakeGoodLifeChoices


Colorful Simpsons Wine Bottles Look Just Like Homer and Marge

A fancy bottle of wine might be the last thing you’d break out for a Simpsons binge-watching session. But then, you’ve probably never found a wine that looks quite like this.

Russian designers Constantin Bolimond and Dmitry Patsukevich dreamt up a pair of wine bottles meant to resemble the iconic husband and wife duo from television’s longest running animated sitcom: Homer and Marge Simpson. Inspired by the color block paintings of Piet Mondrian, the bottles are clean and minimalistic, with sections clearly demarcated to match their characters’ appearances. As a little tongue-in-cheek nod, the wines are also said to be aged since 1987, or the year the family first debuted in shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show.



As neat as the designs are, the wines are of course just a concept. Which is probably for the better. We’d rather take a can of Duff, anyway.



Save Counter Space With This All-in-One Kitchen Tool Set

Muti-Purpose-All-in-One-Kitchen-Tool-640x640 (1)

At first glance you might wonder, “why the hell is this wine bottle so colorful and where’s all the wine?!”. Sorry kids no alcohol here, this nifty little bottle of fun is actually nine different kitchen tools. Tucked into the space saving size of a single wine bottle, this All-in-One Kitchen Tool Set by Akebono includes a funnel, flower vase, lemon squeezer, spice grater, egg masher, cheese grater, cap opener, egg separator and a measuring cup.


The various tools included in the set are all made up of plastic but are practical for various kitchen needs, even though I really don’t know why someone needs an egg masher.

Perfect for home cooks with small spaces this all inclusive kitchen set being sold though MoMA’s Design Store as part of their Spring/Summer 2014 collection but can also be found on Amazon.

Akebono All-in-One Kitchen Set, $27.79 @ Amazon


This Bottle Cleverly Disassembles into a Drinking Glass, Lantern And Spoon

bottle 3

Throwing a dinner party can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. This is especially true when you incorporate products that make decor and dining a bit easier, which is why I’m a big fan of this wine bottle that transforms into a chic drinking glass, lantern and spoon set. Ungh, magic.

Created by Spanish design studio Lucirmá, Pure-Bottle is made from a recycled wine bottle cut in two places and sanded so that each section is functional and stylish.




Pure-Bottle is the perfect way to create an elegant dining ambiance next time you entertain. Plus, chances are your guests will be impressed by the swanky set, but in reality, you’re just being environmentally-friendly.

H/T Design Taxi + Picthx Lucirmá