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Here Is How To Win An Avocado Grove in Mexico For Free

Do you put avocado on everything like I do? Have you ever thought about owning an avocado grove? I know you’ve at least said yes to one of these questions. If you’ve said yes to both, then tomorrow being National Avocado Day must be marked on your calendar.

In celebration of this amazing fruit, Chosen Foods, the world’s largest supplier of avocado oil, is giving one lucky fan the chance to win their very own avocado grove in Jalisco, Mexico or $5,000 in cash.

This is an avo-maniac’s dream come true. Avocados are native to Mexico, originating more than 10,000 years ago. The ideal conditions of Mexico make for the amazing avocados we enjoy here in the states. If you’re an avocado enthusiast and/or wanna try your luck at scoring $5000, visit The winner will be announced tomorrow on Chosen Foods’ social media channels, and on its website.

Quick thing to note, as I’ve read the fine print of the contest: basically, if you choose the land as the prize, they have 120 days to get it to you, but they choose the land — and you have to pay for all expenses, which includes all taxes, maintenance, regulations and licenses, etc. They literally just provide the land. Which is dope if that’s all  you need. They don’t say you have to plant avocados on the land either so that’s also good depending on the land that’s chosen.


This girl is our hero


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Date Rape Drug-Detecting Cups to Debut at Bars, Colleges and Clubs


Remember these? Cups/straws/glasses/stirrers started by Mike Abramson’s start-up, DrinkSavvy? Good news, ladies and gents! Mike and DrinkSavvy made it big. That’s right, they’re rolling out the corporate red carpet to sell color changing cups and straws, which react in the presence of three commonly used date-rape drugs: GHB, ketamine, and rohypnol. The Indiegogo campaign we covered late last year hit their $50,000 goal and are using funds to ship plastic cups and straws to rape crisis centers, as well as participating bars, colleges, and night clubs. And they hope to start marketing their products to the public some time next year.

While it’s undoubtedly tragic that a product like this is necessary, it’s undoubtedly amazing that the campaign was successful. Take that, creepy party peeps.

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Krispy Kreme Offers Free Donuts for National Donut Day


In case you haven’t heard: It’s National Donut Day today. To celebrate, Krispy Kreme is offering a free donut at any of its participating locations in the US and Canada. There’s no purchase necessary and guests can choose donuts of any variety.

I recommend stopping everything you’re doing immediately and heading there now. FREE DONUTS, for goodness sake.

If you’re still reading (ugh, no one ever listens to me), lets take this moment to appreciate dear ol’ America. Where else in the world can you revel in a day dedicated to feasting on glazed bits of fried cake?



Head over here to find a participating Krispy Kreme near you.

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The Most Straightforward & Hilarious Guide to Coffee, Ever

types of coffee-feature

Sometimes you want an espresso and sometimes you want whiskey. For example, take today: I got up and contemplated stopping by Starbucks to swoop up a red eye. But let’s be real, all I really wanted were a few shots of early morning Jameson, so I asked the barista for an Irish espresso. Unfortunately, when I explained to her what exactly went into  an Irish espresso, she gave me an incredulous look and told me that it was a “bit early.” Hmph.

For those of you finding yourselves in a similar sitch every morning, here’s a handy how-to-guide on your basic and not-so-basic coffee drinks.


types of coffee

Head over to Pleated Jeans for mo’.

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‘Po’ Boy Ramen Sandwich’ for When You’re Desperate and Out of Bread


There are days when all you want is a f*ckin’ sandwich. So, you get up from your desk, open the fridge, take out the ham and cheese, then reach for the bread. Except you’ve run out, or the bread’s gone moldy, or you forgot to pick some up during your weekly grocery run. Drat! You desperately scan your kitchen countertop and cupboards, searching for any hope of sliced bread. Suddenly, your eyes fall on an orange package of Top Ramen. 

Brilliance happens.

You rip open the package, carefully divide the ramen into two parts, then sandwich a few slices of ham and cheese between the chunks of stale noodles, using the seasoning to flavor your meat. You’ve reached the demise of your taste buds and the height of your genius at same damn time.

You can thank Foodbeast Fan Stuart C., WWE enthusiast and straight up thug, for that one.


Why Not Win Your Fancy Seafood Dinner from a Lobster Claw Machine?

lobster zone full

This is one of those things that seems completely obvious the second you see it. Seriously, everyone needs to have gotten onboard with this  centuries ago, or whenever claw games were invented.

Apparently, it’s not all that different from traditional claw machines. You put in your money (albeit, a little extra) and fish around for a while until you get your lobster. These things, with names like Sub Marine Catcher and Lobster Zone, are available at restaurants where, once you’ve got a lobster, they cook it for you. If you’re good at the game, you can probably save a good 80 percent on your meal, so that’s cool.

Ugh, but of course, here comes The Atlantic to ruin our fun by making us think about, like, ethics and stuff. C’mon, guys. Can’t we eat our traumatized crustaceans in peace?

But, seriously, if you’re a fan of lobster (eating, not rescuing), don’t read the article. It’s kind of depressing.

H/T The Laughing Squid/PicThx The Atlantic