Don’t Worry, These Adorable Pork Bun Piggies Won’t Squeal When You Bite Them


I imagine these pig-shaped pork buns are only difficult to eat until you’ve taken the first bite, averting your eyes to avoid the pleading gaze of these little guys. Can’t you just hear them, all steamy and sad, crying at you? “No, don’t eat me! I’m like Wilber, via Charlotte’s Web! I am Babe! I am Gordy!” (Other people watched Gordy, right?)

And then you eat them anyway, and it’s like, “LOL never mind.”

Of course, Redditor Poptarter who posted these pork piglets online says they’re available at Chef’s Gallery, Town Hall. In Sydney, Australia.

Dang, really bro? Australia, bro?

H/T reddit + PicThx imgur